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Happy belated Halloween, folks! As is tradition on Revival Dawn, we have a Halloween Event going currently. This time, we even have a theme! The participation rewards for this event are substantial, so don't miss this opportunity to write a spooky story!
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Bitter Demons Empty Bitter Demons

on Wed Aug 05, 2020 9:13 am
Bitter Demons 2987c1bdd929df11da195000caf6bcc1

Bitter Demons is a roleplay forum based off of the anime and manga series Blue Exorcist that takes place in America, in the fictional town of Sharpton Valley. A town that has the most demon activity in the country which is dealt with by Exorcists from the US branch of the True Cross Organisation. Play as an Exorcist, a familiar or even a regular citizen that get's caught up by the events that are happening in the town, or you can play as a demon and go against the Exorcists and cause havoc.

Or you can play as a Nephilim or a magic based user with the new but looked down upon "Witchcraft" meister.

We have just recently reopened after a short break and we are looking for new users to help make the site more active!

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