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Castor O. Nox
Nox Pirates Companions  G7UGK6I

Name : Castor O. Nox
Epithet : Sanpaku
Age : 24
Height : 5'7
Weight : 160lbs
Species : Three-Eye Tribesman
Faction : Pirate
World Position : Super Veteran
Crew : Nox Pirates
Ship : The Wailing Calamity
Crew Position : Captain | Navigator | Book Collector
Devil Fruit : Goro Goro no Mi
Haki Level : 9
Hitpoints (HP) : 380
Attack (ATK) : 450
Defense (DEF) : 450
Reflex (RX) : 525
Willpower (WP) : 500
Level : 77
Experience Points : 7748
Bounty : 480,000,000
Income Multiplier : +10%
Shop Discount : 20%
Berries Berries : 28,279,688‬
Posts : 432
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Nox Pirates Companions  Empty Nox Pirates Companions

on Sat Dec 24, 2016 1:04 pm

Nox Pirates Companions

Victor Von Newport - Bloody Port:

Nox Pirates Companions  Large10
Name: Victor Von Newport / Bloody Port
Position: Helmsman
Is a Healer?: No.

Appearance: Newport stands at 6'8 and weighs comfortably over 245lbs with a muscular build. He's often seen wearing a black Barrett, and nursing either a pipe or cigarette in his mouth. His casual outfitting is a dress shirt pulled out of the pants, a tie and casual long dress pants. At times, he'll wear a Sea Captain's Overcoat, which is a marine jacket that he stole, dyed black and decorated with several patches.
Background: Victor at the age of 56 years old, is a veteran pirate who retired to the North Blue to escape his fame as a New World Pirate. From an era filled with monsters, he's known as Bloody Port from an incident in the New World where he set a whole port of ships in Dressrosa on fire to escape marine pursuit.Victor has an extremely rough exterior but at his core, he hates attention and would much more spend his days boozing and whoring away his life. He's acts as a mentor to Castor, more than anything else, adding his wealth of experience on the seas and in the North Blue to Castor's ever growing resource pool. Aside from being an arsonist and enjoying the smell of burning objects, he's a pretty nonchalant character, happy-go-lucky even.

Level: 50
HP: 160
ATK: 330
DEF: 300
RX: 300
WP: 250

Miss Couturier - Crude Fashionista:

Nox Pirates Companions  Minecr10
Name:Miss Jazzy Couturier
Position: Sniper
Is a Healer?: Yes.

Appearance: Jazzy stands at around 6'7 in heels, and about 6'5 without them. She carries the figure and posture of a supermodel, and is the ideal charmer for any man with eyes. Constantly wearing sunglasses to hide the bags under eyes from overworking on her designs, she's often seen wearing graphic printed white T-shirts and long skinny fitting jeans. However, she's also one to change it up and wear atypical feminine clothing despite her tomboy ways. With her long flowing snow white hair and crimson color irises, the woman's puffy lips complete her gorgeous good looks. She's often seen wearing a mushroom cap, with lazily drawn cartoonish eyes and lips.

Background: Jazzy, as her friends and admirers affectionately call her, is a fire cracker who has taken the ever growing Fashion World in the North by storm. However, the money that started her legitimate outfitter housing on Flevance is covered in a bloody history. An army brat, Jasmine was forced to travel around with her father alot. She'd often without his permission and often times, without him even knowing, listen in on his conversations with his Marine Superiors.

Jazzy wrote:
'Evil has no face.'

It's a philosophy that developed from seeing first hand the politics that went down in the Marine System. At 16, Jazzy came home to find a bullet in her Father's Head, and several masked men surrounding his corpse. Terrified at the sight, the teenager at the time dropped to her knees, unable to even properly cry and mourn her father's death.

Taken in as an orphan, Jazzy was placed into a program ran by the Cipher Pol called 'The Agents of Tomorrow' geared into creating child soldiers or more so assassins. Emotionless from her affectionate father's murder, Jazzy took immense comfort, in a psychologically twisted way, in shooting her targets, and showed great natural aptitude as a sniper. Her calm nerves, keen eye and mind for setting up proper angles made her stand out from the pack.

