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Haythen Avery(WIP) Empty Haythen Avery(WIP)

This post has in-line assessment comments.Thu Dec 15, 2016 5:06 pm

Haythen Avery .

Haythen Avery(WIP) Your character's image goes here if you have one. Otherwise, delete this line

Basic Character Information

Starting Bonus: Super Rookie. | [url=Link to your starting bonus roll goes here][Starting Bonus Roll][/url]

First Name: Haythen
Middle Name/Initial:
Last Name: Avery
Epithet: Muscular, relaxed,
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Faction: Pirate/Bounty hunter
Affiliation: N/A
Position: N/A

Due to his past in the revolutionary army, Haythen has achieved a vast knowledge of sword combat and marksmanship.
His main focus has been to perfect his skills with his chainsword which, due to it's ability to hit targets from long distances, also requires certain marksmanship skills.

Haythen is also a capable cook. In the revolutionary army, they weren't always provided with the best provisions, but due to his love for food, Haythen taught himself to make great meals, even only provided with the simpliest of ingridients. Because of the circumstances he was under, when he taught himself to cook however, he doesn't have his knowledge from recipies, but rather from a sixth sense that he's developed during the years.

Physical Appearance

Height: 6'2 feet (190 cm)
Weight: 92 kg.

Hair Style: Short in the sides and back (3mm), longer on the top tied together in a small ponytail.  
Hair Color: Dark gray/black
Eye Color: hazel/orange
Scars: Huge scar on left part of the chest, and another one on the left part of the back similar to the first one.
Clothing and Accessories: Haythen wears a classical white pirate shirt with the sleeves rolled up till his elbows. On top of that he wears a black leather vest. He has a brown leather belt, decorated with small round metal plates, and underneath the belt is a there a red piece of cloth around his stomach, wheras one of it's ends hangs freely from the top of the belt.

Description: Athletic build/muscular,

The Past

Main Traits:
Likes: food, travelling alone or with only a few persons, beer,
Dislikes: crowded places, the world government, injustice,
Hometown: Can't remember, but somewhere in west blue.
Personality: Describe your personality in both combat and non-combat situations in detail. This doesn't necessarily mean your character must always act within the parameters of this personality, but it should provide a good background on how your character acts in various situations.

Haythens history starts out in west blue on the island named Colossus. The reason behind the givin name is because of the islands 500m natural vertical mountain walls that makes the island almost impossible to enter the island, except for a small passage leading to the islands only port. The island which originally was made from a shield volcano, has gained it's natural walls from centutries of erosion, making it an exceptional stronghold.
The kingdom inhabiting the island is generally against the world government, which is why they've welcomed the revolutionary army to build a secret base in the core of the island. It was generally known by all the citizens of Colossus that the island housed the revolutionary army, and everyone agreed keeping it a secret. At first everyone kept their distances and decided not to get each other involved. But it was bound to be, that the relations grew closer and closer between the kingdom and the army. People started working together, befriending each other and starting families together. Haythen was born out of such a family, his mother being a soldier of the revolutionary army, and his father serving as one of the royal doctors, who often aided the revolutionary army.
But alas, you can't make everyone in a country keep a secret.
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