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A Date With A Dead Man! [Quest]  Empty A Date With A Dead Man! [Quest]

This post has in-line assessment comments.Mon Apr 10, 2017 2:46 pm
Chapter 01 - A Ghost From The Past!

Cold weather and a light rain with gray clouds had approached the seas. On a Marine battleship, Kenzo and Smiles are both located on the ground floor and in the weight lifting room by themselves. Kenzo benching 300lbs while Smiles just sits at a nearby desk looking over Yurei's folder. Grunting noises and heavy breathing could be heard from Kenzo as he whispers to himself.


Smiles turning his head to face Kenzo, looking at the back of his head as he sighs to himself in disbelief.

"Kenzo you really think these rumors are true? Could Yurei really be alive after so many years... he was heavily injured when we last saw him and his body was later discovered and he was given a funeral as an honorable knight for the world government.."

Kenzo placing the bar with weights back in position as he now sits upright and turns his head to face Smiles, who is now looking over the pictures of Yurei's new pictures, comparing it to the old photos they have together.

"I honestly believe he is dead.. There is no way in hell he is alive.. those pictures, the recording of his voice we got from the rumors could be made up..."

Smiles presses play on the recording as this interrupts Kenzo and the both of them listen in.

("Betrayed by my two friends I once called family, I will exact my revenge with my army!")

The voice sending chills down Kenzo's spine, as Smiles shuts off the recording and continues to look through the pictures and file.

"Kenzo, both you and I know that, that's his voice.. there's no question about it.. and get this Kenzo.. guess what weapon he uses..."

Smiles turning one of the new photos to Kenzo, revealing a large chain in Yurei's hand. Kenzo's eyes widen in shock underneath his helmet as he rises to his feet.

"Your right Smiles.. that's definitely Yurei.. let's set course to Frost Demon Island...Let's capture him and get answers.."

Smiles headed out of the room, as Kenzo was putting back the weights in their rightful place. Smiles walking down a long and narrow hallway as he has a flashback as he sighed to himself.

FlashBack - Many Years Ago

Smiles, Yurei, and Kenzo stand near the only exit that leads outside the cave. The location being a dark and moist cave, the three knights stare at the child that is in a corner in the fetal position. Smiles stepping forward as he turns to face both of his comrades.

"Here's my plan.. why don't we just capture the child.. and interrogate her and find the location of the bounty pirate we came to collect.."

Kenzo's eyebrows carried a stern look that was shielded from his helmet, he then folded his arms across his chest as he stepped to the side and now they stood in a triangle formation.

"Are you out of your mind Smiles? If we bring this child to HQ, the pirates might find our base or probably gather a whole army to strike us to get the child back.. I say we kill this child and continue our mission in searching for the bounty."

The current atmosphere grew silent, intense, and both Smiles and Kenzo looked at Yurei for an answer. Turning his head to his right, he saw Kenzo's serious and adamant posture. Turning his head to his left, he saw Smiles hold his left elbow with his right hand while having his left hand cover his mouth. Smiles appeared to be more carefree in his posture and more relaxed than Kenzo. Yurei sighed to himself as he then walked away from them by three feet. Showing his back to his comrades, he looked over his right shoulder and stared at them.

"I didn't sign up for this... To torture information out of a child or to execute one. I'm abandoning the mission if it comes down to one of those two options."

Kenzo planting his right hand on his left hilt sword handle located on his left side hip. The sound of the grip could be heard, along with the blade clanking against his armor.

"Abandoning an assignment is treason. Specially under these circumstances when we have an important mission to fulfill. I suggest you reconsider your answer."

Smiles getting in Kenzo's way as he places both his hands on Kenzo's chest and stares at him.

"Hold on now.. there's no need for us turning against one another or leaving.."

Kenzo placing his hand back to his side as Smiles heads over to Yurei and places his right arm around Yurei's shoulder.

"Come now Yurei, reconsider your decision. This is an opportunity we can't let go. If we let this girl free, she will tell her father, and her father will either run from us with his daughter or hire more powerful pirates.. We kill one, we save one thousand lives.. remember what we were taught.. no matter what we do, the sacrifices we make will save more lives.."