Jazzy worked under the Cipher Pol until 22, where she'd amassed a fortune from private and state ordered assassinations. Cutting all ties with the agency, she'd begin a literal fashion revolution, changing the style and trendiness of dress in a town she'd always been fond of as a child in Flevance. Over the next three years, Jazzy would work to erase her dark beginnings, and start her life anew, that was until she met Castor.

Level: 20
HP: 175
ATK: 100
DEF: 130
RX: 200
WP: 150

B - Beatrix - The Petulant Child:

Nox Pirates Companions  Childm11
Name: B / Beatrix (Envy Sin)
Position: Cabin Girl?
Is a Healer?: No.

Appearance: Clocking in around 4'5, Beatrix is a shorty preteen with a punk rocker attire and edgy goth style in dress. Around her neck she wears a chain which bears the numbers '666', which stand for the month, day and time she was born. It's the only heirloom she has from her former family, aside from the toy bear she carries around.
Found as an orphan on Flevance by Dax, not much is known about her past. Though it has shaped her into the unstable preteen that she is. B has a tendency to overreact to situations and prone to sudden violent mood swings, almost always resulting in her stabbing someone, or something. Yandere the best terminology that can be used to describe B once she falls in love or builds a bond with anyone, this is especially the case for Dax. It's a weird father daughter bond but in B's sick mind, Dax is also someone she must protect as a lover.

She is extremely jealous of older, well developed women, this coupled with her tendency to stab led her to becoming one of the most famous serial killers in Flevances history only at the twelve years old. Beatrix unlike Dax despises his hoarding tendencies but enjoys a good blood sport in the form of gambling peoples lives every now and again.

She carries around a small brown teddy bear which she refers to as 'Schnukums'. Inside the bear, several kunai and shuriken are concealed with the toy animals stomach. At times, she squeezes the toy tightly, to be feel the edges of the blades pressing against her skin, which triggers the internal device which either says 'Let's Play or I Love You'

Level: 20
HP: 150
ATK: 130
DEF: 100
RX: 250
WP: 100

Grace Nightingale - Temptress:

Nox Pirates Companions  Inga_210
Name: Grace Nightingale
Position: Nurse / Medical Aid / Doctor
Is a Healer?: Yes.

Appearance: Grace is quite tall and fairly slim, with large breasts. She has light skin, purple eyes and long purple hair. Nightingale also appears to have a black spot on her right eye. She's always seen wearing a white fluffy scarf behind her back, again with the mittens attached to it. She also wears a small black top and one red sleeve, exposing her cleavage and a large part of her stomach. She wears red and black pants, but with only one red "sleeve". Nightingale is 6'5 and her actual age is unknown, her appearance however is late twenties.  

Background: Grace spent most of her childhood as a wet nurse for the women in a local brothel on a small East Blue Island. When she came of age to 'work', she became a prostitute herself. Promiscuous, flirtatious and witty, the young teenager became a crowd favorite, with her assets and womanly charm becoming her true selling point.

After saving enough berries, Grace ran away from the brothel, taking to the seas in search of a more reputable profession. Her love for men never ceased, often times, it was her meal ticket in many countries across the East but her life changed when she met a young Noble and Doctor by the name of Conner Hummingbird.

Hummingbird fell in love with the woman instantly, and so did Grace. Day after day, the couple spent copious summers together in the East Blue Island - Dawn. However, this time was short lived, and after three years, Hummingbird had to return to his hometown of Flevance. Never knowing a love like this before, Grace followed her lover, taking up the medical profession from watching Hummingbird care for his patients.

However, the man's return to the North Blue wasn't a warm welcoming. Hummingbird was apart of the group of scientists who created the Amber Lead Disease. He'd fled Flevance to repent for his crimes, travelling as a free healer. Hummingbird thought that saving random lives would be enough penance for his sins. After meeting Grace, the guilt of living happy was too much for him, so he returned to the North Blue to face his fate.

Hummingbird was executed at age 45, and Grace, age 23, became a widow. The years passed by in a haze, spending copious nights filling her sorrows with random men. The light in her eyes had died and honestly, she'd wish to die. She hated Flevance for killing her lover and she hated herself for reverting back to a mere prostitute but had neither the will nor power to change. Around age 25, she began developing and selling drugs to the ladies of the night that would tire out their clients, giving them a certain dysfunction.

