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Bonbon X Companions Coolte12

Name : Alice Baltroy Ronx
Epithet : Flying Dart
Age : 22
Height : 170 cm
Species : Human
Faction : New Revolutionary Army
World Position : Commander
Crew : Bonbon X
Ship : Wonderland Hatch
Crew Role : Captain
Haki Level : 5
Hitpoints (HP) : 265
Attack (ATK) : 290
Defense (DEF) : 300
Reflex (RX) : 355
Willpower (WP) : 330
Level : 72
Experience Points : 7225
Bounty : 300,000,000
Income Multiplier : +10%
Berries Berries : 594,800,000
Posts : 235
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Bonbon X Companions Empty Bonbon X Companions

Sun Jan 01, 2017 10:27 pm

Bonbon X Companions

"Dancing Fairy":

Bonbon X Companions RocPg0R

The fishman prince who is prepared to die for his dream
"I'll bet you wouldn't know true fashion if it turned around and slapped you with that ugly thing you call a parasol!"

NPC Name: Fairy Axlow Becker
Name known to others: Axlow Becker
NPC Age: 25
NPC Race: Betta Fishman
NPC position: Navigator | Swordsman

NPC appearance: Becker's most defining feature is perhaps his blue skin, but that is very debatable. Despite his appearance clearly pertaining to the fishman species, Becker is very much on the extravagant side when it comes to fashion choices. To start with something that is beyond his control, his jade coloured hair is an explosion of curls, the strands thick and coarse from prolonged exposure to the salty seas with longer strands making a natural transition to blue as they grow longer. His longer strands are much more delicate than the roughness of his fluffy curls and appear to float around him as he walks.

Similarly, his bluish tinged skin is soft and silky and he draws these qualities from the betta fish, the species that he shares with as a fishman. To add to the more flamboyant side of the fish, Becker is never caught without at least one item of clothing with frills attached and/or bright colours. To put it lightly, when he walks into a room, he expects all eyes on him otherwise his OOTD is a failure. He is not a man shy to eyeshadow and he will go to town with it if he has enough time in the morning.

NPC personality: Despite Becker's questionable (or not) fashion choices, his personality greatly contrasts his flamboyant appearance. Becker is surprisingly stoic, stiff-tongued and an overall serious character.

If one isn't shocked by his appearance alone, once his speech and manners are revealed, there's no hiding confusion. Many expect Becker to be light-hearted, free-spirited, playful, flirtatious, extravagant or flamboyant, but make no mistake because not one of these adjectives even define Becker's character in the slightest. Those who make it past the initial impression, quickly realise that Becker is short-tempered, distrustful, crude-mannered, arrogant, stern, iron-willed and overall unmovable. Nothing fazes him. You could literally stab him in the back and he'd merely glare at you with those (*cough*beautiful*cough cough cough*) azure eyes.

Becker is a perfectionist and many of his habits and even fighting style allude to his precise and clean nature. He has a strong distaste for blood and dirt, and as a result, always carries a handkerchief around with him. Does he ever offer it to ladies? Never! (deja vu anyone?) However, one has to remember that combat is in Becker's blood.

He was born to fight, is fated to die fighting and if you happen to be wearing a more flamboyant outfit than he is, then you better watch out because he will fight you. As such, the best advice anyone can offer to his future enemies is to tone down the colour and sparkles because that's Becker's thing and he doesn't like to see anyone else using it.

He will have no mercy even if you belong to the female gender. More often than not, if an individual is dull or boring, he/she will go unnoticed. This is assuming, however, that this individual has not caused harm to one of his friends because the last thing to remember is that Becker is very, very loyal.
One sentence summary: Basically the only man who can wear sequins with a pokerface.

NPC background: Becker was born under the current ruler of Fishman Island. As the sixth prince and the second youngest of thirteen siblings, he was often allowed a great deal of freedom in his actions and he invested most of his time in his personal interests, particularly in fashion.

At this point, Becker had yet to develop his extravagant tastes upon himself and instead, spent a great deal of time designing and creating clothes for his sister, Keia, the seventh princess and the youngest child of the Fairy family. As the youngest children, Becker and Keia spent almost all their time together, developing a strong bond as both siblings and best friends.

Becker shared his birth with his twin brother, Eraylus Tarpon Von Fairy. However, his brother displayed impeccable talent at an early age and a distance soon developed when he began his rigorous training. Expectations in Becker simultaneously rose, but attention was primarily focused upon his only full-blood brother. As such, Becker often spent his time with Kaia after his own training sessions and though he was adept in fencing, it bored him and he often tried to add a "flair" into his swordplay.

His behaviour in classes displeased his tutors and he was ultimately deemed a misfit, especially by the comparison of his brother (jokes on them, cause his epithet "Dancing Fairy" is proof enough that he succeeded in combining skilful swordplay with the art of disco). Keia encouraged his primary talent as a seamster. Motivated by her delight in wearing his clothes, Becker would design countless clothes for her each day. Each piece of clothing would be unique, colourful, eye-catching and above all, flamboyant.

Their actions often went unnoticed, paled by the ambition of eleven brothers and sisters. They frequently ventured out of the castle, exploring the streets and shops. Despite Kaia's flashy dress, they never found problems passing as ordinary citizens and experienced the full delights of Fishman Island without the burdens of their royal names. However, as the remnants of their childhood faded, their duties as the ruling family of Fishman Island soon imposed.

Despite the fact that their family hardly took interest in the two of them, it was before long that an opportunity for their use arose or more specifically, a use for Keia. The Marines wished to ally themselves to the Fairy family, creating a contract between the fishmen and the Government.

The official plan was for Keia, the only one who had yet to have a defining role within the family, to be sent to the marines and act as a liaison, thus securing the contract and simultaneously gracing her with an important role. The unofficial plan, known only to the marines, was for Keia to be married to a marine officer and act as a puppet and symbol for the Government. Fatefully, and perhaps haplessly, Keia stumbled upon the discussion of this "unofficial plan" between marine officers.

Before the family, she begged to not be sent away from Fishman Island, but due to the lack of understanding, her parents ignored her allegations. Only Becker believed her and with a promise to protect her, they escaped from Ryugu Castle. Word quickly spread that the Fishman princess had fled, causing the populace to believe there to be tension between Fishman Island and the Marines.

Rumours sparked and the papers soon predicted a war was to come between the Royal Fishman family and the Marines. Horrified by the result of their thoughtless actions, Becker and Keia returned. They were met with fury from both sides, but the Marines were willing to overlook their "mischief" and Keia was taken away. Becker never saw his sister again and it wasn't until two months later, did he hear from her.

She had committed suicide.

He was left with a two-paged letter that he keeps with him at all times, even to this day. Grieved by his sister's death, he set out of Fishman Island and no one stopped him. His first thought was to get revenge on the Marines, but he was aware of his own powerlessness and soon resolved to seek out the place Keia had died.

His plan was to settle his final moments where she had. Almost as though he were soulless, Becker charged into a nearby marine base and needless to say, he was quickly overpowered. It so happened that at the same marine base, a certain young revolutionary had also been captured. Rumours say that he had unwittingly tried to bargain with a marine lieutenant for his fossil-like belt buckle and had been caught completely off guard when the lieutenant arrested him.

