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Isnit Weyrd Empty Isnit Weyrd

Fri Oct 08, 2021 2:33 pm
Founded  on Spleafnet/Acornrack in 2009, Isnit Weyrd is what you get if you take the basic concept of Dragon Riders of Pern and turn it on its head. It's a world inhabited by soulbonded creatures, hardly limited to dragons. Gryphons, phoenix, wyverns, unicorns, and even a slew of member-created original species are all among the Weyrd's bondable fauna!

Add to that a random force known only as the PIF and you've got a whole lot of crazy fun. Isnit's cast and characters hail from all sorts of dimensions and time periods (though the Weyrd itself is largely steampunk inspired!), and there are few limits as to what you can do or create.

Things you can expect to find in the Weyrd include:

:diamonds: An active community of awesome and friendly roleplayers.
:diamonds: A dedicated staff team committed to keeping the Weyrd awesome.
:diamonds: Frequent member-run creature bonding events.
:diamonds: Over 25 bondable species, with more being added every year.
:diamonds: Tons of freedom in character creation. All humanoids welcome!

And so, so much more! There's a little something for everyone, so we hope you'll drop by and check out...
Isnit Weyrd
a steam-punk inspired creature bonding roleplay
now on jcink!
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