It'd be years later that Castor arrived on Lvneel and her journey with the Nox Pirates was just about to begin. The Captain's shrewd nature lit a fire within the woman's soul. What was to become of her new alliance, only time would tell.

Level: 10
HP: 150
ATK: 50
DEF: 50
RX: 180
WP: 100

Duke - Red Devil:

Bounty Poster :

Nox Pirates Companions  51paq110
Actual Appearance :

Nox Pirates Companions  Batou10

Name: Duke
Position: Mechanical Engineer | Scientist
Is a Healer?: No.

Appearance: Duke is actually 6'7, with blonde hair and grey-scale colored irises but not many people know his true appearance. His body acting as the machine's core, the man operates a Cola Driven Body Suit which he refers to as Akuma. With several parts of his own body mechanized, the scientist operates the gigantic suit which makes him stand at 10 ft' flat. AKUMA - was modeled after Duke's love for traditional samurai suits of Armour and spray printed in a bright crimson red due to that being his favorite color.

The armor has a scrap metal face as his mask, with a pipe coming from it's mouth through which the gas from the heated Cola is regulated. The only time Duke is known to remove his suit is in the shower or when he's eating, which is rare, as he's modified his body to only need these practices twice a month.

Background: Duke Titania Stockholm Philip was born to a noble family in the Briss Kingdom. However, Duke dislike the idea of money and genetics being their only claim to superiority, stealing a portion of his family's wealth, he fled Briss and started his life as a runaway criminal. Duke was also heavily discriminated against by the Philip family members about his awkward white irises, which was genetically against their families long line of green or blue eyes. On the run, he'd study the basics of science, by the age of ten, he'd manage to create a prototype steam engine from scraps from junk yards. It was around this time that he'd developed AKUMA Model 1 - the first prototype of the armor he'd wear to avoid Bounty Hunters and Marine pursuers alike.

At age fifteen, Duke had build a completely functional underground base in the sewers of Water 7. Using what was left of the stolen wealth to fully convert his body, and the lab into a technological stronghold of Over Technology. Perfecting AKUMA, Duke fled Water 7 after a few run ins with the law, and decided to rebuild once again on the Island of Spider Miles. This move would be almost twenty years later, during this time, he'd build his reputation in the Underworld as an arms dealer, using the alias Akuma or Red Devil.

These days, Duke spends his days conducting experiments to develop new technology for the Revolutionary Army, of course, they aren't aware of his inhumane experiments or his Noble origins. Even now, Duke has yet to reveal his past to anyone, not even Castor.

Level: 10
HP: 150
ATK: 100
DEF: 80
RX: 100
WP: 100

Angus - El Toro:

Nox Pirates Companions  Eltoro12
Name: Angus
Position: Shipwright
Is a Healer?: No.

Appearance: Standing at a little under 13ft' and over 400lbs, Angus is a blue scaled and skinned, Bull Shark Fishman whose in excellent physical shape. He wears a gigantic gold nose ring, and carries a full mouth of shark teeth ready to chomp his victims with. Across his body, El Toro carries several tattoos, each one carrying a story from his time as a slave. Others represent liberation, as his dream to build the World's Strongest Warship with his bears hands lead him down a path of physical devotion.
A former slave that was forced to fight in the pits by Flevance Nobles. Angus was a former shipwright apprentice growing up and spent much of his early life building ships. He has a flamboyant personality and likes to show off his muscles. He's braggadocious, cocky, and proud when it comes to his race, size and Luchador skills.

Speaking of being a Luchador, he's a skilled wrestler who picked up the art from travelling to an island in the South Blue called Karate Island. Though his style isn't as Lucha as his masters own, his mat skills and tosses are top notch. He's also a cannibal who feasts on the bodies of those who insult him or his people, though it's more to make a statement than a nutritional preference. Aside from his eating habits, once he's befriended, he's an ally that would sacrifice his very life for his friends in place of himself.

He's currently, much like Beatrice, imprisoned in Flevance jail. His crimes are homicide, destruction of public property, ship theft and cannibalism to name a few.

Level: 10
HP: 140
ATK: 150
DEF: 50
RX: 100
WP: 80

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