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Name : Dax Morgan
Epithet : Goldmonger
Age : 25
Height : 6'5"
Weight : 250
Species : Human
Faction : Pirate
World Position : Shichibukai (Future)
Crew : Gold | Works
Ship : Cleopatra
Devil Fruit : Goru Goru no Mi
Haki Level : 7
Hitpoints (HP) : 380
Attack (ATK) : 405
Defense (DEF) : 325
Reflex (RX) : 335
Willpower (WP) : 400
Level : 60
Experience Points : 6036
Bounty : 27,900,000
Quality Score : S
Income Bonus : +0.20 (to all allies)
Shop Discount : -25%
Berries Berries : 112,500,000

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[Rubeck: Contestation Arc] [Part 1] Big Trouble in Pebble Beach Empty [Rubeck: Contestation Arc] [Part 1] Big Trouble in Pebble Beach

Thu Aug 04, 2022 7:33 pm
Rubeck Island

A small island in the north blue neighboring the west of Swallow Island, it is rumored to be a dangerous island by those around it due to the wildlife and supposed smuggler activity.

The island's landscape of cliffs and valleys carved out by ancient rivers is lush with evergreen forests. Housing hundreds of species of wild animals, with the most dangerous ones, tucked away deep in the center of the island.

Though primarily uninhabited by human life for the majority of its history, smugglers and pirates have taken advantage of its topography and location to hide illegal operations. Taking advantage of the centuries-old tunnels carved out by the Giant Mountain Moles that still frequent the island to this day, continuing to stretch the tunnels further and further.

Even more recently, however, two small factions have taken root on the island and now attempt to lay claim to what they feel is theirs.

Pebble Beach Fishing Port | Lower Penninsula | Rubeck Island

Crashing waves and squawking gulls filled the air as the cold northern ocean slammed against the rocky shores of Rubeck Island. A natural fortress of an isle surrounded by choppy seas and a treacherous shoreline, one only a skilled navigator could explore safely.

Though, there did exist one place that allowed for a safe landing, a small area known as the Lower Penninsula. A low, rocky shoreline with flat rounded pebbles covering every inch of it. The ocean fed into a small harbor bay that housed a port town that survived on the fishing industry. Always at the mercy of the ocean's bipolar fury.

"OI! YA GEZER!" Shouted a bow-legged fisherman swaggering down the street, his oversized pompadour swaying with every step. A fisherman's rope was knotted around his forehead and a long stem hung from his mouth.

"Ahh shit... Here comes Kazu again..." The old man sighed as he chopped the head from a fish that easily weighed a few hundred pounds like it was butter. "What is it now ya brat?" He barked with one eye open and the other sealed shut by a vertical scar running down his face.

Kazu glared upwards at the giant of a man, his delinquent stare showing not an ounce of fear as his skinny frame was lost in the behemoth's shadow. "WHY AIN'T WE GOIN AFTER THEM SMUGGLER'S YET?? HMMMM???" Cocking his head to the side and leaning as close as he could to the bear of a man's face.

Sighing again, the old man leaned back and continued gutting the fish. "If ya don't know by now, I can't spell it out for ya." Huffing as he dismissed the hooligan with a wave.

"OI!!" Kazu slammed his hands onto the table, "WE CAN'T KEEP LIVIN LIKE THIS! LOOK AROUND YA OLD COOT!" Motioning to the run-down buildings on what was supposed to be a bustling market street. "WE CAN'T KEEP LIVIN LIKE DOGS, CRATED UP IN THE CORNER OF THE YARD!"

"Knock it off boy!" The man shouted, his voice laced with a rare hint of anger. Something Kazu noticed immediately.

"Tch." Stomping the ground as he swaggered off in anger.


The doorbell chimed behind the man, "Kazu again, huh?" A beautiful young girl questioned as she began wrapping the cuts of meat. "You know he's not gonna stop, right?"

He heard the words but chose not to respond, only continuing with his work.

"You know he only wants to help right? He really does care about this town... And he really cares about you, dad..." The girl sighed as she collected what she had packaged and went back inside.

He slammed the knife into the large cutting board and let out a frustrated sigh.

