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Resolution Empty Resolution

on Thu Sep 24, 2020 6:45 pm
[align=center]Resolution 3jBOBK7

Present Day San Francisco, USA
Setting | Rules | Races | Wanteds |
Discord | Advertise | Events

The hints of autumn are slowly coming to the City by The Bay. Leaves will be turning colors. The rains will come which is welcome change after an incredible heat wave that set new records. With record numbers of fires in the state, the hope is the rain will help. Orange skies cast a pall over the city and ash sometimes fills the air. Unrest has found its way through the city as someone is moving through various means of striking out at the supernatural world. Several things are starting to pop up to cause concern. From something unusual in the Russian district to what seems to be toxins and poisons affecting the various races. This has everyone trying to figure out where it is coming from. Will it be fight or flight from the upcoming storm?

Halloween event is open to all members and just a fun way to enjoy the holiday. It will be open until 11/2.

A relaxed modern fantasy rp based in San Francisco with diverse characters and members. Not affiliated with the fandom, we do have supernatural elements. Resolution has a site wide plot and several different member driven plots with plenty of wanteds for easy mingling.

The world is changing. What will be your Resolution?
What We Offer:
•••18+ setting (Members, not characters)
•••2 yrs active
•••Friendly and helpful staff and members
•••Freedom in creativity
•••Relaxed rules and atmosphere
•••Active Discord Server[/align]
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