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Erik Matell (WIP) Empty Erik Matell (WIP)

on Mon Jul 20, 2020 5:50 am

Erik Metall

Basic Character Information

Starting Bonus:| [url=Link to your starting bonus roll goes here][Starting Bonus Roll][/url]

First Name:Erik
Middle Initial:F
Last Name:Metall
Epithet:Erik The Mad

Physical Appearance


Hair Style:Fohawk
Hair Color:Blue
Eye Color:Blue
Scars:One going down his chest
Clothing and Accessories:He wears a white tee shirt with a black belt and blue pants. Over his shirt is a large blue trench coat with yellow buttons.

Description:He has an average lean build similar to that of Zoros with a large scar down his chest.

The Past

Main Traits:
Likes:Guns, Showing off
Dislikes:Cruel Men, Vegetables
Unique laugh:Vaahahahal

Personality:In combat Erik takes his fights seriously carefully calculating his and his enemies movements. Out of combat Erik has a slightly less serious personality. He jokes around and hangs out with his allies.


Erik was born on Gosha an island in the east blue. He had a fairly rough early childhood living with his abusive father Gary Metall. His mother Laesha Metall took Erik and fled from Gosha by sneaking aboard a ship. Little did they know it was a pirate vessel, home of the Blue Flag pirates. The crews captain Marshell Garash decided to help Erik and his mother but they had to dye there hair blue like the rest of the crew. Erik was fascinated when he saw Garash practice shooting his pistol. He asked Garash and he decided he'd teach the boy how to use it. A week later Eriks mother died of a mysterious illness and Erik was in despair. He stayed with the Blue Flag pirates until the age of 16. When he left he spent 9 years perfecting his skill with the pistol. Now hes setting off to become a pirate like Garash.
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