"Boss! Boss Okuma!"

"Hmm?" Looking up to see several men wearing sunglasses and tracksuits running toward him.


"Calm down and take a breath before ya speak, ya idjit." He grumbled, "And stop calling me boss would ya."

"Oooookay....." The tracksuit gangster gathered himself before speaking. "Boss, the smugglers, they're coming down from the caverns and towards the town! There's gotta be dozens of em!!"

"The smugglers...hmmm... Let us go see this then." Cleaning off the blade before placing back into a leather wrap with several others. He rolled them up and tied a bow before securing them to his waist.

"Ye...Yessir! Boss Sir!"

"Stop calling me boss, ya idjit!"

"Did ya hear that?!" Shohei asked in a hushed yell.

"I sure did, kishishishi. We gotta go tell the boss! Kishishishishi!" Ichiro responded as the duo lurked around the corner, hidden amongst the shadows of the alleyway Both were dressed in blue robe tops with wave patterns decorating them and black clam digger style pants.

"For sure! We can finish this shit later, yo. Let's go!" They dropped the spray paint cans and ran off down towards the beach.

Wharf Rat's Secret Hideout | Peeble Beach | Rubeck

"Tch" Kazu growled as he kicked a can across the floor, the metal clanging off the stone floor of their hideout. A hidden cave underneath one of the docks they had found playing as children. Now covered in graffiti and junk, housing a bunch of ruffians who fancy themselves yakuza.

"C'mon boss. Ain't that bad is it?" Koji feigned concern from behind a newspaper. "Who doesn't love a good oppressing by a bunch of no good smugglers, ya? I for one love it."

"Oi, quit with the fuckin sarcasm Koji. For I come over there and beat it out of ya." Kazu barked.

"All bark no bite." Koji quipped back as he peered over the newspaper with a sharp pair of eyes.

"Tch. Whatever." Kazu grunted as he kicked another can across the room. "We gotta fuckin do something man..."

"Boss....! Boss....!!!" Ichiro and Shohei shouted as they came running into the cave. "Boss...!"

"I hear ya, I hear ya, what is it now?"

"It's the smugglers..! We heard they are coming into town right now!" Shohei said.

"Wait...what...?" Kazu stammered for a moment registering what he was just told.

"Kishishishis.. It's true, and old man Okuma is on his way to meet them now! Kishishishi." Ichiro snickered.

"You don't say....?" A devilish grin appeared on the delinquent's face. "Gear up boys, looks like Lady Luck is on our fuckin side today!"

Smuggler's Guild Head HQ| Smuggler's Port "Moletown" | Rubeck |A few hours ago

"I hereby call to order the annual smugglers guild meeting, everyone please take your seats we are about to begin!"

The words called out to a bustling room located at the mouth of the Great Mole Cavern and the edge of the dock that comprised the majority of the port.

"I will now go around the room and introduce the members that have gathered here as there are some new faces here since our last gathering."

"First, Smooglie "The Smuggler", with a bounty of 5,000,000beli and a fleet of three ships. Operating as a legal sugar transport ship, their primary contribution to the guild at this time is drug transportation." A large man with wild green hair that reached down passed his shoulders nodded. He was clothed in a fine white suit and tie, though he lacked a shirt, revealing a bare chest and a large peacock tattoo on his side.

"Good to meet' cha blokes, been awhile since I last been 'ere." Smooglie waved to the group as a small blonde woman that clung to his body lit up a cigarette for him.

"Next we have "Great Hunt" Dastardly Gulliver, a man who operates publically as a bounty hunter though primarily operates as a hunter of all things rare. His primary contributions to the guild at this time are human and animal trafficking. He brings with him a fleet of four ships." Upon his head, he wore a gorilla skull decorated with golden fangs, and what he lacked in pants he more than made up for in animal skins and trinkets. He wore a small cheetah print speedo along with a large lion fur over his shoulders. His wrists and ankles sported a stripped animal pattern and teeth and claws decorated various parts of his entire body.

"Anything you chaps need, call me eh? I can hunt anythin." Holding up his bladed boomerang and twisting his mustache menacingly.