To be fair, the lieutenant wasn't wearing his uniform and even as the man was being led off to jail, the man insisted that he had no idea at the time that the he was a marine. Thrown into the same jail as that same man, Becker was forced to endure an eon of meaningless chatter from his energetic cellmate. Added by his own inner torments from the death of his beloved sister, it wasn't long before Becker's patience wore thin and he grabbed the man by his throat. Strangely enough, the man wasn't fazed by Becker's outburst, almost as though he were calling him out on his bluff through his eyes, and just before the man lost consciousness, Becker backed off.

Brought to the realisation that he couldn't finish off the kill, Becker fell into despair. If he couldn't kill a simple man, then how could he kill a marine? Unknown to him, the man he had almost killed was a rising star in the New Revolutionary Army, soon to become a commander. As the two men spent another good hour in the cell (the marines are out getting their brains smashed by alcohol), Becker found himself opening up to the man.

To his surprise, the man offered him an opportunity: to fight against the injustice and corruption plaguing the Marines and seek revenge. Yet to understand the full extent of the man's identity and influence, Becker found himself agreeing despite himself and was shocked into speechlessness as the man materialised two darts as if out of nowhere. With confidence, the man strode over to the lock and began picking it.

As Becker watched in disbelief, he began speculating who this man could be, only to conclude that he was a fool ten minutes later when he was still working diligently on that confounded lock. For the next hour (marines luckily not too eager about their jobs), Becker fell in and out of sleep until he was startled by the triumphant cheer of the man.

"Come, it's time to go!" the man said with a wide grin across his face, his hand held out to Becker.

Dumbstruck, Becker felt his body move on his own as he followed the man out of the cell. He didn't know where the man would take him, but he followed him nonetheless and the man was actually skipping as he led him to the Revolutionary Army's headquarters where "Yedi" would give him a full lecture on why he "can't take just any old clod off the streets and bring him into the Revolutionary base".
One sentence epilogue: The Marines were fired because two men, one of which was a wanted revolutionary, apparently walked out of a marine base without anyone stopping them.

NPC Stats
NPC level: 20
Attack: 180
Defense: 120
Reflex: 180
Willpower: 100
Total: 580

"Little Titan":

Bonbon X Companions Makise.kurisu.600.555518

The little lady who's passion is as vast as the seas she sails
"You wish to defy me? Then you better be prepared for the ass-kicking of your life!"

NPC Name: Oliver Lee Rhode
NPC Age: 15
NPC Race: Titanean
NPC position: Sniper
Is a Healer: Yes

NPC appearance: Born on a sky island, Oliver bears the trademark set of wings all its residence share. Her feathers are more flexible than the average islander and as such, she is able to keep them hidden under her oversized jacket. She has long chestnut coloured hair stopping just short of her waist and almond-shaped violet eyes.

Still in her early youth, Oliver has yet to be blessed with a much needed growth spurt, measuring at 147cm. She remains hopeful as towering height runs in her family, but she does feel awkward at family reunions where she is often drowned under the sea of "tall-ies" and poked by their equally large wings. In comparison to her family, calling Oliver a "midget" is an understatement and she doesn't really appreciate it either.

Clothing-wise, Oliver is very consistent, unlike our fishman friend. She wears faded brown stockings under black shorts that just barely cover her behind. This is generally paired with a slovenly worn formal shirt with the top buttons undone. She always wears the same red tie, a present from someone very dear to her. Sometimes, more often than not, she opts to adventure barefooted with only her stockings covering her soles.

Her next piece is the aforementioned jacket she received from her foster parent because she "might be bullied for having such pretty little ("Aunty, they AREN'T LITTLE!!!") wings." Due to the unfortunate fact that the jacket didn't come in Oliver's size, it doesn't quite fit her shoulders and her hands are often engulfed by the sleeves, but at least her wings are comfortably hidden. Finally, she always carries a large black case containing her high-grade sniper rifle.

NPC personality: As long as her height isn't mentioned (don't think she can't hear you even if you whisper), Oliver is a pretty decent individual. If you mishear "ditzy" for "decent", that is. One's first impression of Oliver, is generally nothing too extraordinary. She's confident, has a smart mouth and maybe her ego's too big, but nothing major. The minute you relax ("Finally someone normal in the Bonbon X!"), she'll start acting under her age.

Oliver has a very powerful personality, which might be a nice way of saying she's overwhelming and overbearing. Not a stranger to giving orders and flaunting authority she doesn't have, Oliver tends to get on the wrong side of people straight off the bat. It's not hard to imagine the reactions of most when confronted with a small girl, who isn't much prettier than most ("Not a necessary comment, you bastard!"), who's acting like the boss of the island.

It might be cliche to say all this is a facade, but what might not be so cliche is what she's hiding beneath that authoritative mask. She's a fool. There's no nice way of putting it. She's a complete, utter fool. Her undoing is almost always a result from her own mistake, but the kicker is she never realises she's making a mistake even after the results of said mistake has been reaped.

Not a girl shy to laugh at a messy situation (one she’s created), Oliver finds herself messing things up more than she really should, especially considering her position in the NRA. As an agent of the revolutionary army tasked to supervise units, teams and crews branching from headquarters, Oliver must remain observant and professional for all her jobs.

However, Oliver finds herself tripping over her own steps, inadvertently getting on people's nerves, disrupting the jobs of others, causing surprise attacks to fail, laughing too much, talking too much, asking too many personal questions that border to sexual harassment, making people cry, making a mess of entire living spaces with an ill-thought gesture, accidentally causing fights between allies and basically being a giant annoyance for the majority of her stay with teams.

Oliver is also a very loving person. When she loves something or someone, she loves it hard. She hates to be separated from the things she loves to the point where she can be incredibly destructive. If this gives off the impression that she's yandere, don't be mistaken. Rather than starting to shoot whatever moves, she throws everything down and cries. And screams. And wails. And you'll wish she was yandere so she could end you already.

Her other persona only comes out when someone rudely mentions her height. This can be from a simple comment like: "Wow, you're short" to an actual rude comment like: "O.M.G is it even real? It's so little hahahahahahaha." Before Oliver runs off to cry, she will pull out her sniper rifle, which she has mastered its assembly in record time. With her face red with fury and her eyes shimmering with suppressed tears, she'll lift that heavy barrel up to that unmannerly jerk. However, without her trusty eyepatch, she's a terrible marksman so if the fates favour the jerk, they have a 90% chance of getting off with nothing more than sodden underwear. Even if she has them at point-blank.

Regardless of the result, the conclusion is that Oliver shouldn't have in her possession a super giant gun double her height. She has been the perpetrator for more than a few near-murders, but to be fair, they hurt her first!
One quote summary: "Alright, who's bright idea was it to give this kid a freakin' gun?!" - by a certain revolutionary commander with dreadlocks who had the audacity to call her short.

NPC background: 15 years ago, the sky island that is no more plunged from the skies. This island was called Titanea and was home to colossal sized sky islanders, the average woman measuring to 500cm and the average man measuring to 750cm (understand why Oliver has a problem at 147cm now?). Only a collected few managed to survive the fall and one miraculous birth immediately followed.

Miraculous as it was, the life so impossible was exchanged by the death of the mother and the father had long since disappeared. Thus, with wreckage all around her, the ground cracked, smoke filling the air and her mother breathing her final breathes, Oliver Lee Rhode was born into a life completely desolated and without hope. The few residents who had survived failed to notice her, especially given that Oliver was one of the few babies who did not cry upon entering the world.

