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Shigaraki Nikushimi

Name : Tomura Nikushimi
Epithet : Shigaraki
Age : 19
Devil Fruit : Hito Hito no Mi: Model- Chernabog
Haki Level : 0
Hitpoints (HP) : 100
Attack (ATK) : 0
Defense (DEF) : 0
Reflex (RX) : 0
Willpower (WP) : 0
Level : 10
Experience Points : 1000
Berries Berries : 50,000
Posts : 7
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Shigaraki D. Nikushimi (W.I.P) Empty Shigaraki D. Nikushimi (W.I.P)

on Mon Jul 20, 2020 8:33 pm

Shigaraki Nikushimi

Shigaraki D. Nikushimi (W.I.P) Be-Funky-collage-1

Basic Character Information

Starting Bonus: Trading Bane of the Weak for Dragon Heart| [Starting Bonus Roll]

First Name: Tomura
Middle Name/Initial: D.
Last Name: Nikushimi
Epithet: Shigaraki, (Mourning of Death) 
Age: 19
Gender: Male 
Race: Human
Faction: Pirate
Profession: To be decided

Physical Appearance

Height: Giants can only be 50 feet tall at most. All other races can be up to 20 feet tall.

Hair Style:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Clothing and Accessories: Describe your garb in detail.

Description: An attractive male that stands around six foot one, and weighs about one hundred and twenty-five pounds. In all honesty, Shigaraki does not appear to be a physically intimidating fellow. He is not built like a behemoth and in truth he is not that tall, at least, compared to some other pirates that are rather giant for being a human. Instead, Shigaraki posses a rather lanky and slender build, with long fingers and long appendages. When he is not partially transformed, Shigaraki has slightly tanned skin and short messy black hair with tuff at the back. 

The Past

Main Traits: Cynical, Calculating, Laid Back, Sarcastic, Deceptive, and Idealistic 
Likes: Coffee, reading, power, a plan coming together, and treasure hunting
Dislikes: The Marines, senseless violence, idiots, oranges, and being rushed

Hometown: Please read the island description of your home island provided in the Roleplay section of the forum. Some islands are a bit different to how you may remember them from canon, so it is imperative that you read it. However, you may choose to make up your own island instead also, in which case you may make up its history so long as it doesn't distort the overall history of the forum's plot.

Personality: A complicated person to understand and connect with, Tomura is a master of deception and manipulation. He is known to wear multiple masks and façade to deceive his allies and opponents into underestimating him, or in order to hide his ulterior motives and ambitions. Admittedly, he does not like to attract attention to himself, and instead, prefers to operate discreetly like insidious force lurking in the shadows. Unfortunately, Tomura recognizes that if he is to gain more power and influence within this forsaken world, then sometime in the future he will have no choice but to come out from the shadows and make a name for himself. Until then however, until he has the strength and confidence that he so desires, Tomura is perfectly contempt in growing in the shadows of another. This comes to one of the defining traits that separates him from most pirates, which is patients. While most scoundrel of the sea desire a quick fix, and to eat from a green and unripe fruit. Tomura has the patients to wait for the green to fade away, and then enjoy the ripen harvest of his labor.

When he was younger, Tomura used to be kindhearted and compassionate, though a darken heart and aggression has nearly destroyed such kindness. Now, he is no longer an optimist that eagerly hopes to see the Celestial Dragons take a one-eighty and do what is right. Instead his experiences within the 45th Marine Branch has left him cynical and pessimistic, believing that things cannot change without a strong and firm hand to guide it. He has become a cold and apathetic observer of his surroundings, eagerly judging if one person’s strength and power, would be enough to overpower another’s strength or a certain situation. Seeing people as nothing more than pawns carefully laid down in a game of chess, Tomura would do nearly anything in order to achieve his ambitions and goals. He has even developed a megalomaniacal obsession with gaining power and influence, but his ambitions are not entirely impure, and he does not commit violence for the sake of violence. In truth, Tomura hates senseless violence, and tries to avoid slaughtering innocent people.

In some manner of speaking, Tomura’s goal of ushering in an new age of order and peace is not terrible in of itself, and if it wasn’t for the Marine’s corruption or his own desire for power and dominance, then Tomura would be able to fit in almost perfectly with the Marines or Revolutionary Army. But the thing is, Tomura hates the Marines for their corruption, and his methods to achieve such peace and order is too tyrannical for the Revolutionary Army. Admittedly, just as some people desire to become Pirate King, and hold mastery over the sea. Tomura desires to burn the old world down, and conqueror a new world that would be designed by him, in which he would hold powers and influence greater than the Celestial Dragons, and the so-called Pirate King.

Of course, he does not make his ambitions known, and as mention, preferring to work under the shadows of another person until he was confident in his own power. Tomura has developed the façade of a reckless teenager in order to hide his true nature. Under this façade, Tomura appears to be nothing more than a reckless and stubborn young adult with a little too much testosterone for his own good. He seems to be rather brash and opinionative, speaking his mind without little regard to the opinions or feelings of others, and only biting his tongue when it is urgent for his well-being. Tomura tends to stick to the side-lines, observing people and situations from affair, and occasionally making sarcastic remarks at the expense of others, and calling out other people for their nonsense and stupidity. Even though he can be a little argumentative, Tomura tends to stray away from fights and physical alterations. When angered he is not known to raise his voice, instead, Tomura possess a cold and cool anger about him. For the most part, when angered he would most likely retreat to collect himself and plot some sort of scheme to take petty revenge.


