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Happy New Year, current, former, and prospective members of Revival Dawn! We are currently doing a MAJOR ROLL-CALL / ACTIVITY CHECK for all existing members. Please see details in this thread. I wish for your 2021 to be better than your 2020!
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Name : Buzz B Qarash
Epithet : The Hybrid
Age : 19
Height : 6' 6"
Weight : 180 Ib
Species : Human/Fishman Hybrid
Faction : Revolutionaries
Crew : Starry Sky
Ship : Phantom Nebula
Crew Role : Captain/Shipwright
Haki Level : 3
Hitpoints (HP) : 200
Attack (ATK) : 80
Defense (DEF) : 65
Reflex (RX) : 60
Willpower (WP) : 200
Level : 10
Experience Points : 1000
Berries Berries : 50,000
Posts : 16
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Starry Sky Crew Empty Starry Sky Crew

on Mon Mar 16, 2020 9:56 pm

Starry Sky

Name: Starry Sky Revolutionaries
Faction: Revolutionaries
Number of Members: 1
Strength: 10

Starry Sky Crew Starry
Insignia: A mostly black picture doted with a splattering of white dots to resemble a starry night sky. When closely looked at different shades of blue could also be seen.

Moto: "Look to the starry sky above and fight to see another."

Motive: The goal of the crew is to give the means and strength to those that want freedom. We liberate, rescue, and save in the name of the Revolutionary Army but we are also responsible for spreading the word of the group. We look for the people that need help and act as a scouting group for the army. To those in need they must only look at the night sky to receive hope.

Ship: The Phantom Nebula
Captain/Shipwright: The Hybrid
First Mate: Name of the second-in-command of the group.
Helmsman: An assistant of the navigator usually. They steer the ship as if it is an extension of their body.
Activities Director: Often runs things like musical numbers and art. Keep the crew from getting bored during long voyages.
Merchant: The tight wad of the crew. Goes over finances and logistics of the members to make sure everyone has what they need in terms of materials and supplies.
Scholar: A resident nerd that reads about the culture and gleams information about the places we are heading to. Usually the most informed of the group.
Sharp Shooter: While normally up in the crows nest the job is to take out threats or inform the crew long before they arrive.

If you are interested in joining or just want plots with the crew feel free to look me up on discord.
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