Yurei brushing away from Smiles and being three feet away as he turns to face him.

"I won't harm a child!!"

Kenzo sighing as he turns his body and walking straight to the child as he brings his right hand to pull out his sword.

"You said enough Smiles, let's just kill this child and continue the mission without him. We will then put it in our report that Yurei is a traitor."

Kenzo rising his sword over his head and with his right hand as he stares down at the child whose in tears. While trying to bring the sword down, his right wrist being bonded in place and unable to move. A steel chain being 10ft in length wraps around Kenzo's wrist. Yurei being two feet from Kenzo as he yanks the chain to bring Kenzo towards him. Kenzo falling back as Yurei then places him in a full nelson. Both his arms underneath Kenzo's armpits and locking him into place with both his hands folding together at the back of the neck.

Yurei turning both their bodies to face Smiles, as Yurei now directs his stare at Smiles who pulls out his crossbow loaded with a bolt arrow.

"Smiles, you know this isn't the right thing to kill a child or to harm one to obtain information.. now help me restrain Kenzo..."

Smiles struggling to aim his crossbow as he aims it every few seconds to either Kenzo or Yurei.

"You guys.. can't we just talk about this first.... don't make me choose..."

Kenzo becoming fed up as he drops his sword in his right hand to the floor.

"Listen Smiles, are you going to help me with this mission or help a traitor whose going to be the next bounty on our list if he survives this ordeal.. the world government has no time for traitors.. we live to serve! Now let's continue our mission!!!"

Yurei further restricting Kenzo's movement by locking both their feet together.

"Smiles don't listen to him, I know you have a he-art.."

A bolt being fired, blood splattering on their armor and Yurei being directly hit in the left side of his face just missing his eye. Yurei releasing Kenzo entirely as Kenzo then plants his left elbow onto Yurei's stomach in a hard thrust. Kenzo then turning his body around and slamming his palm into Yurei's face, further digging the bolt into his face and slamming Yurei to the ground. Smiles then joins Kenzo's side as they stare down at Yurei.

Flashback - Ended

Smiles at the end of the hallway with his right forearm against the edge of the door frame and sighing to himself as his head is planted against his outer forearm.

"Maybe If I had more courage.. I could of talked us out of this mess.. and maybe the three of us would still be together..."

Kenzo finishing his shower which is connect to the gym room. He places his armor back on as he sighs to himself.

Flashback - Many Years Ago

A line of twenty recruit knights standing in a row with a column of five as they each stand at a parade rest. Kenzo being in the back row, with Yurei being way at the front. Two knights being right in front of Kenzo and whispering to each other. Knight One turning his head slightly to Knight Two.

"Hey did you hear about the new recruit we got.. Yurei Yagami.. he's from a royal family... what the hell is he doing here being a knight?.."

Knight Two being puzzled and with confusion on his face, he turns his head to Knight One.

"Not only that.. but his father is all of ours bosses.. he's the top boss and to see his son down here with us.. he's probably a spy.. spying on us and trying to weed out the weaker recruits.."

Kenzo separating his attention now from the two knights, as he then looks at the back of the head of Yurei, as he sees him pass his uniform test and knowledge test with ease. The day going on with Yurei being in his room. A knock could be heard from his door, and the door slightly creeks open to reveal Kenzo.

"Sorry to interrupt, but may I speak with you?"

Yurei giving a nod of approval as Kenzo steps in and views his room. The room being vastly different in comparison from the other rooms. The room being more modern and updated instead of outdated and smelly like the rest.

"Wow this is your room? Impressive.. I guess being the son of the boss has its perks.. what's a royal kid like you doing in the PHS?"

Yurei reading his book which is helping him study for the Knight's exam. He focuses his attention now on Kenzo, and with a simple cough he closes his book.

"I chose to be here. I enjoy working hard and maybe one day I can be an elite knight people are proud of.. not just some simple royal position I acquired due to my birth.."

