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The Admin
Name : The Administrator
Epithet : The Admin
Age : 9999
Species : Artificial Intelligence
Faction : Administration
Crew : Administrators
Ship : The Administering
Crew Role : Administrator
Devil Fruit : Admin-Admin Fruit
Haki Level : 99
Hitpoints (HP) : 9999
Attack (ATK) : 9999
Defense (DEF) : 9999
Reflex (RX) : 9999
Willpower (WP) : 9999
Level : 9999
Prestige : 9999
Experience Points : 999999
Bounty :
Income Bonus :
Shop Discount :
Berries Berries :
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Island Description: Zou Empty Island Description: Zou

Wed Nov 30, 2016 6:05 pm


Island Description: Zou Zou10

Owner: Mokomo Dukedom / Firebear’d
Status: Untouchable
Economy: 17

Description: Zou is an island located on the back of a massive, millennium-old elephant named Zunisha that roams the New World. It is known as a "Phantom Island" due to Log Poses being unable to point to it. It is home to the Mink Tribe, a race of creatures that walk and talk like humans, but are otherwise virtually animals of varying species. The Mink are an extremely friendly people, but also very territorial. And being blessed with an unconquerable geography and naturally superior combat skills, they have defended their home from countless powerful foes. The Kurau City lies at the heart of Zou, with infrastructure that rivals any surface cities. The city lies in the shadow of the Whale Forest, which is home to a massive whale-shaped tree that is a place of pilgrimage for many adventures.

Important Locations: Kurau City, Whale Forest, Rightrump Forest, Rightflank Forest, Rightflank Fortress


Officers: V
Infantry: V
Navy: -
Leader Training: V
Officer Training: IV
Naval Training: -

Trade Routes: I
Taxes: III
Markets: V

Tariff Collection: IV
Medical Services: II
Secret Passages: III
Weaponry Production: IV
Shipyard Services: -

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