Born as Tomura Nikushimi, Shigaraki was the son of the Pirate Captain George Finston, and a young maiden by the name of Azura Nikushimi. He was born in the North Blue Sea in Lvneel, where his mother worked in a local tavern who occasionally attracted the attention of Pirates. Captain Finston fell in love with Azura while docked in Lvneel, and courted her by bringing her gifts from his travels out on the sea. Azura’s parents did not approve of pirating, as his grandfather was a retired Marine, and therefore, after six months of courting the two would marry in secret away from her parent’s eyes. Soon enough, Captain Finston would return home to find a baby boy being cradled in his wife’s arms. Proud to be a father, Captain Finston vowed to protect his family no matter the cost, and to do whatever he could to provide for them. Though, Tomura’s mother urged him to retire as a pirate and live with them, Captain Finston knew that it was the only way that he would be able to provide for his family. 

Growing up, Tomura was always a smart and perceptive kid, and he had a knack for books and loved to hear the various stories and adventures that his father would tell him. He would occasionally remark that when he grew up he wanted to be a famous treasure hunter, and to find all the lost treasures that have been lost to the world. At one time, he even mentioned that he wanted to be a pirate, but his mother quickly chastised him and forced him to promise that he would never take on a life of piracy. She forced his mother to agree with her, and he told his son that a life of piracy was ‘not for the faint of heart’ and he even swallowed his pride and encouraged his son to become a marine instead. Mainly, because Captain Finston understood the evils of the World Government, and believed that this would be the best way to protect his s on. 

For the most part, Tomura was protected from the vices of the Celestials Dragons, in of the fact that, his father and mother made sure that he never saw the evil and dark side of Lvneel. But that would change, or well partially change. While out in town with his father, Tomura would have been lured away from his father, and into a dark alleyway where a group of men attempted to kidnapped him. Fortunately, Tomura’s father friend who had been coming out of a bar managed to intercept the attack, and kill the kidnappers before they could take him. After the incident, Tomura was sent to live with his father’s parents in Logue town within the East Blue. Captain Finston would request that his parents prepare him to become a Marine, and reluctantly, his grandparents did as their son requested. His grandfather would teach him how to use a sword, and his grandmother would formally teach him how to read. At the age of fifteen, Tomura would be sent to the Marine’s Academy, where he would graduate three years later and be stationed within 45th Marine Branch. 

Being a part of the 45th Marine branch Tomura quickly learned how corrupt and vile that the marines were, or well that he came to believe he were. He would occasionally write to his father, and complained about the many different dealings that would make pirates look like heroes. During his time within the battalion, Tomura would meet another recruit by the name of Akira, an optimist who thought he could change the 45th Marine Branch. Admittedly, Tomura fell rather hard for this guy, and foolishly believed that the guy could do it. The two shared a brief romance, one that ended in bloody disaster. Tomura’s lover was investigating and underground human trafficking ring, and he discovered how deep the corruption was within the 45th Marine Branch. Akira informed Tomura of what happen, and told him of his plan to confront the captain.

Tomura advised against it and informed Akira that he should just be patient, and urged him to not to confront the captain alone. He planned on joining Akira in confronting the captain, but his attention was pulled elsewhere, and well, his lover was killed by the captain in the middle of the night within the courtyard. Tomura discovered his lover’s body, and holding Akira body he cried and wailed in remorse and pain. On that night, Tomura vowed that he would take his revenge against the captain who killed his lover. Tomura would then concocted a plot in which he would take his revenge against the captain, and conducted research on a devil fruit that would grant him the power to do so. He woul then write to his father, requesting that his dad aid him in discovering the devil fruit so that he can exact revenge. 

Two years later, Captain Finston would find the devil fruit that his son had been searching for, and after securing the hito hito no mi; model Chernabog, Finston would write to his son telling him that he would arrange for them  to arrive at the Ilusia by the end of month. Tomura plotting to eat the fruit, and then use his father’s crew to raid the village and kill the captain, did not anticipate for his messages to be intercepted. Tomura would arrive at the docks late a night, where he would meet with his father and some of his men, Captain Finston would give his son the devil fruit. 

Just as he took a bite from the devil fruit, the 45 battalion launched a surprise attack. During the struggle, Tomura’s father was killed, shot seven times, six shots to the chest and one to the head. Vowing to destroy the corrupt Marines that took his father away from him, and to cover the world in fire and darkness, Tomura managed to escape. On that day, Tomura took the name Shigaraki, ‘he who mourns for death’. His father’s friend, who was now the Captain, took him back to his mother.Tomura would spend some time with his mother, healing from the injuries that he had sustained, and plotting on how he would exact his revenge. Now Shigaraki, Tomura silently vowed that he would become something more than a simple Pirate King, and started a life of piracy. 
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