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Island Description: Kuraigana Island Rsz_co12
Name : The Administrator
Epithet : The Admin
Age : 9999
Species : Artificial Intelligence
Faction : Administration
Crew : Administrators
Ship : The Administering
Crew Role : Administrator
Devil Fruit : Admin Admin no Mi
Haki Level : 9
Hitpoints (HP) : 9999
Attack (ATK) : 9999
Defense (DEF) : 9999
Reflex (RX) : 9999
Willpower (WP) : 9999
Level : 9999
Experience Points : 999999
Bounty :
Income Multiplier :
Shop Discount :
Berries Berries :
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Island Description: Kuraigana Island Empty Island Description: Kuraigana Island

Tue Nov 29, 2016 1:30 pm


Island Description: Kuraigana Island Kuraig10

Owner: None
Status: Uncontested
Economy: 0

Description: This island has been home to many civilizations over time, however, some unknown cause has led to each one of those civilizations ending in ruin, whether it be through civil war, hunger, or through the machinations of powerful political figures. For many centuries, humans have kept their distance from the island, allowing it to be ruled by a race of baboon-like apes that inhabit the island and survive by mimicking humans that their ancestors used to observe so many years ago.

The island seems to remain cursed by extremely cloudy weather, causing it to appear dark even during midday. The island has many giant vine-like land features that protrude from within the ground, sheltering much of the landscape with their shadows.


Officers: V
Infantry: V
Navy: -
Leader Training: III
Officer Training: III
Naval Training: -

Trade Routes: -
Taxes: -
Markets: -

Tariff Collection: V
Medical Services: II
Secret Passages: V
Weaponry Production: III
Shipyard Services: -

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