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[Episode] The Sweetest Enemy Returns Rsz_co12

Name : Brood X. Bach
Epithet : Mushiba (Tooth-Decay)
Age : 28
Height : 6'3"
Weight : 190 lbs
Species : Human
Faction : Pirate
World Position : Supernova
Crew : Primetime Pirates
Ship : Big Time
Crew Position : Captain | Strategist
Devil Fruit : Amai Amai no Mi
Haki Level : 6
Hitpoints (HP) : 345
Attack (ATK) : 525
Defense (DEF) : 330
Reflex (RX) : 370
Willpower (WP) : 350
Level : 66
Experience Points : 6625
Bounty : 325,000,000
Shop Discount : -10%
Berries Berries : 19,650,000
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[Episode] The Sweetest Enemy Returns Empty [Episode] The Sweetest Enemy Returns

on Thu Jul 16, 2020 1:01 am
Current Quest:
Quest Name: The Sweetest Enemy Returns
Quest Category: Episode
Player Participants: Seraphina Wolfe (+2), Brood X. Bach (+1)
Planned Location(s): Kano Country

Summary: After the events of Las Camp and the small scuffle in Kano Country, one Brood Xaldin Bach hasd gone missing. Turns out he has resurfaced after a great deal of time, having become a raving drunkard too depressed to go on. But after Seraphina Wolfe tracks him down, she uplifts his spirits by reminding her Captain of just who he is. What better way to do it than to raise hell in Kano before hitting the high-seas once again. Hopefully the local authorities won't be too upset by his re-emergence.

OOC: (-eh is a cough; -ee is a weeze)

And so the wanted poster found its way before him... and it would soon find itself crumpled up and tossed aside. In a manner similar to how this man felt.

480,000,000. A bounty that belonged to a man deserving. A man that he saved... at the cost of his own manhood. That was the perception from the bloodshot eyes belonging to none other than the once great, Brood Xaldin Bach. A man dejected and of broken spirit. A husk of a dangerously devious entity. One that sailed the seas and brought terror to all those whom faced brought low by the sting of defeat. Where others rose above their losses...Brood had suffered defeat after defeat. Most of his commanding officers abandoned him, finding prospects elsewhere ...and Brood.... well, he was doing his best to exist.

Few individuals brought an unadulterated terror to their foes at Brood's level. Usually such a fearsome reputation belonged to those in the big leagues...and even now as he sit in the booth that he had made his home, he could do naught but reflect on what it would have been like to achieve such heights. He had lost his crew a total of three times and it was enough to shatter any man's perception of being a good leader. Where his own aspirations so lofty that they would always remain out of his reach? He could not say. But he didn't have to force himself to think about it. Fortunately, he was a man whom was constantly drunk.

Even now as he looked down into the liquid that sat within his mug, he felt nothing. A quick and all consuming numbness that consumed him. The only time he had ever felt alive in the past... was with those whom he called his family. Yet they were long gone now. The Primetime Pirates had faded from the limelight...and as a result, Brood quickly removed himself from giving a fuck.  Not that such an action was all that complicated for him. He had submerged himself into a sea of never-ending liquor, and yet comfort alluded him all the same. He was a cursed man. Doomed to be lost in his wallowing pit of self doubt.

He looked completely disheveled. His rough and coarse beard caked with the foam at the head of his drink, though one would need to look hard to identify it given how white his hair happened to be. He had grown in size, but it had less to do with growing fat...and more with becoming more defined. He might have spent all of his time drinking...but he didn't seem to ever stop fighting. He held back a lot...since he gave up the life for what felt like years now. But he did his very best to make it all work. Right? Who knew. All that mattered now was finishing off this pint and then falling into a deep sleep.

Yet...something called out to him. A familiar scent wafted through the mostly empty bar. It couldn't be... His eyes would lift upwards from the golden hued ambrosia that sustained his livelihood. He'd pause briefly....speaking with an abundantly clear expression of curiosity displayed upon his face. "What the hell... Seraphina?"


HP: 250 (N/A)
ATK: 510 (612)
DEF: 225 (225)
RX: 300
WP: 300


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Seraphina Wolfe

Name : Seraphina Wolfe
Epithet : Demon Physician
Age : 27
Height : 6'
Weight : 168 lbs.
Species : Human
Faction : Pirate
World Position : N/A
Crew : Primetime
Ship : Big Time
Crew Position : Sniper/ Doctor
Devil Fruit : N/A
Haki Level : 2
Hitpoints (HP) : 175
Attack (ATK) : 140
Defense (DEF) : 140
Reflex (RX) : 145
Willpower (WP) : 150
Level : 17
Experience Points : 1750
Berries Berries : 21,050,000
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[Episode] The Sweetest Enemy Returns Empty Re: [Episode] The Sweetest Enemy Returns

on Sun Aug 09, 2020 2:47 pm
Sorry about the wait guys
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Seraphina was more than a little annoyed at the amount of money and effort she had put into getting to Kano Country. If the captain really valued his life then he had better be on this island. The time for her to return to the crew had already come and past. She had done exactly like she had instructed them she would and used the transponder snail that had been left with her to call the ship. However, she had been met with silence or actually silence would have been better than no one answering at all. So she had remained on the island that she had parted ways with the crew at.

There was no point in worrying over the crew as there was nothing they couldn't handle especially with the captain there with them where ever they were. The only emotion is sparked in her was irritation as they didn't even bother to answer the snail. She wasn't helpless though and made the most of her extra time spent on the island she had been present on. It was once the news coo arrived that she had finally found an inkling of where they could be. Reports from Las Camp spoke of a large scale battle and hinted at the participants that fought against the marines. Well if they weren't answering her calls then she would just have to go find their sorry asses herself.

Thus here she finally was after persuading the captain of a ship with a large sum of money to take her with him to Kano Country. She wasn't sure where they might be but this was as good a place as any to start. It didn't take long for her to realize she was in the right place, however, as she asked around about her captain and the ship they had once sailed on. She couldn't see hide nor hair of the Bigtime but she was sure that her captain couldn't have made it very far. In fact, none of the locals spoke as if he had been arrested by the marines. It was only a matter of time before she could give the big lug what for.

Rumors are what lead her to a particular bar. There were all types of different sorry-looking individuals inside but only one seemed to match the description of her captain. He didn't look quite the same as she had last seen him, however, that didn't change that it was clearly him wallowing in his self-pity. He sat by himself at a booth and looked awfully disheveled but clearly not out of place. It was clear to her that something must have happened if he didn't have any other crew members by his side especially one particularly tiny one. If she had had any doubts about who he was when he looked up and called out to her. She had been ready to tear this idiot a new one for ignoring her calls but that feeling dropped if only for the moment once she saw him looking like this. He was supposed to be fearsome but nothing about his current state would strike fear into anyone except maybe his build.

"Well well well. Wallowing in our own self-pity captain. I suppose that's a good enough reason to ignore my calls." Despite the words that left her mouth containing a pinch of edge there was a softer smile on her face as she sat down across from him.  
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