By the time her surviving relatives had found Oliver, she was on the brink of death and despite a hasty and rushed path to recovery, there was always a stark reminder of her time of malnutrition. Even for a human, Oliver is far too short and for a Rhode woman, it's considered an abnormality. Nonetheless, Oliver entered her childhood years with the complete love of her aunt, who had lost her entire family in the Fall.  

Although it had been generations since the Titaneans had been nomadic, with the loss of their home that was the anchor, they spread out on their own in search of a new home. However, every year on the day that marked the Fall, the Titaneans came together and returned to the remnants of their fallen island to mourn their losses and spend time together again.

Few have settled down and this was the case for Oliver and her aunt, Coco. Despite carrying a young and small child, Coco was restless and couldn't stay in one place for an extended period of time. The travelling sky giants were quickly brought to the attention of the world and by default, the World Government. Though the Titaneans had given no cause for trouble, they were still carefully monitored.

The Titaneans wandered the seas, none ever stopping too long as they were desperate to find a new home. Over time as rumours spread, the Titaneans were given the labels of monsters, purely for their abnormal sizes and the fact that they bore wings. Few humans ever witnessed sky islanders in their lifetimes and as they had been unable to familiarise themselves with the Titaneans due to the fact that they rarely stayed long in one place, the Titaneans were soon erroneously branded as non-humans and barbarians.

Added by the fact that they travelled in small numbers, the average group ranging from 1-3 travellers and anything above was a rarity, the Titaneans became easy targets. This was especially the case for Oliver and her Aunt Coco. By the time Oliver was aged 8, every town, village and island the pair passed treated them with fear, inequity and on the occasional case, physical and verbal abuse. It wasn't until they crossed paths with the revolutionary, Aryeh Yedidiyah, did life truly change for them.

Drawn by the rumours of the new horror of the world that was the Titanean nomads, the revolutionary commander came face-to-face with Oliver and Aunt Coco. However, like many Titaneans, Aunt Coco was a pacifist and her blows were weak and empty. Rarely one to throw a punch, Aunt Coco only did so to protect her only remaining blood relative and although her defeat was inevitable as she had never trained for combat in her long life, her conviction and bravery was clear.

Yedidiyah later brought them to the revolutionary army, where they founded an unlikely alliance. Promising protection to the Titaneans as they sought for their new home, the revolutionary army assigned teams to protect travelling Titaneans that required their help and soon, violence against the Titaneans disappeared. Another year passed and an illness abruptly arrested Aunt Coco, forcing her to abandon her nomadic lifestyle. The revolutionary army provided her a home close to the NRA headquarters where Oliver lived a quiet life for the first time since she had been born. However, it could not last.

Restlessness was in her blood and so with her aunt unable to move far from home, Oliver took to finding entertainment outside the walls of their temporary home. This often led her into the NRA headquarters where she often quarrelled with Yedidiyah. She wasn't terribly fond of him, especially since he liked to remind her of her height every chance he got and seemed to find her reactions amusing.

One day while she was engaging in yet another unfair game of chase with Yedidiyah, she encountered the revolutionary leader, Djinn. Unknowing of his identity as the revolution's leader, Djinn allowed her to consult him and mysteriously enough, he seemed ready to invest himself in helping her get revenge on his commander. He bestowed to her a trusty and high calibre gun.

Despite his efforts to teach her to use the gun properly, she never seemed to get an accurate shot unless out of sheer luck and when she got a lucky shot in, it was a deadly shot. Later, her problem was resolved with an eyepatch, but her inability to use the gun properly stumped most with the exception of maybe Djinn.

The next time Oliver met Yedidiyah, he was immediately met with a bullet to the face even before he could even jeer at her. Although it didn't cause any damage with the exception of a very surprised commander and a pounding heart ("Tsk, missed."), it did mark the start of the tradition where he would be the only individual to receive a bullet upon sight. Yedidiyah quickly fell back into the routine of teasing her and running away gleefully, but with her new toy, Oliver at least found an edge in the game.

However, the biggest change after meeting Djinn wasn't her acquisition of her new toy, but the blossoming feeling that followed. Perhaps more accurately defined as an explosion of feelings, Oliver soon found herself pining the revolutionary leader, especially after finding out his true identity.

With no friends to speak of, she often found herself consulting a reluctant Yedidiyah after their game had ended, who was more amused by her predicament than helpful. As he never took her feelings very seriously, these consultations usually ended after Oliver was sick of the amount of teasing she received, sparking the second round of chase. When Oliver turned 12, she met Djinn for the second time and she literally pounced on him.

Since then and much to Yedidiyah's enjoyment, she never let Djinn out of her sight, except for when curfew rolled around because Aunt Coco was scary when she broke it, but she always seemed to find Djinn the next morning. Her talent to track down the mysterious and elusive revolutionary leader might be baffling to some, but most overlook it simply because her clingy love is infinitely more baffling. However, probably what was most baffling of all was Djinn's reaction to her affection. Instead of finding it irritating like most would, he allowed her to follow after him, much like a pet and debatably, she became one of his closest companions.

She was later assigned a position as the revolution's first supervisory agent. She was tasked to different teams to ascertain and monitor their abilities, movements and relationships, ensuring they acted for the revolution's cause. Although she was reluctant to accept the job at first, as this would mean leaving Djinn's side, she later accepted after realising that this would be a much anticipated cause to allow her to begin her own nomadic journey and help find a permanent home for the Titaneans. Nevertheless, she still consistently visits headquarters (specifically Djinn) between jobs.

Furthermore, Oliver realised that without Djinn's trust, she wouldn't have been offered this job and with her new duty, she was able to travel the seas, a dream she had been suppressing for the sake of being with her aunt. With Aunt Coco's encouragement, Djinn's expectations, a new purpose, an oversized jacket from her aunt and a red tie as her parting gift from Djinn, Oliver had the confidence to venture out to the seas and begin her job with searching for Titanea's new home on the side.
One quote summary: "She's a fool, but she's a lovable fool." - a certain revolutionary who has become fond of the midget despite himself.

NPC Stats
NPC level: 20
Attack: 180
Defense: 140
Reflex: 160
Willpower: 100
Total: 580

"Thunder Beast":

Bonbon X Companions RlOUxRd

The proud warrior whose fearlessness, loyalty and honour never waver
"If it is as my master wishes, then it will be as if the sky decrees it or may fire fall from the heavens."

NPC Name: Leonhart Vox Rozene
NPC Age: 48
NPC Race: Mink
NPC position: Helmsman

NPC appearance: Rozene is a member of the mink tribe and shares many physical traits with a lion. He is a large feline mink possessing enormous fangs and claws, which often hinder his mobility to grab small objects but offer him great prowess in combat. He maintains his black mane with pride, but the interest of many in the crew (the only ones who don’t feel threatened by sharp teeth) is his massive fluffy tail.

The rest of his body is covered in dark fur, several shades lighter than the obsidian colour of his mane and tail. Rozene has thin, gold predatory-like eyes that glow even on nights of new moon and though his claws were once the colour of pearls, scuff marks from countless battles over many years have worn the surface. Nevertheless, he regularly maintains them on a scratching post and they have yet to fail him in battle.

NPC personality: Rozene almost fits into the crew with his easily irritable personality and explosive temper. Yet, he maintains a level of questionable refinement as he refuses to engage in any of the regular skirmishes between members of the crew, whether as a contender or mediator. This is largely a blessing, mostly because Rozene tends to vent his anger in the form of physical violence (RIP the many broken tables and chairs).

