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Revival Dawn's Origins Empty Revival Dawn's Origins

This post has in-line assessment comments.Sun Jun 26, 2016 2:05 pm
Revival Dawn's Origins
I was one of the founders of the Late Romance Dawn RP site. The first time around, I had left soon after the launch of the site for reasons I can't rightly remember anymore. However, I later received an invitation from a fellow founder, who wondered if I wanted to join their endeavor in overhauling the site.

I happily accepted and together, we had created a decently populated RP forum. However, after a while, I was not able to fulfil my commitments as a founder due to real-life problems. So, I took a break from the site, not knowing how long it would be for. My big mistake was not informing everyone of my impending break. I hoped to return soon enough to not think it necessary, but things happened, and time flew by.

A few months later, I tried to return, only to find that the site had completely vanished; likely deleted. Disappointed by its fate, I decided to move on to role-playing on other forums.

Fast-forward a year or so, I met a member of the Romance Dawn staff on another website and discovered what had happened to Romance Dawn. It was supposedly deleted by one of the founders, and since it happened sometime after I left, many had assumed that I was responsible.

It pained me to think that any of my friends, despite any differences we may have had, would've thought I would be capable of doing something like that after putting my life and blood into the site. But, it's always easier to blame someone who isn't around to defend themselves.

And thus, this site is in memory of Romance Dawn RP.


Special Thanks To...

Azure Snow (Terra Snow)
Dimitri H. King (Lazarus/Junbei)
Vincent S. Valentine (Leon/Red)
Yedidiyah (Aryeh)
Leo D. Morgan
Ravage Bones (Kaseki)
And all the other members of Romance Dawn RP

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