Kenzo showing a half smile underneath his helmet, respecting Yurei and folding his arms over his chest.

"Well then, let's get to study together and pass this test?"

Flashback - Ended

Kenzo sitting on the benches as he finishes polishing his knight boots. He chuckles to himself as he sees the boots shine so brightly and his rag turning from clear white to black.

"Hehe.. back then I saw you as my rival.. we were going to become the best.. until you chose the path of a traitor.."

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A Date With A Dead Man! [Quest]  Empty Re: A Date With A Dead Man! [Quest]

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Chapter 02 - What We Learned That Day

Flashback - Many Years Ago

The PHS instructor stood behind a 5'0ft podium and placing both his hands at the side edges of it, he gripped it with a strong grip.

"Welcome, parents, brothers, sisters, elders, and guardians. Welcome to the graduating class of 300. The two hundred knights that stand behind me has shown many things to obtain the title of PHS and become a knight and for what we stand for. P, stands for Protect!, as a knight in their line of duty they will protect the innocent from criminals. The H stands for Honor!, as a knight, honor is showing how much they care about their line of duty, keeping their armor up to date in being clean, honoring the missions they will be doing with integrity. The S stands for Service, as a knight they will serve with pride, and give commitment to the badge they wear. I am proud and happy to say that I would protect these knights, I will honor each and every one of them, and I will give the ultimate service in making sure I not only make this organization proud, but to also my fellow comrades."

Claps, and cheering proceeded in the crowd as the ceremony was over. The dinner and such for the PHS members and the new recruits happened right after in the dinning room. Yurei was casually drinking his wine while standing at a balcony section of the dinning room. His father standing behind him as he leans over the balcony and casually sips his wine. His father walking over to him and patting him on the back with a smile.

"I knew you would make it.. and this is the easiest part, joining and becoming a knight. However, what the PHS instructor didn't tell you was how dangerous a knight is. Yes the crowds of parents and such that did show up a grateful, but the ones that didn't show up is due to an early grave. What you have to understand in this line of work is that the armors you all receive is nice and shiny, but the cost for wearing it isn't worth it. There will be others you are teamed with in missions where you will be in a crossroads, trying to do the right thing. You all will have different opinions, and if one chooses to abandon the mission, your comrades are ordered to kill you."

His father chuckled as he patted his son on the back once more and walked away.

"Any who, enjoy your celebration, your job as a knight starts tomorrow."

Yurei had nothing to say, as he continued sipping his wine and enjoying the night sky. Taking in the information his father told him, he just sighed to himself to release the stress.

Kenzo stood against a wall in the dinning room as he sipped his glass of wine and ate some crackers. Enjoying the party all by himself with no one showing up for him, he sighed to himself as he looked at the crowd of people. Smiles noticing Kenzo being all by himself as he walks over to him.

"Hey Kenzo, I notice your here by yourself. I was just with my grandfather who was telling me about his days as a knight. So what are you up to?"

Kenzo shifting his eyes and turned his head to Smiles, as he carried a stern look on his facial expression.

"I have no one who came to see me.. that's why I'm by myself.. my generation before me was a PHS knight and damn it I won't be going to an early grave like them. I consider every knight here as a family member and I will do everything and anything to protect them."

Smiles patted him casually on the shoulder as they toasted each other with a glass of wine.

"Same as me Kenzo, I will also protect any one of these guys. Now then, let's go find some ladies and enjoy the rest of our knight, get it? Cause I said knight! Instead of night!"

Kenzo chuckled as he finished his glass of wine and placing it at a nearby table.

"Alright, let's see who gets the most ladies tonight then?"

Smiles smirked and nodded in agreement. The night later took its course to the next day, where each unit was assignment three teammates.

The PHS instructor stood behind a podium as the new recruited knights stood before him.

"Now then, Yurei, Kenzo, and Smiles, you three will be assigned together as a team and will be placed in the North Blue Frost Demon Island. Head over there now, your commanding officer will be briefing you three."

