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01. General Rules Rsz_co12
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01. General Rules Empty 01. General Rules

Sun Jun 26, 2016 9:36 pm

Welcome to Revival Dawn

Welcome to Revival Dawn. Revival Dawn is a One Piece RP set in an alternate universe of the canon One Piece manga and anime. We hope that you will enjoy your stay, and perhaps become a lasting member of the family.
To get you started on this path, here are a few guidelines that we would very much appreciate you following.

Rules and Guidelines

#01. Respect Your Peers:
Needless to say, you must show your fellow RPers the appropriate respect when interacting with them. This is a mature site, therefore foul language is permitted. But, abusing that privilege will likely get you in trouble. That being said, please also be aware that respect beyond a certain degree is earned, not demanded. Know each others' boundaries and do your best to accommodate and tolerate.
#02. Keep Drama Away:
Truth be told, drama is rarely avoidable, but it is only welcome within RP sessions. If you have a history of reveling in conflicts of your own making, you will have a hard time lasting on Revival Dawn.
#03. Language, Grammar, and Wordsmithing:
While it is not required that English be your first language (hell, technically, it isn't my first language either), this is very much an English role-playing forum. Grammatical correctness and a degree of command over the English language is expected. This is to build an educated role-playing atmosphere and to keep misunderstandings during role-playing sessions to a minimum. Not to mention it's more fun reading something that is well-written and not littered with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

Also, be warned - some perks (e.g. Haoshoku Haki, Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit, Logia Devil Fruit) and Important World Positions (e.g. Yonkou, Shichibukai, Admirals) can be locked behind Quality Score achievements through quests. Quality Scores are subjective to the quest grader, but, they are awarded based on the player's writing and story-telling skills. One of Revival Dawn's main goals is to help improve RPers' writing skills.
#04. Knowledge of One Piece:
This is not a strict requirement, but do keep in mind that advanced concepts and history sets are used from the world of One Piece, and you may have to research them in order to comprehend them if you do not read/watch One Piece.

The One Piece Wiki is your best friend in that regard. (Beware spoilers!)

#05. Don't God-mod/Power-play:
The unbreakable rule of RPs (that is almost always broken). Controlling NPCs to a certain extent is acceptable, so long as the interactions between them are sensible and within the parameters of their abilities and personalities. However, you absolutely should not control characters that belong to other players. That includes declaring hits successful and role-playing the consequences of those hits on another character.

There is a system designed to assist hit detection; follow it. Hypothetical roleplaying is allowed, however, where you can describe what might happen if the hit is successful.
#06. Don't Meta-game:
Meta-gaming is the act of exporting knowledge from you, the player, to your character. Your OOC knowledge should not influence your IC posts. This includes the act of reading thoughts. If you have read another character's internal monologue, this does not mean your character should know what they're thinking.
#07. Be Prepared To Do Mathematics:
Revival Dawn has a dice-based combat system that proves to be challenging to newcomers. The learning curve can be steep and there is a moderate amount of arithmetic involved. While many players have admitted to finding the system flexible and well-designed after sticking with it, we recommend you to glance around the system to see if it is your cup of tea before you commit yourself to us.

The use of the combat system is not optional, so, please be sure the system appeals to you before putting in the effort of creating your character.

#08. Character Limit:
We require you to have only 1 player character per account when roleplaying on Revival Dawn. However, you can create up to 5 accounts.

You may only create a new character once you've completed at least one quest with your existing characters.

Please do not abuse new account creation for better starting bonuses. If caught doing so, you risk account deletion and a permanent ban.
#09. Account Name:
Your account name must be somehow related to your character (first name, last name or both? Or even your epithet/title). Numbers and symbols in the account name are not allowed. We also require you to use spaces in your account name if it consists of multiple words. Please also use capital letters where appropriate.

If you have already created your account name without any thought to your character, you may change it yourself.
#10. Advertising Accounts:
Please do not create an account just to advertise. If you are here to post an advertisement to your website, you can do so in our Propaganda section as a guest user (without logging in).

If the first thing you do after you create an account is advertise, your account will be deleted to keep our user count accurate to actual number of characters. Your advertisement will not be deleted though.

#11. Save Your Content:
Any content you post on the forum can become subject to being archived or possibly deleted should you be inactive for an extended period of time. Forums should not be used as historical references for your creations. Should you wish to preserve a piece of writing permanently for your reference, you must save this on your own on another platform.
#12. We're Not Perfect:
Somewhere along the line, you may find mistakes in the mechanics, or places where things have been left arbitrary. Do your best to accommodate these, and please use the suggestions section to help us better the site. However, be patient. Some things may have been left arbitrary on purpose, as there may not really be a perfect solution for it.

Please also accept that there may be rule changes applied at any given time. While we do our best to keep players informed of these changes, sometimes the changes might be abrupt.

That is all for the basic guidelines. You may now proceed to the Character Creation Guide to get your very first character started on his/her adventure.
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