Rozene dislikes using words and diplomacy, preferring to express his feelings in ten words or less. He wears a perpetual scowl that never fails to lift even in his sleep. Yet despite his demonic, almost villainous exterior, Rozene follows a very strict code, one of the warrior and noble spirit. He never turns his back to a battle and faces his opponents with fairness, regardless of what scum they might come from. At the same time, he will always be the first to defend his allies and will always face towards a battle should they be fleeing behind him.

Rozene is incredibly stubborn and he is next to impossible to budge when he has set his mind on something. He exudes a commanding aura of confidence and can often be mistaken for the leader of the group and has often been questioned as to why he doesn’t take command himself. Yet, he resolutely declares his only worth is that of a servant and throws his entire heart into the role.

NPC background: Rozene is a descendant of a long line of mink warriors called the “Leonhart” and these warriors spend their entire lives devoting themselves to one master. Leonharts are assigned to a master at birth and Rozene was to serve the unborn child of the “Ruler of Night”. However, the child tragically died during childbirth, leaving Rozene with a nameless and deceased master.

This incident was seen to be a poor omen and Rozene was shunned by his family. He was not given a new master, largely because it was untold of for a Leonhart to change masters and those who had lost their masters to death quickly followed. But Rozene was only several months old and rather than kill him, his parents chose to abandon him in the forest where they were sure he would perish. As luck or misfortune would have it, he was adopted by a mother fox who had only recently lost her litter to wolves.

His mother fox nurtured him with all the love she could not give her litter and he never knew of the abandonment he had been born into. He grew up with tender love, until she fell to the same predators her litter had. Rozene was six when he had been forced to fight with tooth and claw for the first time in his life. He had failed to save his mother and it was this same day he learnt of grief for the first time. He had been too young to feel his first abandonment and it was almost as though the wave of emotion that came on this day was to make up for the grief he had been too innocent to understand.

He returned to civilisation, bloody and battered, but the deepest wound was in his heart. With tears and scars still fresh, the minks immediately took him in without realising who he was. It wasn’t until he was clean, did they recognise that the horns adorning his crown marked him as a Leonhart and he was sent back to his family, where he immediately felt unwelcome. Nevertheless, his family allowed him to stay.

It had been his uncle Charlen who had persuaded them against casting Rozene out again and he took the boy under his wing. Charlen was also an outcast for the same reason as Rozene: his master was dead and he was alive. He had explained his last order had been to “live” and he had honoured this order despite the shame this brought onto him. Under Charlen’s care, Rozene learnt to fight, defend and of Leonhart’s mission, something he became captivated by.

He finally understood the hole that was embedded in his heart since the first day he could remember hadn’t been his imagination and realised he needed a master to serve. For the following years, Rozene eagerly trained for his future master and simultaneously searched for him.

He still had yet to realise his master was dead and Charlen kept this knowledge from him, mostly out of compassion but years later when he found the truth, Rozene took it as pity and became enraged by it. It was one of his cousins who had told him, mocking and sneering at what he considered to be a wretched fate. After all, his master was the sister of Rozene’s deceased master.

Furious, Rozene erupted into a rampage and suffered the first loss in his life: when his entire family (with the exception of Charlen) had come together to suppress him. It was also this day Rozene realised he didn’t belong. Held to the ground by his “family”, he quickly came to the decision to leave and his family encouraged him with disdain.

At the age of 18, Rozene left without even a farewell to his uncle. He was still a Leonhart and he set out with the hope to find a new master. He didn’t care if it was unheard of for a Leonhart to serve a second master. He didn’t care; he only cared to prove them wrong.

However, throughout his life, he failed to attach himself to a master, partially because he couldn’t meet anyone with “worth”, but mostly because his own egoism obstructed him. He wanted a master to “prove them wrong” after all, and no one was good enough for that. Throughout all his travels, there was an unmistakable emptiness in his soul.

He was indifferent to everything that crossed his path, every battle he fought was won without heart and though he suffered no losses, he could not feel pride in himself. He had no purpose and as years became decades, he was quickly approaching his lowest point. He spoke little to others and those few he shared his ambitions to laughed. “Find a master?” they asked, almost mockingly. “Have you looked in the mirror? You should be the master of others!” Soon, Rozene spoke to no one at all.

An unimaginable amount of time had passed, almost torturously, before Rozene crossed paths with a certain revolutionary. He had met this revolutionary before the forming of his crew, before he had even begun his climb in the army. The boy was young and still fresh with tears and wounds.

Rozene couldn’t help seeing himself in the boy. He saw himself reflected in the blank void of the boy’s eyes and the invisible tears that still fell from his torn heart. Unable to look at the boy for long, Rozene turned his tail and fled out of unspeakable fear. He never did understand what compelled him to flee, but another decade passed and he saw the boy again.

This time, he was a commander of the NRA and had gathered a few members into a crew called the Bonbon X. He saw something in the carefree spirit, the lighthearted laughter and the childish twinkle in his eyes. Something awoke inside him and Rozene forgot all about his egoism, his mission to “prove them wrong” and he immediately enlisted himself into the crew. It was another unspeakable feeling compelling him, one he would also fail to explain, but he knew in his heart he had finally found his purpose.

NPC Stats
NPC level: 20
Attack: 130
Defense: 200
Reflex: 150
Willpower: 100
Total: 580

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Bonbon X Companions Coolte12

Name : Alice Baltroy Ronx
Epithet : Flying Dart
Age : 22
Height : 170 cm
Species : Human
Faction : New Revolutionary Army
World Position : Commander
Crew : Bonbon X
Ship : Wonderland Hatch
Crew Role : Captain
Haki Level : 5
Hitpoints (HP) : 265
Attack (ATK) : 290
Defense (DEF) : 300
Reflex (RX) : 355
Willpower (WP) : 330
Level : 72
Experience Points : 7225
Bounty : 300,000,000
Income Multiplier : +10%
Berries Berries : 594,800,000
Posts : 235
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Bonbon X Companions

"Death Bringer":

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The monster with a heart transcending the tragedy looming over him
"Please don’t be afraid of me! How about I sing you a song and all I ask for in return is a smile!"

NPC Name: Victor Grace Fable
NPC Age: ???
NPC Race: ???
NPC position: Musician

NPC appearance: Fable is by no means a delicate creature. He's quite the opposite, with his stature rivalling some smaller giants at 10m, broad frame and accentuated muscles. However, what really turns heads and compels others to back away slowly (or play dead), is the horned skull in place of what would normally be where his face would be. Added with the crimson eyes that glow with a otherworldly feel, Fable bears the very embodiment of a creature that rules the hellish underworlds rather than a living, breathing creature of the earthly world.

Preferring to reveal as little of his appearance as possible, Fable always fashions a full suit with a black robe on top of everything that flows down to his feet. Few have witnessed his form underneath the folds and creases of his robe and suit, but peeking from his collar, one can distinguish the disturbing sight of grey skin with a leathery texture.

Kept close to his body at all times, is a long reptilian tail and even under the concealment of his dark robe, Fable remains eternally mindful of it. Fable carries few possessions, but he is never seen without a ominous black coffin he carries by silver chains on his back. This coffin only adds to his image as a harbinger of death, but what is kept inside often surprises onlookers. As a musician with years of practice, Fable keeps a large cello, but the reason why he keeps his instrument inside a coffin is lost. The true reason is simply that the coffin is the only possessions he has kept for as long as he could remember. He had initially thought the coffin had been designed for himself, but as he had long since outgrown it, he assigned it another purpose: a case for his cello.

