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Marie Arquette
Marie Arquette
Name : Marie Arquette
Epithet : Red Draw
Age : 19
Height : 5'8"
Weight : 126 lbs
Species : Human
Faction : Pirate
Balance : [ber] 5,050,000
Posts : 15

[Episode] Sky White Empty [Episode] Sky White

This post has in-line assessment comments.Fri Jun 16, 2023 11:54 pm
Marie Arquette wrote:
Name: Sky White
Category: Episode
Player Participants: Marie Arquette (+0), Ramunn Naun (+0)
Planned Location(s): North Blue, Flevance
Planned Time Range: April 25-29, 1829

Summary: Amber Lead is a useful material depending on who you ask. The two are asked for a big day; the ducks are all set in a row. The location of the place, the security detail, the only duck not set is getting individuals capable of taking down the security detail, which is where both Marie and Ramunn come in. The goal is to attack hard and fast; take down any security guards, communicate via den-den that the detail is down, a crew steals as much Amber Lead as they can and it gets sold off to the right bidder, profit for everyone. Nice and simple, right? We'll see.

Those who kept their ears close to the ground often heard of jobs that ran through. It's mostly low-level jobs and crooks trying to get on their feet, simple roadway robberies, supply invasions, all sorts of jobs that helped get one started, but for those already in the "business" so to speak, they wanted something a bit more serious, a bit more... prestigious? Or perhaps a bigger payday.

After everything that happened on Lvneel, Marie wanted to find a change of scenery. After getting her vaccination at the entrance of the port, she hoped to find less trouble here. Instead, there's a criminal presence here. Perhaps not as prominent as the last island she was on, but still something to consider. At the very least, they weren't drunk pirates trying to kill her, so that's a significant step up as it is.

Word got around of a big job. Or at least, a job that's better than the run-of-the-mill crook job. Good payday, high risks, and something that Marie could use. She hasn't forgotten her trail for her true goal, finding the corrupt marine... but she kept hitting walls with that objective of hers. The evidence is always circumstantial or never right, so she decided to pursue other things in the meantime, like this job.

Her heels pressed against the polished cobblestone of the ground, a location to a club by the name of "Obsidian", the front and building itself occupied as a normal front, but the basement is more for the "questionable" types, as one would gently put it. From the backdoor, it felt like the basement itself swung open before her, the club's interior unfolded a world of temptation. The pulse of music through the air, intertwining with laughter and conversation that rose and fell. Cigarette smoke hung in the air, adding an elusive mystique to the dimly lit space. The revelers, lost in their own worlds.

Her eyes were however focused on one gentleman in the corner. A top hat, moustache, and a black suit with white stripes. All business like. How boring. She sat herself alongside him at the booth, her eyes giving one look throughout the establishment before her words came out; "Anyone else?" and he simply nodded, which meant that she wasn't working alone for this job.

WC: 383
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