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Name : Earl D. Campbell
Epithet : Angel
Age : 15
Species : Human
Faction : Pirate
Devil Fruit : Fuwa Fuwa no Mi
Haki Level : 5
Attack (ATK) : 330
Defense (DEF) : 305
Reflex (RX) : 150
Willpower (WP) : 250
Level : 40
Experience Points : 4000
Berries Berries : 50,000
Posts : 18
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Inactivity Empty Inactivity

on Thu Aug 11, 2016 6:11 am
I will not be around much because Uni will be starting again, tomorrow I will be inputting classes - so even without the actual date, I can guesstimate classes will start a week or two after that, and I have to prepare so much.

On top of that, I have been working - that's why I wasn't around - I work full-time.

Of course, I won't be leaving, I will try my best to show up once or twice a week and finish a few things such as my techniques and actually starting a thread. I thank you all so much for having taken care of me for this short while.
Inactivity Cool-t10

Name : Gray Starks
Epithet : The Conqueror (Formerly "Black Fist")
Age : 49
Height : 10'2" / 310 cm
Weight : 1043 lbs / 473 kg
Species : Human Cyborg
Faction : Pirate
World Position : Super Veteran (Former Yonkou)
Crew : Black Fist Pirates (Destroyed)
Ship : Sangria's Vane (Destroyed)
Crew Position : Captain (Former)
Devil Fruit : Pressure-Pressure Fruit
Haki Level : 9
Hitpoints (HP) : 700
Attack (ATK) : 750
Defense (DEF) : 600
Reflex (RX) : 655
Willpower (WP) : 600
Level : 100
Experience Points : 10000
Bounty : 5,000,000,000
Income Multiplier : +10%
Shop Discount : -20%
Berries Berries : 25,000,000,000
Posts : 2083
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Inactivity Empty Re: Inactivity

on Thu Aug 11, 2016 3:29 pm
No worries man. Real life comes first, as they say~


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