NPC personality: Contrary to his menacing and demonic appearance, Fable harbours a passive, mellow and compassionate nature. Often misunderstood, Fable is never one to hold grudges upon the races that view him with fear and distrust and only resolves to treat others ten times better than they treat himself. Often compared to death himself, Fable acts as any true gentleman would and sometimes even prides himself in his ability to act so eloquently in the face of cold hatred and prejudice.

In reality, Fable is more emotionally under-developed than he gives himself credit for and this isn't particularly surprising, given his past and the way in which he has dealt with his trauma since waking memory-less all those years ago. In fact, Fable has been known to undergo unexpected outbursts of childish behaviour (mostly sulking alone and giving others the cold shoulder, which in this particular case, is more literal than figurative). This is largely due to his inability to properly regulate his emotions, however this has never once led to anything destructive. If anything, Fable hurts himself more than anything or anyone else.

Fable is very passive by nature and asides from his physique and ominous coffin, which he lugs around despite the fearful glances, he has no reason to deserve his status as an agent of hell and death. In fact, he enjoys helping others above anything else and making people smile, although that is evidently impossible outside members of the Bonbon X.

Speaking of which, Fable is the definitely the most selfless of Bonbon X and despite the frivolity of the crew's members and their complete disregard for others asides from themselves or those close to them, Fable has inexplicable managed to warm the hearts of even the likes of Becker. He remains the crew's most trusted member (though let's be honest, it's not entirely hard to possess that title when your very captain is currently weeping over losing his candy pouch yet again) and even the proud and unforgiving Oliver has been known to seek consolation and solace in the menacing creature. In turn, Fable is empathetic and is often strongly affected by the feelings and emotions of others.

Despite this, Fable's mental state can only be described as underdeveloped or like that of a child's. This remains unknown to even those close to him and perhaps it is due to his inability to recall his past (yet retaining an underlying sense that he experienced deep mental and physical trauma), but he is unable to completely understand the complexity of emotions that compel actions associated to emotions such as revenge, lust, hatred, depression and even love.

Again, his lack of emotional development can largely be attributed to the fact that a giant chunk of his life is a black hole and as such, it almost seems as though a giant chunk of his own identity is a black hole. However, due to Fable's innate and pure nature as a loving and caring individual, he is capable of understanding compassion and is thus capable of empathising with others.
One sentence summary: He's a giant teddybear that needs to be protected from the horrors of this terrible world.

NPC background: Fable first woke on the edge of the winter side of Punk Hazard, memory-less and unfeeling to the cold. His body, an abomination uncovered by the robes and cloak that he now wears, was hard, leathery and seemingly impenetrable by the cold or heat. His only possession, that he could see, was the black coffin beside him with intricate silver details. It was large, but it would have to be a tight fit if it had been made for the intentions of housing Fable's body.

Nevertheless, Fable felt inexplicable attached to it and had the mind to carry it with him even in his state of utter confusion. Inside was a black cloak and he used it to cover his body. His head ringing with pain, Fable was disorientated and as he took in his surroundings, he felt a deep sense of dread emanating from the island he stood on.

Despite his desire for answers, his instinct drove him off the island and he ventured onto the treacherous seas with nothing but the mysterious coffin and the tattered cloak on his back. Unknowing of how long he spent out in the sea, clinging to the coffin that miraculously served as a trustworthy buoy, he faded in and out of consciousness.

His entire body was weak with hunger, pain, disorientation and confusion. When he finally hit the shore of a small island, he was relieved to find access to plants and berries, which he feasted upon to build his strength. Small as the island it was, it had an even smaller population, yet it was here Fable experienced his first episode of alienation.

The natives of the island, upon first sighting him, took up arms to chase him away. Despite his best efforts to communicate (as he found he could speak the same language as everyone else), he was soon forced to leave the island and risk his life once again to face the dangers of the sea.

His next island was a much larger one and he found himself on a private beach with a villa nearby. Hesitant to be chased with weapons again, he avoided the villa, only to find himself closer to a busy village. Sighted again by locals, he fled at the first scream of terror and entered a thick forest that would serve as a shelter for the following weeks. However, the villagers grew disquieted and fearful and it wasn't long before they braved the forest in search and hunt of the monster.

And so Fable's only choice was to flee further into the heart of the forest, where creatures more cunning and bloodthirsty than he was dwelled. Yet even these creatures grew wary of him and chose to avoid him, leaving him in peace with the exception of monster called loneliness.

The day that changed his life came when he chanced a skeleton of a human. In its possession (or the possessions of the human when he was still alive) was a large, thick curtain that Fable could use to better cover himself in comparison to the thin blanket that had been left in his coffin when he had awoken.

The other notable possession was an old cello that was still surprisingly in well enough condition to play. Though it was far too small for Fable to play, the instrument charmed him and he set about the forest to collect materials that he could use to construct a makeshift cello that was more suitable for his sheer size.

The cello he made could hardly be called one, but he loved it nevertheless and played it throughout his waking hours. His music was hardly perfect at the beginning, especially considering his strings were made of thin reeds (which hardly produces a soothing sounds), but despite all odds, he managed to create some reasonable tunes by the end of his stay in the forest.

One could say that his knowledge for music is innate, especially given that he has no memory on musical instruments, yet perhaps somewhere in his life before waking in Punk Hazard, he had been a musician and so his current talent in it can be attributed to that. Nevertheless, it was music that had compelled Fable to finally leave the dark forest. He wanted to a proper cello to play on and he wanted to create music where there were people to hear him.

He carefully covered himself with the curtain he found beside the skeleton and used his previous cloak to wrap around his skulled head and horns. Although he was yet to appear less threatening, he had at least found a way to appear less of a monster. He avoided the village he had first encountered and travelled across the island to another, where luckily for him, pirates were known to stop by and he was able to mingle (at least as best as a fully cloaked giant can) with the other threatening characters.

It was here he managed to obtain his first cello by sheer luck from the dumpster behind a music shop where other unwanted instruments were carelessly thrown away. From then on, Fable played his cello as a street performer and moved from island to island on whatever crew was willing to take on a temporary musician that looked like death itself. It was on a particular island known for its flourishing markets where Fable had chanced to meet a certain revolutionary commander.

Fable had been playing as a street performer, earning meagre fortune and growing increasingly lonely, when Alice B. Ronx had followed the enchanting music to him. At this point, Fable had been playing music for months now and had exponentially increased his ability to play a range of musical genres that were all at once beguiling, nostalgic and haunting.

He was a musical protege and the only thing stopping him from being the world's most renowned performer was his abhorrent appearance.  On this chance encounter with Ronx, Fable had for the first time been met with an attitude void of ill intentions, fear or animosity and instead with curiosity, cheerfulness and even displaced trust.

To Fable who had never been treated with anything more than hatred, Ronx was almost dazzling and he found himself easily opening up to the young commander. Upon being better acquainted with the Bonbon X (which at this point had only consisted of three members: the captain, his navigator and the sniper), he was amazed by the lack of tension upon sighting him and readily agreed to join upon Ronx's invitation.

His musical talent only grew as he became more comfortable and when his burdens were lightened by the presence of trusting companions, even those outside the crew begrudgingly accepted his ability. Furthermore, there was not a single member of Bonbon X, both new and old, who failed to find the giant endearing.