"The woman to the left of me is known in Black Market Circles as 'The Contraband Queen' but here you shall refer to her as..."

"Ayo! The fuck is up with this bullshit?" A young man seated at the table spoke up. "I ain't here to spend all night monologuing and making friends."

"Night Time" Nemo, Bounty of 9,500,000beli, captain of a single ship, you have been caught for trafficking slaves in both West and North Blues. As well as offensive touching of a royal in the South Blue. You have also been accused of actively killing marines. It seems to me you spend quite a bit of time drawing a large amount of unwanted attention."

The host paused as he looked up from the parchment and into the young man's eyes. "Frankly, I don't even know why you are here."

The glares from the room locked in on the young smuggler whose arrogant smile was replaced by a fearful grin desperately trying to keep up the facade. "Wha...What do you mean....?"

"I mean exactly that. I do not know how such a careless buffoon was invited to this meeting. But we will assure it does not happen again."

The other attendees quickly trained their weapons on Nemo, and the clicking of flintlocks sounded off across the room. "Tough luck, mate, should've been more careful, eh? Oh well, I'd say maybe next time but, uhhh, well, ya the killing thing and all, no hard feelings, eh mate?" Smooglie snickered as he pulled the trigger, with his peers following suit. Each one pumping the body full of lead before sitting back down as if nothing happened.

"We do apologize for such a disturbance." The host said as several masked staff members rushed the body from the room and cleaned up the mess that had been made.

"No worries mate, and, I know its against proper procedure an' all. But hows about we skip introductions if everyone's fine with it, ya? We all know each other here, right? I mean, the only ones ya didn't get to were Sharkis and Oj, and we've all known those blokes for years, am I right?" Smooglie spoke up once again, looking to the others for support to get the meeting underway.

"I second that notion." The Queen of Contraband spoke up as she toked a thin long pipe.

"Same here" Gulliver announced, with those remaining to do the same.

"Hmmm.." The host pondered for a moment, "It is against protocol... but the vote is indeed unanimous hmmm... it seems we shall proceed." Tipping his cap to the party he took a seat at the head of the table.

His face was hidden behind a mask marked with a red 'Z' on it. "We are gathered here today to consider what we are doing going forward regarding the island itself. Rubeck is a large island that we control a very small portion of. Pebble Beach and the Lower Penninsula are the best places for a port on the entire island. Places that we do not currently control."

"Oi, hol' up though would'ja. The back cove 'ere... "Moletown" if you will, has served us plenty well. And it gives us the option to use the Caverns if we need to."

"Moletown will still serve its purpose, but I have much bigger plans for Pebble Beach and the Penninsula, plans that require ownership of such a place..- "

"The Caverns are another thing we need to address. How many slaves have we lost in there? How many prisoners? Traitors? God only knows what lives deep inside of those things. They run through the entire island." The Contraband Queen interjected. "Who knows what lives in these caves, sure we control the Mouth, but I say what of the entrails." Taking a long drag from her pipe as she finished speaking.

"Hey, hey, you talk of the Penninsula and Pebble Beach, but there is no cover from the marines there. Yes, there's a safe landing and the perfect place for a port. But it's also the perfect spot to get ass fucked by the World Government. Something I would very much like to avoid. We have grown so large here by staying hidden and keeping to the Mouth and Moletown." Sharkis spoke his mind as well, having more than a few personal issues with being found out by the World Government.

"Silence!" The host shouted, "I hear your concerns, I do. But the plan is already in motion and I promise you, no harm will come to any of you if you just stick to the plan."

The ominous add-on of the sentence struck a chord with all the members of the guild. Seeing that their host would have his way one way or another.

"And speaking of the plan, it's time we paid Pebble Beach a visit."

Outskirts of Pebble Beach | Rubeck | Present Time

"Boss! Boss! Here they come" The tracksuit gangster shouted to Okuma.

"Hmmm. I'll handle this..." The bear of a man grunted to the civilians armed with tools and sticks that stood at the ready behind him.

"YOU SMUGGLERS. PLEASE GO. THANK YOU!" Okuma said with a bow. Turning to his men, "There that should do it. No more of that problem."

