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Name : Neville Basil
Epithet : Argent
Age : 0
Race : Human
Faction : Revolutionaries
Devil Fruit : Ani Ani no Mi
Haki Level : 1
Attack (ATK) : 0
Defense (DEF) : 0
Reflex (RX) : 0
Willpower (WP) : 0
Level : 10
Experience Points : 1000
Berries : 50,000
Posts : 31

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PostSubject: That Boy draft   That Boy draft EmptyWed Sep 11, 2019 5:31 pm

Basic Character Information


First Name:Neville
Middle Name/Initial:
Last Name: Basil
Epithet: The Gremlin
Age: 42
Gender: Male 
Race: Dwarf
Faction: Pirate
Profession: Archetect and Shipwright

Physical Appearance 

Height: 10'in
Weight: 6lbs

Hair Style:Straight Shag
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: amber
Scars: Superficial- burns, bites, and claw marks on chest and gut
Clothing and Accessories: Every thing he wears fits loosely. He typically wears light colored button up shirts and dark pants. But he always wears a pair of silver frames and an over coat. The coat calf length and royal blue with a navy blue fur trim (Collar and cuffs). Weather permitting hie wears flip flops or will go barefoot. Otherwise he wears boots.

Description: Given his tendency for loose fitting clothing and large coat to top it off you wouldn’t know that underneath hides a muscle hardened body.  Well that would be the case if he would button his shirt higher than his stomach. Although his biceps and don’t bulge out like a body builder he is well toned. For someone who spends a considerable time outdoors his he remarkably fair skinned. His lack of facial hair, give a youthful appearance. Not that one would actually mistake him for a child.

His amber eyes and general facial expression publicly is warm and inviting.

The Past

Main Traits: 
Prideful: Not only does he believe that Dwarfs are a highly capable both physically he believes hi
Opportunistic: taking advantage of the down trodden to advance his own situation
Cunning: Inspite of his love for himself he has a good read of people and situations. He is a able eto percieve others true nature because he puts up a facade of his own often. He plays the role that will lead to the outcome he wants.
Impudent: You think because you have an extra something [title] before your name that you deserve more than others? 
Likes:Spicy Food & Fruit, animals (preferably large and scary), extreme sports
Dislikes:Cold food and beverage, enclosed space,
Personality:  At first to Neville comese off as personable and sociable. In reality his pride in his species and himself self drives his need to be the center of attention. He works hard to change the public persona of Dwarfs. It's this goal that drives him to work incredibly hard at whatever he does to point of obsestion and unreasonable pressure on himself. Hating to be left out he puts himself in the middle of chaos and other problems not his own he holds others to impossible standards. When things don't work out as planned he tends to self punish. If he is witnessed to having messed up he will make up a story about how it was intentional and enforce the notion that he's in control of the situation.
He's a real adventure interested in both hunting the biggest and most dangerous of game and extreme sports. He jumps into situations head first confident that things will work out for him not by luck but because of his own inteligence. If someone were to come up with and idea and or save him he'd tell them that he was just about to do that or that it almost as good as what he was planning.
He's also known be a prankster but his jokes often go too far earning him the epithet Gremilin ___. Neville has destroyed and relocted countless property and has cavalier attitude about having done so.
Titles mean nothing Neville so don't expect him to treat you special because of such meaningless things. Where he's from strength was most important then knowledge became of higher significance therefore now he only expects the smartest strongest people.

Raised in a group of straight shooter it is no surprise that Neville turned out to be brutality honest. This upbringing also leads him to be overly involved in other peoples business. Normally passing for caring but it can definitely be seen as annoying and intrusive. It isn't as though he can't lie, he tells the truth because he doesn't see the point of lying. Full of life and energy he enjoys doing things that are considered terrifying and exhilarating. Often the first both suggest something dangerous and actually do it. Even though he fights for the revolutionaries and by extension the freedom of the world he isn't above doing the reprehensible. A prime example of this is setting up others to take the blame for crimes he has committed. He draws the line at 'setting up' those are genuinely good. In other words Neville will only setup those he knows have committed a crime with malice (Stealing to feed family wouldn't do it).

Generally speaking Neville is overly friendly preferring hugs over handshakes and tends to violate peoples personal spaces, despite hating enclosed space. He loves his food hot and spicy to the point where he has gotten into fights with cooks and wait staff over bland cold food. 

During a fight Neville the gloves are off he will use any means necessary human shields, groin kicks, dirt to the eyes, you name it. 

History: All around the world dwarves have an established reputation of small, cute, gullable and all though these traits describe those Tontta of Greenbit, the enviroment that Neville grew up in didn't result in dwarfs like the ones found on that island. As a kid Enoch grew up in a remote remote mountainous territory. Ripe with competition, strength was the heiarchy. Dwarves that grew up in this tribe grew up primarily isolated from the world and fought so often and louldy that they shook the landscape and during certain season could be heard for miles. Rarely did the group leave mountain but when they did harm would befail those unlucky enough to come in contact with. Within the mountain these dwarves created an intricate tunnels that coud match up with any ants.
For the first 15 years of his life his tribe saw little cooeperation the strong lived at the top neither comfortably nor lacking. The thing about being strong was you were always in competitionn. For age was pretty strong and had been born with body larger than most adults would achieve and as time went on he grew rapidly. Then one day a powerful female dwarf would come to the island and take it over with overwhelming since of strength to match diplomacy. In the span of five years she would almost completely change the culture. The fighting stopped and a community formed one that valued knowledge and contribution over strength. With a platform of cooperation and knowledge she got them to think long term and become more adaptable.
Enoch was among the first generation born, to benefit from Gaia's leadership. As a part of the tradition that children belong to the group, a village to raise them, Enoch had a whole host of people to influence his development. But none more than Gai herself. Being only one generation removed there were still shadows of the old ways. There were factions of dwarfs he who persistently resited the change, going as far as encouraging the kids to fight and speaking ill of the new way. Neville was born with stature that dwarfed the others his age and was by far naturally stronger. There The group still remained cautious of big humans, but Enoch's curiosity persisted. On many occasion he would get close to humans, watching them. His curiosity would lead to many things including knowledge. Other wonders of books and even their school system, Enoch gained a love of comics. From these stories he gained his prankster nature and his interest in science.
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