He became the crew's unofficial counsellor and shoulder to lean on. Up until this point, Fable had been nameless and Ronx granted him his name. Victor to represent his will to live, Fable to represent the tale yet to be known to even himself and Grace to represent his eloquent and artistic soul. For the first time in his life, perhaps even in his unknown past, Fable felt loved.
One quote that against all reason renewed Fable's trust in the existence of good (albeit, weird) people amongst all the bad: "Might it interest you to exchange your head for seven—no eight!—pieces of candy?"

NPC Stats
NPC level: 10
Attack: 90
Defense: 100
Reflex: 90
Willpower: 100
Total: 380

"Iron Maiden":

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The woman who carries the weight of justice in her mallet
"Please, do explain why you believe you're worth even a dime to me so I can prove you wrong with a good whack with my parasol."

NPC Name: Arthur Dan Antoinette
NPC Age: 33
NPC Race: Human
NPC position: Blacksmith
NPC Perk: [hammerhanded]

NPC appearance: Very much like the frivolous dress of a certain fishman, Antoinette lavishes in extravagant gowns and dresses. She would rather be caught dead than in even the most handsome pair of trousers and due to her flamboyant choice in clothing, she often butts heads with Becker.

The two are mortal enemies, incessantly competing to wear the most gaudy and outrageous clothes a single being can. Like Becker, Antoinette shows no restraint when it comes to lace, sequins, frills etc. If anything, the two only upped their fashion game after meeting one another, but their animosity for one another never gave way (although they honestly do respect each other's tastes, but try getting them to admit that).

Due to her profession as a blacksmith, which highly contrasts her persona as an upstart princess, she often wears a frilly apron for when she is compelled to work. Miraculously, she manages to keep all her clothes in pristine condition, regardless of whatever activity she is engaged in, blacksmithing, combat or otherwise. At times, she wears a bonnet (as she has a strong dislike for exposing her skin to the sun) and she is always seen wearing heels.

Added with her naturally tall stature, these high heels often give her a height ranging between 209-215cm. The only other accessory she is prone to have on her body at all times is the iron parasol of substantial weight, cleverly disguised as her smithing mallet. Antoinette appears very youthful by nature, but few will tell her this, knowing she would become overly arrogant at this knowledge.

NPC personality: In alignment of her very princess-like attire, Antoinette is incredible vain, self-centred and conceited. Believing everyone and everything is beneath her, Antoinette amasses all the characteristics of an entitled and selfish child and she has never once admitted to her own wrongs. Her prideful and imperious nature often lead to violent encounters with Becker and Oliver. As a result, the three make up the crews "Three Muskastooges", curtesy to Cherry for the marvellous title.

Becker and Oliver aren't the only crew members to show their distaste towards the classically dressed woman. Many other crew members who dislike pompous and authoritarian individuals have made their dislike for her no secret. However, despite her hostility and enmities with her comrades, Antoinette irregularly shows bouts of loyalty towards them.

The first to ever stand between her crew and danger, Antoinette often discards her own wellbeing for the sake of those she cherishes, but her haughtiness and arrogance make it difficult to show gratitude. As such, many keep their admirations and begrudged respects for the woman thoroughly hidden, while simultaneously tolerating her attitude with exasperated displeasure.

Deep down, Antoinette sincerely cares for those around her and this is especially the case as her upbringing is shrouded in loneliness and distrust. It wouldn't be unheard of to say she is inexperienced in the ways of showing her love for all those dear to her. Instead, she only understands how to express bitterness, severity and wariness. Like many, however, she is capable of showing her more honest side to Fable and is debatable one of the most open individuals in his private company. This suggests that when faced with patient trust, she tends to be more true to herself and similarly, she tends to soften when dealing with Ronx (ironically, she's actually one of the few who doesn't lose their cool when he's up to his antics).

NPC background: Antoinette grew up in an incredibly wealthy household. As nobles with vast influence and power, the Arthur family was often met with perpetual envy and the family possessed few trusted friends. At the age of 5, Antoinette witnessed her own mother's murder by the hands of her family's close friend and her future step-mother, who would later beguile her father as he grieved for his deceased wife.

Despite Antoinette's efforts to sway her father's judgement to marry his ex-wife's assassin, the seductive allure of her soon-to-be step-mother proved to be the deciding factor and if anything, her continued pleas only widened the distance between the father and daughter. Subsequent to the wedding, Antoinette pulled further away from her family, too repulsed to even consider staying in the same room as her mother's murderer.

Her step-mother additionally brought her two daughters into the household, both who would become Antoinette's dogged tormenters for the next six years of her life. After three years of marriage, her father grew increasingly afflicted with illness and was rendered permanently bedridden after two years of struggle. During his final year confined in bed, Lord Arthur attempted to heal the impaired relationship between him and his daughter.

However, his new wife never once left his side, persistently adopting the stance akin to a hound territorially protective of its prey and Antoinette was too frightened to approach her father, even as he lay on his deathbed. Years later, when Antoinette looks back on her childhood, she is filled with regret she could never become the pillar her father desperately needed when surrounded by women who coveted his power.

Despite all the power he had in his possession and name, nothing could be done for the poison lacing his heart and soul. Even more than twenty years later, Antoinette still sees ghosts haunting her from her past in other adult women and continues to distrust the rich and powerful, particularly women.

Lord Arthur died on the day of Antoinette's twelfth birthday. On this day, Antoinette snuck into his room when her step-mother was away and for the first time since her mother's death, the two were able to properly bond. To the young Antoinette, this day was easily her happiest moment and her older self's fondest memory.

Only Lord Arthur's death tainted what could have been a perfect occasion. When he closed his eyes for the last time and his hand grasped gently around his daughter's smaller hand, her step-mother returned to see Antoinette poised over the dead lord. That night, Antoinette was forced to flee from her own home while her step-mother screamed bloody murder, the blood of her own father blemishing her name.

Alone and destitute, Antoinette was later found collapsed at the door of a blacksmith and it's mute owner took her in. She woke to the sound of a roaring fire and clanking metal and it was here she learnt the first secrets to blacksmithing. Seeing the young girl's interest and obvious abandonment, the mute blacksmith decided to take her in as his apprentice.

But months later, her step-mother's followers began to show signs of recognising her and she fled the kindly blacksmith's workshop without a word. Antoinette decided to continue studying smithing, visiting various blacksmiths from different towns, but never staying in one place for too long out of fear of being discovered by her step-mother.

After a year of collecting an assortment of different knowledges and techniques from different blacksmiths, Antoinette ultimately decided to try and cultivate her own style. For the next five years, Antoinette would experiment with making different unwieldy weapons, but by the time she turned 20, her true ingenuity began to surface. At 21, Antoinette had reached the peak of her profession, developing, designing and manufacturing weapons unseen and unattainable anywhere else. Her weapons became vied for and she coined her creations under the Arthur name. Needless to say, this attracted unwanted attention, but Antoinette became arrogant with her own success and was determined to reclaim the name that had been soiled with blood, betrayal and bane.

When the day that would mark the end of her fortune came, Antoinette was less than prepared. Her step-mother, now incredibly prosperous on Arthur's wealth, felt provoked by Antoinette's new fame in the world of money. Many nobles at this time could be seen proudly carrying a sword or dagger from the Arthur Series, but after news of the massacre of an entire village by ruffians wielding Arthur weaponry took the world by storm, no one with honour would carry a weapon made by Arthur again.

Distraught and heartbroken, Antoinette cursed her own incompetency at being unable to foresee such a situation and she abandoned her career. The last true-blooded Arthur discarded her own name and lived as a simple spinster in a simple village where no one would recognise her.

