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Rewrite Time (A torchwood/doctor who RP) Empty Rewrite Time (A torchwood/doctor who RP)

on Tue Sep 22, 2020 5:57 pm
Rewrite Time (A torchwood/doctor who RP) FEt1tM

It’s 2020 and for all that Torchwood used to be the worst kept secret in Cardiff, for ten years it had been all but forgotten. And with the rift seemingly closed, that’s just how the new director liked it. Of course, they say things are always at their most calm before the storm.

Billis Manger, forgotten but not gone, finally returned to Cardiff, and his work is never done. His deal was simple, the terms transparent: re-open the rift, and return those who were lost. A small price to pay for the return of their loved ones. Or so Gwen Cooper thought when she accepted.

But things that seem too good to be true, often are, and Torchwood has never been the exception. Her former teammates weren’t the only ones exposed to rift energy to have died over the years, and they’re not the only ones coming back.

See what happens when you try to Rewrite Time.
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