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N.T. Rall's (Neutral) Tavern Empty N.T. Rall's (Neutral) Tavern

This post has in-line assessment comments.Sun Oct 23, 2016 1:29 am
Could we get maybe like a neutral tavern or some kind of setting where players can interact IC. But like a sort of AU thing or something. Like a place where characters that wouldn't normally interact could, but it has no impact on the actual story world. That way since there are relatively few players about, they could do some interacting and role-playing IC within like a no-combat zone.

Or is that what that Tavern tab is for? though it seems more OOC.
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N.T. Rall's (Neutral) Tavern Empty Re: N.T. Rall's (Neutral) Tavern

This post has in-line assessment comments.Sun Oct 23, 2016 3:23 pm
The way I saw it is that if your characters were going to meet in an AU type of setting outside of your actual plots, then it's basically OOC anyway, on the basis that it doesn't actually count as canon for your character's story. In which case, there is no reason why that can't be done in the Tavern section.

But, if you still feel a need for a separate section, I can add a sub-forum within the Tavern tab if you like?

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N.T. Rall's (Neutral) Tavern Empty Re: N.T. Rall's (Neutral) Tavern

This post has in-line assessment comments.Mon Oct 24, 2016 12:31 am
I guess we'd need to see if there's any other interest first.
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