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Brave Galaxy | An Original Space Fantasy RP Empty Brave Galaxy | An Original Space Fantasy RP

on Tue Mar 31, 2020 8:33 pm
Brave Galaxy | An Original Space Fantasy RP AS0Mh36
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Brave Galaxy is a stat-based literate roleplay site set in a fantasy sci-fi setting. At BG, you can play as a human, elf, demon, or your own custom race, featuring unique magic abilities and items that allow for complete customization of your character to be whatever sort of hero or villain you choose. Fight against the alien menace who seeks to destroy you. Become a galactic officer, looking to uphold the law throughout the galaxy, or carve your own path, relying on your wits, magic and raw strength to become more powerful.

Explore the galaxy. Overcome the obstacles in your path. Shape the future of humanity.
Features include:
  • An original storyline
  • A dynamic stat-based system that rewards activity and skill with greater power and influence
  • A magic system that encourages unique player-created powers and abilities
  • A diverse series of worlds that allow near-unlimited potential for unique settings and situations
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