Flashback End

Kenzo and Smiles standing on the surface of their naval ship as the one hundred knight recruits are all doing manual labor. Kenzo standing at the wheel as Smiles stands behind him with his arms to his back.

"So Kenzo, you really think it's a coincidence that Yurei would be all this time at Frost Demon Island.. the place where we first started our journey as knights?"

Kenzo continued looking ahead as he then looked over his shoulder and chuckled.

"I guess if that's the case, then we know where to find him.. in the castle where we had our first mission."

The scenery changing to Yurei, where he located at a ruined frost covered castle and sits on his throne. A mercenary coming towards him after opening the double doors and kneels before him before speaking and bowing his head.

"Sir, we just got reports of one naval ship coming towards the island... should we commence an attack?"

Yurei laughing like a maniac, as he grips both his hands tightly on the arm rest of the throne chair. He looks from straight ahead to the mercenary.

"No, allow it on board.. after all, the photos we took, and sending it all to Smiles and Kenzo, I want to eliminate them personally. We will set up an ambush for them.."


A Date With A Dead Man! [Quest]  Empty Re: A Date With A Dead Man! [Quest]

This post has in-line assessment comments.Tue Apr 11, 2017 12:33 pm
Chapter 03 - A Well Thought Out Plan

Yurei just sitting on his throne, watching his men formulating the traps all around the castle. He sighed to himself as he turned his head to see a mercenary soldier kneeling before him.

"Sir, the traps on the west wing is set.. we also just got word that the naval ship just arrived... what should be our next course of action?"

Yurei rising to his feet, standing at 10ft tall, towering over the mercenary and looking down at him.

"Send three scouts to venture forward.. we must know their exact timing."

The mercenary nodded and headed out the door. The scenery changing to Kenzo and Smiles. Kenzo watching his men walk off the ship one by one, while Smiles took count of how many were coming off the ship. After everything was in order, they took their path straight to the castle.

While taking their walk there on a dirt road covered in snow, and their sides covered in trees, they saw the castle just up a hill. Kenzo halted his men by bringing his fist upward with his elbow bent.

"No one move.. I am counting three.."

Smiles looking to his right, and then back at Kenzo as Kenzo gave him the nod of approval. Without missing a beat, Smiles crossbow was taken out, loaded with a bolt and firing up a tree. The bolt piercing through the mercenary's chest, causing him to fall out of the tree. Kenzo looking to his left and hurling a knife out of his hand and impacting the neck of a mercenary. The third mercenary trying to make a run for it, as both Kenzo and Smiles throw their unique weapons. The bolt impact the mercenary's left upper back thigh, and the knife impact the mid back.

The mercenary dropping to the ground and being the only one left alive, Kenzo walks around him and lifts his body off the ground, seeing him face to face.

"I'm only going to ask you once, failed to give me the right answer and you will end up like your friends. How many ambushes or traps can we expect?"

The mercenary spitting on Kenzo's helmet and with a simple chuckle, he dropped him to the ground.

"I got your answer.."

The scenery changing back to Yurei, who is casually pacing back and forward with his arms to his back. A mercenary walking into the room and kneeling for Yurei.

"Sir...the three scouts you requested to scout ahead.. have all been killed..."

Yurei grabbing the mercenary by the throat and lifting him up.

"I won't accept failure, We must prepare ourselves.. they are closing in.."

Yurei releasing him as he heads over to a nearby window. He would see the knights in the distance coming that much closer to his domain.

A Date With A Dead Man! [Quest]  Empty Re: A Date With A Dead Man! [Quest]

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Chapter 04 - The Date With A Dead Man!

The knights started advancing ahead in a loud charge. Easily seen from a mile ahead, the mercenaries and pirates that work under Yurei were ready for them. Using the high tree as stealth, arrows were fired towards the knights. While easily deflecting the arrows and continuing to advance forward they trip over some wires. Loud explosions, smoke, and bodies flying all around the area. The rest of the knights halted in their tracks, counting over twenty casualties. Both Kenzo and Smiles taking lead this time and taking a much calmer approach. Now staying away from the dirt straight path, they now see themselves up against the mercenaries and pirates rushing towards them. While the knights took care of this situation, both Kenzo and Smiles leaving them behind and heading straight into the side of the castle. The mercenary and pirates who challenged them to stay back, were easily eliminated by their thrown weapons of choice.