She spent the remainder of her years leading up to her meeting with the Bonbon X crew living off her accumulated wealth, pledging to never craft a single weapon again and kept her mallet under heavy lock and chains. When rumours arose of pirates wielding weapons of the Arthur Series that had been thoughtlessly discarded by the wealthy, Antoinette rushed to suppress the movement, taking up her mallet guised as a lovely parasol once more. It was here where she met Ronx, a young man whom she was quick to dismiss and show her distaste, due to his extravagant and lord-like appearance.

Her initial impressions of the young revolution commander were soon discredited, partly because of his bizarre behaviour, but mostly because he actually proved himself to be relatively useful in aiding Antoinette's mission. By the end of the grueling ordeal, Ronx had won her trust. So won over by those in the Bonbon X crew, Antoinette was even willing to offer her services in blacksmithing to them and as proof, she constructed a new sword for Becker, who had shattered his original one when protecting her. The two never got along once since then, but deep down, Becker respects her ability and even takes great care for his Arthur sword.

NPC Stats
NPC level: 10
Attack: 100
Defense: 100
Reflex: 90
Willpower: 90
Total: 380

"Angel Fire":

Bonbon X Companions D5c498c984872ed63359f4ff5d1c6973--emperor-one-punch-man

The child who knows war, blood and the scums of society better than anyone
"What a shocker, it's bleeding again. If only I had told you not to fight until the bandages came off. Oh wait, I did!!"

NPC Name: Theodore Bach Cherry
NPC Age: 10
NPC Race: Human
NPC position: Musician | Doctor
Is a Healer?: Yes

NPC appearance: As a the youngest member of the Bonbon X crew, Cherry is not one many would often expect to see associating with a group of revolutionaries. However, like many within the crew, Cherry possesses a few of his own abnormalities. With light chestnut hair and bright blue eyes, Cherry has an almost cherubic countenance and could easily pass for a virtuous boy from a fortunate family. Though far from the truth, the youngster has been known to take advantage of his angelic appearance to swindle money from the rich and favour from the sympathetic.

NPC personality: Cherry is by no means the shy and gentle creature he appears to be. No stranger to crude remarks or dark humour, Cherry is the embodiment of a snarky brat yet he also possesses more sadistic side to his character. Despite being at an incredibly young age, Cherry relishes at the sight of blood and violence, especially those he commits himself.

Physically, he isn't very capable of executing much damage, however he has been known to take whatever opportunities he can and is a relentless bully for those who don't fight back. As terrible as this sounds, Cherry has a strong distaste for tears and broken hearts and will therefore distance himself as much as possible from those whom he deems weak or inferior, only associating himself with those who have the capacity to endure his terrorism.

His love for candy connects him to the crew's wayward commander, however due to his inability to properly express himself, Cherry finds himself becoming Ronx's tormenter more than admirer. Nonetheless, Cherry idolises Ronx, to the point he can become very envious towards any individuals who gets too close to the young commander.

Another of his idols is the crew's cello player, Fable, whom he finds more successes in expressing his affection for and sticks to his side almost constantly, even sharing the same cabin as him despite being granted his own room. Although this is largely because Cherry enjoys being in Fable's company, the reality is that he becomes anxious when he is alone.

Having only recently escaped a troubled early childhood, Cherry has yet to mentally, emotionally and spiritually recover from the traumas he was forced to undergo. When he isn't with Fable, he often seeks out the company of Ronx, who welcomes him warmly. However, due to his own insecurities and bashfulness, Cherry always fails to communicate himself properly and ends up bullying him.

NPC background: Cherry was born to a war medic who travelled to battlefields every day to nurse injured soldiers. His father was unknown to Cherry and he never particularly cared about him as he was more than satisfied under the caring love of his mother.

Upon falling pregnant, his mother put her career to a halt and though her heart became heavy at her own inability to aid those who fought, she remained resolute to nurture the life of her baby above anything else. Theodore Marianne was a brilliant mother, possessing endless and boundless love and with her career pushed aside, she could concentrate her full tender affection upon her child.

However, when a civil war broke out near the village they stayed, Marianna could not bring herself to ignore the bloodshed and rushed to the battlefield, desperate to minimise the loss of life. Leaving the 5-year-old Cherry after tucking him in bed, she promised to return by the time he woke up in the morning, but she never did and it can only be assumed that she died in the crossfire between government soldiers and common citizens.

Now orphaned, Cherry was forcefully evicted from their home when he failed to pay rent and he joined a children's gang, stealing for a living. Here, Cherry made many enemies for his charming demeanor and naïveté. He became the victim to incessant bullying from older boys and was ostracised by others. Alone and far from the warm love of his mother, Cherry hadn't the means to survive without the support of the gang, but he may have died staying with them too.

A year and a half later, Cherry was forced to fight in a feud between rival gangs and very nearly touched the step to death's door. If not for the doctor who took him in, Cherry would have had no means to survive. At the doctor's clinic, Cherry took an interest in medicine and healing, enthusiastically and ardently learning whatever the doctor was willing to teach him.

At this point, though Cherry had already seen some of the worst of human society, he had yet to fully lose his childish innocence. The doctor noted that the boy was capable of picking up medicinal concepts exceptionally fast and he had a particular interest in surgery, possibly the first sign of his innate sadistic nature as it involved blood. However, once Cherry had completed his path to recovery, the doctor's true intentions were revealed and he took advantage of him, selling the boy to a child slaver for a quick buck.

Subsequent to this, Cherry was obsessively distrustful, losing all his naïveté in one fell swoop. He quickly fell into an abyss of suspicion, callousness and apathy. Needless to say, Cherry's anger towards the doctor never dissipated and he refused to study it any further. After three years of working as a slave, Cherry's ferocity and fury reached a boiling point and he executed a dangerous escape.

With no elaborate or complex plan to support him, Cherry charged out of his cell with his arms still chained when the door was open to deliver his food. Quick on his feet and nimble from his days as a thief, Cherry managed to escape the slavery by sheer luck and miracle, but he would soon be caught and heavily punished. If not for his luck in running into Ronx and his crew, Cherry may have been forced to forfeit his life then and there. Instead, the revolutionaries protected him from the slaves and took off with the child in tow.

On the Wonderland Hatch, Cherry slowly begins to learn how to trust again. He developed a secret admiration for the man who saved him, but feels too inferior to associate himself with him yet. Instead, he is taken under Fable's capable wing, learning to play the piano under his mentorship. However, the crew's enduring and unrelenting antics soon proved that a doctor was in dire need.

When the entire crew came down to a severe and life-threatening stomach infection (a capable cook was also necessary), Cherry reluctantly and somewhat fearfully decided to step in. Upon exceedingly successful results, Cherry received enormous praise (especially from Ronx who was the one who cause the food poisoning incident in the first place), Cherry who was secretly pleased began to study medicine again, though not without some secrecy as he is too bashful to admit it.

NPC Stats
NPC level: 10
Attack: 90
Defense: 100
Reflex: 100
Willpower: 90
Total: 380

"Twin Gates Heart/Soul":

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The twins tied down by a single wish to defy and rebel
"Hey, Friday, remind them again exactly who it is they’re up against."
"Dear Freya, I believe they're up against only the strongest, most handsome two men in the...well hello, m'lady!"

