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Blue Massacre Empty Blue Massacre

This post has assessment comments.Mon Mar 30, 2020 3:24 pm

Blue Massacre

Name: Blue Massacre
Faction: Pirates
Number of Members: 5
Strength: 40

Blue Massacre Bm-v2
Insignia/Jolly Roger: In the center of the insignia is a blue cross which has the same color as the Marine's logo, but then it's surrounded on all sides by the top portion of the Marine logo in black, placed in a way that it also looks like a clover.
Motive: Killing all the Marines is their main goal, as each member has a pledge to do so to every Marine they come by. Their secondary goal is destroying the World Government, though that's more of a side effect of their main goal. Their hate for Marines is what brings them together as a group.

Ship: The Celeste, possibly more TBD
Captain: Seras Red
First Mate: Ebony "Skarlet" d'Etth - Pending
Navigator(s): Canary Shotgun (Main) - Pending, Seras Red (Secondary)
Shipwright: TBD
Doctor: Adonis √Ěnami - Pending
Cook: "The Great" Lu Shang - Pending
Scout: There is 1 scout for every 5 members. They are in charge of info on targets.
Executioner: There can be an infinite amount of these. The combat-focused members.
Jury: There can also be an infinite amount of these. The miscellaneous members.

Current Roadmap:

  • Get the crew together officially (In Progress)
  • Get everyone to Tier 2 minimum
  • Get the ship to T3
  • Conquer Briss Kingdom
  • Head to Paradise
  • ????
  • Profit

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