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Francis Charlemagne
69th Battalion Z0Pbi6w

Name : Francis Charlemagne
Epithet : The Golden Ogre of Tequila Wolf
Age : 28
Height : 5'10" (178 cm)
Weight : 198 lbs (90 kg)
Species : Human
Faction : Marines
World Position : Rear Admiral
Crew : 69th Battalion
Ship : The Silver Ending
Crew Position : Fleet Commander
Haki Level : 8
Hitpoints (HP) : 482
Attack (ATK) : 520
Defense (DEF) : 400
Reflex (RX) : 515
Willpower (WP) : 450
Level : 80
Experience Points : 8000
Income Multiplier : +10%
Berries Berries : 120,050,000
Posts : 102
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69th Battalion Empty 69th Battalion

on Thu Jan 02, 2020 4:24 pm

69th Battalion

Name: 69th Battalion
Faction: Marines
Number of Members: 350-400 (4 PCs, 8 NPCs, 350-400 grunts)
Strength: 80

69th Battalion NyGeNqw
Crew insignia by Yuriko.

Insignia: The 69th Battalion proudly bears the zodiac Cancer sign as its insignia. It consists of the outline of a crab with the number 69 drawn on each of its pincers to closely resemble the associated zodiac sign. The standard Marine Insignia is drawn on the crab's shell. This insignia is printed on the sails of all ships in the 69th Battalion.
Motive: The 69th Battalion was inactive for many years until Vice Admiral Murasaki restored it and assigned its command to Francis Charlemagne. This Marine division is tasked with one phase of "Project Ishtar" - a large-scale, long-term operation to restore Navy influence on islands currently ruled by pirates or other identified criminals. The 69th was directed to the East Blue to begin setting the stage for Project Ishtar. Under Charlemagne's command, the 69th aims to earn the trust of victims of criminal governments and bring them under the umbrella of the World Government.

Ship: The Silver Ending
Commanding Officer: Francis Charlemagne
Second-in-Command: Mars Masato Mori
Chief Navigator: Emmaline Kingsley
Master Shipwright:
Lead Physician:
Head Cook:
Apprehensions Commander: Draconia Sanguis

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