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Kenshin Z. Kazuo [WIP] Empty Kenshin Z. Kazuo [WIP]

This post has in-line assessment comments.Wed Jul 20, 2016 3:33 am
Kenshin Z. Kazuo

Kenshin Z. Kazuo [WIP] INJdZP7

Basic Character Information

Starting Bonus: Can't Touch This | [Starting Bonus Roll]

First Name: Kenshin
Middle Name/Initial: Z.
Last Name: Kazuo
Epithet: Sub Zero
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Faction: Pirate
Affiliation: //
Position: Doctor
Profession: Doctor, Scientist

Physical Appearance

Height: 6'4 (195 cm)
Weight: 204 lbs (92 kg)

Hair Style: His hair is mostly slicked back but let to stand up. On bad days (which is rare), it can curl up and puff out.
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Light blue
Scars: No scars.
Clothing and Accessories: Kenshin can be seen with his signature long black coat that has grey dragon patterns all over the outside. On chest piece of the coat there is a small zipper that leads into a pocket. Going down his chest to his waist are 8 large wood buttons that keep the coat in place. Around his neck is a cartoonish 'Dracula' like collar that stretches that goes around the neck Then a light blue floral pattern over the front of the bottom part of the coat that is colored light blue which makes it visible over the dragon pattern. On the inside of the coat there is dark blue silk inside that's stitched in as a diamond pattern. Under that, he wears a basic long sleeved white shirt that's tucked into his dress pants. Speaking of his dress pants, they are striped and reach down to his ankles. On the waist of them, there is a chain that is clipped on by the belt straps. On his feet he wears basic leather dress shoe with a strap over the top of it to keep it on.

Detailed Description: Kenshin is a tall slim man. At first, he may not seem as intimidating compared to a cyborg or other races But he is in amazing shape compared to an average human. He has kept himself in shape throughout most of his life. Unexpectedly, he is very flexible and is able to pull of a lot of quick sudden movements easily. One of the most noticeable things about Kenshin is his hair and eyes. His hair is smooth and pure white. While his eyes are a rare light blue that some of the most distracting on the sea. He's an unhealthy color of pale which he has been since birth which cause most people close to him to worry for his health. And he has unreasonably cold skin that also seems very unhealthy. Hence the nickname "Sub Zero".

The Past

Main Traits: Calm, Collected, Modest, Relaxed, Charming, Determined, Friendly, Humorous
Likes: Parties, Celebrations, Naps, Food, Books, The Revolutionary Army, Candy, Herbs, Expensive medical equipment, Beautiful women
Dislikes: The World Government, Marines, Traitors, Immature people, Children, People who aren't dressed well, Wounds that can't be healed, Feeling of no power
Hometown: Mashi Village - Ziko island
Personality: Kenshin is more relaxed and calm than he looks. He was raised to have manners and be a gentlemen so it only makes sense. Most of the time he'll show people with respect and use formal language. He applies this to males but even more to females since he's grown up, being accustomed to being called a playboy. If there is any time Kenshin can appear rude or too childish, it's when he has too much to drink. A very scary thing about him is that it seems as if he's always calm. Even in times when pressure is at its highest. That does not mean he cannot be angered or experience other emotions though. Like any human, his buttons can be pushed with the right words. And that also applies to being afraid. If the right things are said and done he'll be scared. But he'll try his hardest not to show it.

Surprisingly, even though he can seem very calm and cool, he's not afraid to crack a joke or two for fun. With that, he enjoys having parties or any sort of celebration of that sort. It mostly comes from the fact that he didn't have much memories of things like that as a child. Speaking of a child, Kenshin does have a 'childish' side of him. When he sees any expensive medical equipment or powerful swords he can seem as if he's a whole different person. He'll be more excited and interested into those type of things than most other things when he's able to find them. Similar to how a fat kid is to a candy. But that's only at rare times. He isn't interested in other things besides that which can make him be a hard person to talk to since he'll mostly be distracted by something else. If there was something else he'd like to talk about, it'd be fashion. He's not a fashionista but he does believe in dressing and look good. Which can annoy him at times when finding a poorly groomed and dressed man. Which can also disgust him a little.

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