Descending from the mountainside and out of the forest, the smugglers rode atop large boars imported from a distant island. A rare breed found deep in the seas of the Grand line. They stopped a bit ahead of Okuma before dismounting, it was Gulliver and Smooglie. Sent to broker peace between the two factions.

"Oi, ello 'ere govna', that is you right? The govna? Okama or some shite like that, eh?" Smooglie questioned that massive man sarcastically.

"Okuma. And I ain’t no governor, just a fisherman."

"A fishaman, eh? Wow, we got us a workin man now do we?"

"Show some glass will, Smooglie. We are here for a job, let's see it through." Gulliver doing his best to get his partner back on track.

"Oi, alright, you tell em then."

"Fine. Mr. Okuma, we have been tasked to broker a deal for the port you call Pebble Beach. You will find our host's generous offer here." Handing Okuma a wax-sealed note, the emblem resembling that of a snake's head.

The grizzly man looked at the sealed letter disgruntled before taking it from the hunter's hands. Tearing open the seal his eyes darted across the page before crumpling up the offer and eating it. "Answers no. Now please leave." He said with a heavy gulp, forcing the paper down his throat.

"It was relayed to us you may do something of this nature. As such, our gracious host has sent us a counter offer to such an action. You have one month to procure the funds requested on this parchment, and the one you consumed." Motioning towards the large man's gut.

"As we are not savages, we will then give you a bill of sale for your town and send you on your way."

"And if don't?" Okuma questioned.

"Then upon the allotted time's completion and no bill of sale can be completed, we will forcibly annex Pebble Beach and those still inside will be slaughtered without mercy."

"THE FUCK THEY WILL!!" Kazu shouted as he and his gang members dove from the buildings above them. Wielding a large fish mallet, Kazu struck Mooglie over the head while his minions swarmed the hunter and their entourage.

"AIN'T NO WAY IN HELL YOU ARE GONNA TOUCH ANY OF THESE FOLKS! THIS WHARF RAT'S TURF!" Standing above a bloodied Smooglie as he held the fish bat inches from the smuggler's now broken nose.

"Yeah! Wharf Rats don't fuck around, don't' cha know?! Kishishishishi!" Ichiro snickered as he held a giant fish hook to the hunter's neck and Koji pointed a repeater rifle at his temple.

"Please, move, I would love that. I mean it. Please, do it, I'm begging you." Koji whispered as his trigger finger shook with excitement.

"Oi!! Don'tcha you know who we are you brat?! I'll kill you for this, eh?!?"

"SIT DOWN NOW YOU IDJIT CHILDREN!" Okuma shouted out in anger as a wave off pure willpower poured out from his body. His Haki forcing the entire Wharf Rat's gang to their knees with only Kazu remaining conscious.

Something that took every ounce of his own willpower to do so. "O...Old...Man......" Kazu mumbled as he fell to the ground and foamed at the mouth.

"Please accept my humblest of apologies." Okuma said sternly as he bowed his head in forgiveness towards Smooglie and Gulliver. "It was not our intention for you to be injured. Please punish me instead of those idjit kids."

"Tch...Fine!" Smooglie shouted as he began to ferociously kick the giant man prostrating on the ground. He did not wince nor whine, nor did he do anything to prevent the kicks from landing.

"Hey!" The tracksuited pompadour shouted from the crowd, "You can't do that to our boss!!" The civilians echoed the sentiment as the crowd rushed in angrily with their weapons bared like fangs.

"STOP IT!" Okuma shouted from his bowed position. "Do nothing on my behalf."

"Fufufufufufu! That's right, eh?! Sit back and watch as kick this big pansy's arse! Fufufufufu!"

"Smooglie!" Gulliver shouted, "That is enough."

"Tch..! Whatever, not like they'll get the money anyway,eh? fufufufufu."

"They have their notice, let us be on our way."


"Hina..." Okuma responded as he raised his bloodied head.

"Oh father....!" Tears flowed down her face as she hugged her father, though her fists still gripped in anger from the site she bore witness to.

WC: 3,016/13,500
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