While continuing their advancement and easily evading the traps set forth, they reach the main room with the throne chair. A twenty by twenty feet room with pillars and such on the side lines of the room. Sitting on the throne chair, both Kenzo and Smiles walk into the room with weapons in hand, seeing Yurei calmly sit on his chair. Kenzo advancing three feet forward as he rest his long sword over his right shoulder.

"How long has it been Yurei? Too long to even count... just how the hell did you survive....."

Flashback - Many Years Ago

Kenzo had slammed Yurei to the ground with a bolt being further impacted into his skull. Kenzo then advancing forward towards the girl. The girl running off to the side as Yurei quickly turns his body around into a push up position and tackles Kenzo's back with his head next to his ribcage.

The tackle bringing Kenzo to impact the wall in front of him, and Smiles pulling out two daggers and stabbing it directly on Yurei's ribcage. The loud screeching pain could be heard out of Yurei's mouth. This giving Kenzo the perfect opportunity to slip away and grab Yurei's back of the skull and impaling it into the ground. The smash being devastating and more blood leaking from his helmet. Kenzo rushing over to the girl as Smiles quickly blocks Kenzo to advance any further.

"What the hell are you doing getting in my way!"

Smiles placing both his hands on Kenzo's chest.

"Listen, I don't condone murder of a child, why don't we just interrogate her and knock her out?"

While the conversation was happening, Yurei slipping pass the both of them and widening both his arms out as blood continues to leak from his face as he protects the girl.

"I won't.. allow you Kenzo or Smiles to touch this girl..."

The both of them now directing their attention at Yurei, as Smiles turns his whole body to face him. He pulls out his crossbow and takes aim at Yurei's chest.

"I suggest you step aside Yurei, this time it will be a vital spot, something even you won't survive.."

Yurei beckoned him to try as he whipped his chain to the ground as a means of taunting. The bolt being fired and Yurei easily impacting it and causing it to drop to the ground. Smiles quickly being aggravated as he pulls out his daggers, and placing his crossbow behind his lower back. Now taking his run straight forward to Yurei, he attempts to stab him in his chest with both daggers.

Yurei evading the daggers with ease, while quickly making work with his chain and tying Smiles' wrist together. The struggling being too late, and Yurei using the end of the chain to pull him while grabbing one of Smiles' daggers. While Kenzo ignoring the both of them and heading straight to the girl, Yurei throwing the dagger at Kenzo's lower left back knee, the impact causing him to drop to the ground.

Yurei then turning to face Smiles as he grabs the other dagger and stabs Smiles' stomach area in the vital region. Now ignoring smiles and rushing towards Kenzo who pulls out the dagger and slowly turning to face Yurei. Kenzo's skull is impacted by Yurei's knee. The impact causing Kenzo to fall back and as Yurei tries to pull out his sword to end Kenzo's life, Kenzo pulls out his own sword just in time to stab Yurei stomach vital area. The impact being too much as he vomits more blood. Kenzo rising to his feet, and seeing the girl run to another corner in fear. Yurei laying there with Kenzo's sword in his stomach.

Before Kenzo could try to do anything else, loud noises of pirates were rushing inside the cave. Kenzo not having enough time as he rushes towards Smiles and the both of them escape by making a massive hole in the wall with an explosion. The cave also coming down into a cave in.

Flashback - Ended

Yurei sits in his throne and then rises to his feet as he looks at both Kenzo and Smiles.

"I only survived because that little girl begged the man that we were sent to get, to spare my life because I was saving her life.. we managed to escape the cave in just in time.. Now I live my life as a cyborg... no longer human..."