NPC Name (left): Zen-Shu Xin Freya
NPC Name (right): Zen-Shu Hun Friday
NPC Age: 26
NPC Race: Human, Sharptooth Tribe
NPC position: Sentry

NPC appearance: Freya and Friday bear resemblances expected of them as brothers and  twins. Both stand at the same height of 188cm, have straight black hair, almost black eyes and tanned skin. The two also share the same preferences in attire too, often opting for a crisp white shirt, trousers, boots and black leather gloves. However, despite their similarities, the twins are easily differentiated, partially from some physical differences, though mostly characteristic differences.

Freya leaves his hair long and pulled back in a half ponytail while Friday prefers to keep his diligently cropped. Furthermore, Freya enjoys the glamour of jewelry and his ears are often festooned with earrings and helixes. The final physical quality worth noting of these twins lies in the sharp, serrated teeth notable of those born from the Sharptooth Tribe.

NPC personality: First, foremost and perhaps most defining of Freya and Friday’s personalities is their shared shamelessness when it comes to womanising. Despite their many differences in their personalities, they are both strikingly similar in the presence of any person of the female gender, disregarding everything else.

Before everyone else (as in, men), the two possess foul manners and crude behaviours. However, their flirtations are very clearly one dimensional and this is evident in that they have no qualms engaging in physical combat with women (doesn’t mean they can’t do both, right?), though this could be because they often fight as pairs and above all else, they protect each other first.

Furthermore, their attraction tends to come and go in the same way the wind does and though they can be very tolerant to selfish woman, there is a limit (meaning Oliver and Antoinette reached their quota long ago). Needless to say, their favourite person is a certain petite cook and they often go above and beyond to keep her out of harm’s way.

Outside of the crew, Freya and Friday’s preferences in women are near identical, though considering the fact that they love all woman, it’s hard not to share the same tastes. Contrary to this, however, the twins have never been known to compete with each other for a woman’s attention and this suggests they are rarely serious about their flirtations. Even in the case of the unnamed cook, the twins simply act together as a unit.

Yet the twins are easily told apart based purely on their personality. Though both are avid womanisers, Freya tends to be far more energetic, boisterous and brazen than his twin counterpart. He enjoys spending his time engaging in physical activities such as sports and sparring, and when he isn’t on the upper deck causing grief with his boundless energy, his can be found in the games room losing his pocket money in his attempts to make it larger.

Needless to say, Friday is in charge of their combined wealth and he has a better head for numbers and prose than his brother. Where Freya can often be found making noise, Friday prefers the complete opposite, avoiding such things and when he isn’t hanging around the kitchen with his brother, he’s reading in the library or arranging flowers in their shared tatami room.

He enjoys and is a connoisseur for tea and eastern-style sweets. Despite their differences, the twins do actually spend quite a lot of time together. Freya will often take his naps to wherever his brother’s quiet activities are and Friday will take his mischief to wherever his brother’s games are, helping him or his opponent to cheat.

Moreover, both have immense appreciation for jokes and are never seen without identical, cocky smiles. Neither are ever known to take things seriously, whether it be in or out of battle, and though one might think their vast differences in hobbies and interests would lead to further differences between their personalities, that’s where most are wrong.

Above all, Freya and Friday have each other’s best interest at heart. This is particularly worth noting because as friendly as the twins are, neither have ever been closer than necessary to another person or has called another their “friend”. It’s difficult to fathom such amicable brothers having trust issues, but they do conceal their hearts very well.

NPC background: The twins joined the New Revolutionary Army at the age of fifteen. Prior to their enlistment, no one has been able to pry it from them and they continue to keep their past closely vested. They began as guards to prisoners within the army’s headquarters and quickly rose in popularity with their friendliness and ease in making connections.

Not only were they liked among the lower ranks, they were trusted and they were eventually given small leadership roles within sentry units. They never gave any reason for why they joined the revolutionaries and though their elusiveness made them suspects for spies, these suspicious were quickly discarded. Little did the army know that they really were spies.

Freya and Friday were both born in captivity from a pirate, who’s crimes would have sent her to Impel Down if she hadn’t been pregnant. Against her desperate cries and foul curses, the marines ripped the twins from her arms while she recovered from labour and she was sent to the notorious prison, where she would spend the following years attempting escape after escape.

Her only wish was to reclaim her children, but as years passed, her attempts only succeeded to give her harsher and harsher torture and punishments. During this, Freya and Friday were adopted by a skilled spy of the World Government and would raise his “sons” to follow his footsteps. Their training was relentless and soul shattering.

Their “father” trained them with cold, calculated severity and through it all, a single rule aided by fear was ingrained into the twins: “Never defy me.” Simple. Effective. Fear Inducing. Through this training, the twins were moulded into unfeeling spies. They learnt to express emotion in a way that wouldn’t allow the emotion to control them...and they were given no freedom to feel the way they wanted to. Trembling was unheard of. Screams were punished severely. Crying was criminal.

No matter how many years would pass, no matter how strong or independent they became, no matter what distance separated the twins from their father, this single rule would forever haunt them and they would abide it without fail. At fifteen, they were deemed ready for the mission they had been born for, the mission they had been kept since their birth for: to infiltrate the New Revolutionary Army as spies.

They played their parts effectively, steadily climbing higher with every connection they made. They kept their ears pressed on gossip and rumours, anything that could serve as information for the army’s enemy. They made no friends, they made no attachments. Until the day they met a bumbling idiot of a commander.

The commander annoyed the twins. It started off as a small seed, so small they didn’t notice it. The commander was clumsy, gullible, foolish...but he was a commander. He was in a position the twins felt he wasn’t worthy of and they despised the idea of following whatever he commanded.

To the twins, who were taught to never defy authority, it was completely unheard of for them to rebel, even if the authority was a nitwit. It started small, a prank here; a quib there; a snicker here and there. Eventually, they were actually having fun and the prank turned into a game, the quib turned into a joke and the snicker turned into caroling laughter.

By the time they realised they were actually having fun, it was too late. By the time they had realised the tiny annoyance had exploded into an emotion they couldn’t control, it was too late. It almost horrified them at first and they contemplated where they had made the mistake, but it was simply too enjoyable mull on for long. When Ronx invited them to join his crew, they couldn’t refuse. After all, how was their father, also better known as Korze the Kind, to know?

NPC Stats (Freya)
NPC level: 10
Attack: 100
Defense: 90
Reflex: 100
Willpower: 90
Total: 380

NPC Stats (Friday)
NPC level: 10
Attack: 90
Defense: 100
Reflex: 100
Willpower: 90
Total: 380

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Alice B. Ronx at your service~

Check out the crew!

The Conqueror / Black Fist

Name : Gray Starks
Epithet : The Conqueror / Black Fist
Age : 49
Height : 10'2" / 310 cm
Weight : 1043 lbs / 473 kg
Species : Human Cyborg
Faction : Pirate
World Position : Lurking Legend (Former Yonkou)
Crew : Black Fist Pirates (Destroyed)
Ship : Sangria's Vane (Destroyed)
Crew Role : Captain (Former)
Devil Fruit : Pressure-Pressure Fruit
Haki Level : 10
Hitpoints (HP) : 750
Attack (ATK) : 800
Defense (DEF) : 600
Reflex (RX) : 715
Willpower (WP) : 650
Level : 100
Prestige : 8
Experience Points : 18000
Bounty : 5,000,000,000
EXP Multiplier : +10% (to all allies)
Income Multiplier : +20%
Shop Discount : -30%
Berries Berries : 25,000,000,000
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Since I was there when these babies were born, I can confidently say:

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