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Happy belated Halloween, folks! As is tradition on Revival Dawn, we have a Halloween Event going currently. This time, we even have a theme! The participation rewards for this event are substantial, so don't miss this opportunity to write a spooky story!
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"Buzz off."
"Give me more, I'll do it all."
"I can help you if you hold my bottle."
"I read the whole combat guide."
"I'm scared."
"I'm here to give you a makeover."

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Nibbins De Chewi

Name : Nibbins Devora Chewi
Epithet : Chimera Nurse
Age : 18
Height : 5'8
Weight : 143 lbs
Species : Human
Faction : Marine
Crew : FBS-35 Navy Division
Crew Position : Captain/Doctor
Devil Fruit : Baku Baku no Mi (Munch-Munch Fruit)
Haki Level : 1
Hitpoints (HP) : 150
Attack (ATK) : 100
Defense (DEF) : 95
Reflex (RX) : 95
Willpower (WP) : 100
Level : 10
Experience Points : 1000
Berries Berries : 50,050,000
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FBS-35 Navy Division Empty FBS-35 Navy Division

on Wed Oct 23, 2019 2:53 pm


Name: Federal Battalion Strikers-35
Faction: Navy Division
Number of Members: 2
Strength: 10

FBS-35 Navy Division TJEEHUT
Insignia/Jolly Roger: The Sigil of the FBS, the silhouette of a seagull carrying a banner with four sparks and one star, and the number 35 below the banner.
Motive: The Motive of the First Federal Battalion Striker Division is to become a symbol of justice in the form of a team of 'Super Heroes', with this goal in mind the FBS has a few things they want to accomplish, one obviously being fame, with that fame comes exposure, to publish a comic with their likeness with them as the heroes, but they don't want the villains to be randomly named pirates, but specifically infamous pirates they themselves have clashed with. Concerning the Captain of this division, the dream is that each member on the division have a different hair color to go with their color coded uniform, but thats how she pictures it in her head, in truth- she won't make that a requirement to join- but she would really like it.

Captain: Nibbins De Chewi "Chimera Nurse"
First Mate: Erik Dubois Jr. "Labrador Green"
Doctor: (Also the Captain)
Member 1: You may change the title of this position to whatever you like.
Member 2: And you may add as many members after this as you like.

FBS-35 Navy Division Coolte12

Name : Alice Baltroy Ronx
Epithet : Flying Dart
Age : 22
Height : 170 cm
Species : Human
Faction : New Revolutionary Army
World Position : Commander
Crew : Bonbon X
Ship : Wonderland Hatch
Crew Position : Captain
Haki Level : 5
Hitpoints (HP) : 265
Attack (ATK) : 290
Defense (DEF) : 300
Reflex (RX) : 355
Willpower (WP) : 330
Level : 72
Experience Points : 7225
Bounty : 300,000,000
Income Multiplier : +10%
Berries Berries : 594,800,000
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FBS-35 Navy Division Empty Re: FBS-35 Navy Division

on Wed Oct 23, 2019 5:00 pm
Ohhh I love your insignia! It's very suitable~ Everything looks good here, but if you wish, we can keep your crew page open just in case you wish to take on new crew members in the future. Whenever you wish to close off your crew, do let us know and we will lock your crew page :3

Alice B. Ronx at your service~

Check out the crew!

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