A Date With A Dead Man! [Quest]  Empty Re: A Date With A Dead Man! [Quest]

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Kenzo , Mastery Of The Long Sword And Throwing Knives, 9ft and weighing at 250lb.
A Date With A Dead Man! [Quest]  23m78jp

Yurei, Mastery Of The Steel Chain And Spike Chain, 10ft and weighing at 1,000lb.
A Date With A Dead Man! [Quest]  O0ru4p

Smiles, Mastery Of The Twin Daggers And Crossbow, 9ft and weighing at 200lb.
A Date With A Dead Man! [Quest]  Magft1

Chapter 05 - The Final Stand

The three of them stood, triangle formation as they each were far apart from one another. Kenzo looking to his right to spot Smiles with his crossbow in his right hand. Then staring to look at Yurei whose holding nothing in his hands.

"Yurei.. I suggest you surrender and turn yourself over to the world government.. we have tons of questions that need answers and we can properly place a bounty on a man that's alive now.. seems to us that you aren't a pirate... so a revolutionary you have become... the men you got on your pay roll or following you by freedom is a big mistake on their part. Now make this easy on us.."

Smiles now placing his three bolts into the crossbow as he sets it up with his left hand. Now taking aim to Yurei's chest, he places his left forearm behind his back.

"Kenzo's right Yurei, make it easy on us and come back.."

Yurei chuckled at the thought of just turning himself in. A simple gaze is all it took for the both of them to realize that it wouldn't be that simple.

"You both know I would of given my own life to protect the both of yours. I considered you both family, but your words and even actions prove to me that you both had different ideals than my own.. I think we should end this here and now.. let's see if you both are strong enough to beat me again..."

A breeze of cold air brushed against the three of them, and without wasting time of words, they simultaneously performed their more strongest attacks right off the bat.

Yurei placing both his arms extended forward and with a simple whisper to himself, he launched his ultimate attack forward towards Kenzo. Kenzo saw not one, not ten, but 100 chains in a whip formation leaving Yurei's body. Under the wrist, over the wrist, fingers, torso, and stomach. The chains being regular and spike formed together as one in this ultimate combination. The fast pace of all one hundred chains went flying straight forward to Kenzo, that seemed so far away for a brief moment.

Kenzo chuckled, and then holding out his long sword in a stance of dominance. His heels placed together in a 45 degree angle, his feet separated apart, his legs touching one another, and his arms aiming downward to the ground fully extended with both of his hands tighten together with the tip of his sword aimed to the sky.

He yelled out as he performed his ultimate attack, "Lighting Style, Lighting Dragon!"

The bottom of his handle started the process, the red lighting becoming visible in appearance and slowly growing to the tip of the sword. The red lighting vanishing from the sword like it was never there and with this, he slashed the air with a powerful strike. The roars of the dragon could be heard, and a giant manifestation of a red lighting dragon shot forward against the chains. The clash happened and sparks of lighting branched outward from the mid air impact and a large explosion took place.

The smoke cleared, the one hundred chains dropped to the floor, and both men were panting heavily. The gust of wind that appeared during and after the two attacks were a clear indication that they were powerful indeed. However, Yurei wasn't fighting just one man, but two. Yurei scanned the room for Smiles, who couldn't be found anywhere in front of them.

A yell boomed outward from Smiles voice, along that came his ultimate attack. The wind style twin snakes. With his arms cupped together and extended forward, he held the two daggers pointed straight forward in a stabbing position posture. With a simple clockwise motion to appear that his hands and arms are twisted in a lock. He release the lock formation and reverted back to counter clockwise formation and freeing himself from this bondage. This sent forward two twin snakes created out of wind and they both were overlapping each other as they branch forward.

The yell of the technique wasn't needed, but was expressed on purpose. Yurei finally discovering where Smiles was, and with a simple half way body turn, he saw the twin snakes flying straight towards him. The impact was head on and by no means able to dodge the fast rush of the attack, he was blown straight to a nearby wall, blowing passed Kenzo. The smoke appeared, the panting now showing up afterwards on Smiles as he dropped to a kneel. Kenzo chuckling as he looked at Smiles.

"Nice work... that technique was a direct hit.. now let's capture him and send him to HQ."

