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Name : Ebony M. d'Etth
Epithet : Silver Wolf
Age : 21
Height : 5Ft. 7In.
Weight : 145lbs.
Species : Human
Faction : Miscellaneous
Crew : Silver Wolves Mafia
Ship : The White Fang
Crew Role : Boss
Devil Fruit : N/A
Quality Score : A
Balance : [ber] 67,800,000
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[Episode] A Friend of a Friend  Empty [Episode] A Friend of a Friend

This post has in-line assessment comments.Wed Mar 31, 2021 12:21 pm
Quest Description:

It seemed that, nowadays, Ebony was frequently finding herself answering the calls from quite a number of former associates she had once had the pleasure of working with. Although, previously, she would have simply ignored them for much higher patrons, she was now in the market to secure herself from any potential ill will the family would soon be throwing at her. If it meant that she was to go against the Orochi Syndicate in the process, so be it.

Therefore, when Ebony first became aware that Antonio had sent her a nondescript letter regarding a possible collaboration, she was all the more for it. More-so as he was someone that preferred to keep himself separate from the Syndicate. Needless to say, he was a risk taker but, so far, he was the best in his field. From what she could recall in his letter, Antonio had made reference to an acquaintance he had. They both seemed to need help rectifying a small problem which was of no trouble to her.

As to why he had reached out to her specifically, Ebony still remained unsure. Normally, these things were dealt with separately within his small circle. A private matter, so to speak. Therefore, it was quite surprising that he had reached out to her first. However, regardless of how it all came to be, Ebony was not going to pass up on the opportunity. It was a good way for her to separate herself from the Golden Wolves while simultaneously obtaining a working relationship nondependent of the Syndicate.  

Ebony could, at the very least, trust that Rossi was a gambler more than he was a businessman. It was his way of life and, due to that, she knew that Antonio would not bargain his own livelihood by putting her at risk. By doing so, after all, he would be targeted as an enemy of the Golden Wolves and, by proxy, the Syndicate. At least, just until she completed the job given to her by the underboss himself.  Regardless, there was no need to worry seeing as Antonio was requesting her aid on a very delicate matter.

That thought in mind, Ebony decided to embark on the journey alone. It was something almost quite foreign to her as she had often found herself in the company of her... friend. Not that she believed that this matter required his aid.     Besides the small-time bounty hunters, she figured this would all be a piece of cake. No one in Baterilla, after all, could measure up to her level. Even if they did, she was sure she could take care of the problem herself.

First, Ebony figured, she needed more information about the “minor” issue that they had. He hadn’t given her much to work with besides the basics. Thus, she stepped out of the road and into one of the alleyways that made up her city. Using her wristwatch, she sent a call to Antonio who answered almost immediately. “Mia bella signora, come stai (My beautiful lady, how are you)?” His persona seemed to morph into a giant grin. “I assume you made it without a problem?

Ebony offered him a professional smile. “Antonio, my friend.” She inwardly grimaced. “I’m at the pose-ee-zionay (posizione; location).” Ebony grumbled to herself, making sure that it was not at all visible to her employer. “What exactly am I looking for here? You said you needed help with a… pick-oh-low problem-ah (piccolo problema; small problem).” She hated herself at this point but it was all to make the man happy.

It proved fruitful as Antonio’s grin translated into his speech. “Mia angelo (My angel),” He said with glee. “Of course! Just a small problem with Signor Marcello. You see, un fuggitivo (a fugitive) is in your vicinity. Lu Shang, his name is.” Ebony nodded slowly in understanding. If she needed to capture him first, then she saw no problem with it. “A big man, of course. Needs protections but you can handle it. The cacciatori di taglie (bounty hunters) are nothing compared to you, after all.

Ebony’s face immediately went stoic. Providing protection was a different story. She realized now why he had asked her for help. Guarding and escorting a fugitive was tricky business. Considering, especially, now that bounty hunters were after him. However, she had already agreed to provide her aid to him which meant she couldn’t back out. Not that she wanted to in the first place. “What does this man look like?” Ebony asked. If she was to find him first, she needed at least a description.

Antonio was quick to follow up. “A giant of a man,” He would start, causing Ebony to raise an eyebrow in response. That very description fit most of the men she knew in Baterilla. “Grandi  muscoli (Big muscles). Big bloody eyes… and wild red hair.” Ebony bit back a sigh. What Antonio was describing now was something most parents read to their children right before they went to bed. However, the man seemed to be quite serious in what he was describing.  

Seeing as she would get no further help from Antonio, Ebony decided to simply take her chances. So long as she had the man’s name and a vague description, she was quite confident that she would be alright. How many men did she know that reminded Antonio of a fabled monster? Armed with the information, Ebony bid the man adieu and stepped back into the busy road. Blending into the crowd, she continued her search for the runaway. Hopefully, this would all be done and over with before she knew it.

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