Kenzo now turning to face back at the heavy smoke slowly fading away, and Smiles walking over to Kenzo and stopping right next to him. The smoke now becoming much lighter, with a shadowy figure appearing and standing upright. The smoke finally fading away to reveal Yurei's whole body structure. Gash marks everywhere on his armor, his circuits clearly visible, and heavy panting clearly shown as he tried catching his breath.

"Now it's time to get serious and I promise I will end the both of you.."

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Chapter 06 - The Odd Outcome!

Smiles revealed his crossbow, and already loaded and without missing a beat, he fired them straight at Yurei. The bolts being different than before, laced with special tags at the end of them. Yurei took notice of this and leaped out of the way, causing the bolts to impact the wall instead and a loud explosion commencing afterwards. Yurei shifted his eyes to the smoke now fading and the rocks crumbling to the ground. He then brought his attention to the both of them, mainly Kenzo who took is charge immediately after the explosion went of. His long sword in his right hand, he lifted it over his head and attempted to strike Yurei.

Yurei easily wrapping around his spike chain around Kenzo's wrist. Locking it up in place while also causing severe injury to Kenzo's wrist. Yurei brushing passed Kenzo and without giving Kenzo any time or leverage to use the chains to his own advantage, Yurei halted in his tracks and yanked the chain with a quick motion. Kenzo flying into the sky and over Yurei's head. Before Smiles could send a bolt to explode the chain linking the two together, Yurei firing a spike ball out of his body and straight to Kenzo's back. Kenzo turning his body just in time to throw three knives from his left hand. Enhanced with lighting in them, the three knives strike the ball of chain. This causing the ball to drift to the side and miss Kenzo entirely.

A bolt now exiting the chamber of the crossbow, impacting the chain and causing an explosion. The explosion unable to destroy the chain,however, giving Kenzo the opportunity to use a knife to open the chain wide enough for him to escape. Now free he and Smiles both rushing to Yurei. The both of them doing a zig zag formation and cross one another's pathway to reach Yurei, Yurei extending both his arms out.

Chains and in large bulks, escaping from underneath his wrist, the chains wrapping around the body of them and locking their torso and arms together in spike chains. Bonded together, Yurei quickly performing his 100 whips technique, striking the both of them and also sending large smoke to form due to the ground also getting impacted as well.

The smoke came to an end, and the both of them free as they leap far away from Yurei and both of them having large gash marks and injuries due to the technique. They both pant heavily as Yurei takes a kneel and also feeling the affects of using his strongest attack once more. Kenzo looking to Smiles and with anger in his voice he looked back at Yurei.

"Forget about bringing him back alive, he will rest here! Let's go all out and combine our ultimate attack to end this once and for all!"

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Gin // 9ft and weighing at 300lb, Mastery Of The Bo Staff, Marine Comparison to Commander.
A Date With A Dead Man! [Quest]  2u59xyb
Chapter 07 - Unknown Stranger!?

The red electric dragon easily being formed with his long sword as the base. The roar of the dragon unleashing greatly and forming out of the tip of the sword. While this was happening, the hissing of twin wind snakes formed at the tips of the daggers. Both combined together as the snakes were inside the dragon's mouth. The both of them yelling out their techniques, the attacks going straight forward to Yurei and before they could make their way half way, a knight appearing to jump into the attack.

With a simple spin of his bo staff which is 10ft in length, he spun it like a master and yelled his own technique. "Rock style, Steel Golem Defense!" Manifesting from the ground itself and a green aura forming around it, the golem taking the full brunt of the combined attack head on. The massive collection causing electricity to go everywhere and the gust of wind to blow in several directions. The smoke clearing and the golem crumbling to large pieces of boulders and medium size chunks. Gin standing at the center and in between the fighters with his arms folded across his chest. Kenzo's eyes widen in shock underneath his helmet and with a clenched fist of anger.

"Commander... Gin... How did you know we were here.. and why did you stop our attack?!?!"

Gin turning his head and shifting his eyes to stare at Kenzo. With his arms now by his side, he places his bo staff behind his back in its sheath.

"We aren't trying to kill this man... we have to capture him and obtain information from this man who was supposedly dead all these years.. now the both of you, stay back.. with that one attack you could of killed him.. we can't risk vital information.."

Kenzo becoming more frustrated as Smiles takes a hold of his left shoulder to prevent him to move from his current position.

"I know how you fee Kenzo, but if the commander orders us to stay back we have to follow. We will make sure Yurei doesn't escape by blocking the exit."

Kenzo looking to Smiles and calming down as he nods in agreement. The both of them now rushing to the exit of the room and standing guard. Yurei seeing Gin turning around to face him. Gin looking behind Yurei to see his two comrades blocking the pathway of the exit. Gin not wasting anymore time as he spins his bo staff with ease and a simple slam at the end part of it to the ground. The noise heard and the rumbling of the ground commencing in large cracks manifesting within seconds and leading towards Yurei. The cracks finally stop advancing as they stop in front of Yurei. The ground then shaking violently as a golem's hand erupts from the ground to capture Yurei.

Yurei leaping away from the grab as he extends his right arm forward to cast a spike chain to wrap around the whole arm like a snake. The spike sighing into the arm to form cracks into it, finally causing enough damage along with a tight grip to halt the arm from reaching him. A causal expression of under the breath laughter emerge from Yurei for this was a successful counter. "Hehe.."

Gin wasn't fazed by it, in fact he shrugged it off like it was nothing impressive. A few short seconds passed with Gin cocking his head upward in a sinister type nature and with the ground staring to erupt again. More cracks advancing passed Yurei and stopping just behind him. Another golem's arm coming from underneath him. However this was also a failed attempt as Yurei jumped into the air just in time to evade the grab. Yurei also extending his left arm to send a spike chain from underneath his wrist, which then performed the same scenario as before. Yurei now in mid air as the chains and the current predicament causing him to be unable to land on the ground and stay high above.

Clear deception was present as the golem arms started to branch forward to capture Yurei with ease. A false hope quickly became Yurei's nightmare as golem hands grabbing him tightly. The twenty foot golem now fully emerged from the ground. Yurei's body being crushed immensely as his circuits started to show on his body and arms.

Yurei's body then hurled to the ground below as it forms a small crater upon landing. The golem itself raising it's right foot to the air as he attempts to stomp it on Yurei's body. An angry yell came out of his voice, rising to his feet and performing his spike chains bind technique. Five chains coming out of his body in an instant and simultaneous pace. Wrapping around the knees, elbows, and neck of the golem, the tight grip and the damage of it's joints was enough to cause the golem to struggle for a few seconds. However, Yurei wouldn't give it a second further to try to escape and with another chain now exiting from his stomach area, he performed the 100 chains technique once again. The strike of the whips being more effective each swing. The golem having taken so much damage, finally collapses to the ground into nothing but chunks of rocks in the form of boulders.

A massive pant escaped his lips, and his whole body dropping to the ground as he lays on his back. So much energy being used to stop the golem and defeating it, Yurei was starting to blur in and out of his vision. His body too exhausted to even continue, Gin now walking and towering over Yurei's body. Smoke pelts dropping from Gin's pockets as it starts to form a large amount of smoke. The smoke almost reaching to where Kenzo and Smiles are. A loud noise being heard, and once the smoke cleared, a giant hole is now on a wall. Kenzo and Smiles noticing that Yurei and Gin are nowhere to be found, they rush towards the hole in the wall. Having no sense of direction on where to go, they split off from one another in search of what just happened.

Yurei awakening from his blur vision and seeing himself tied up in his own chains, he spots Gin sitting down and making a fire as night approached.

"What the hell is going on and where did you take me?"

Gin chuckled as he places a stick into the fire, he looks over his shoulder as he sits in an Indian style.

"If it wasn't for me, they both would of killed you. You may not remember me during your youth, but both your father and I go way back... I am your uncle and I'm here to protect you, even if it means I am a traitor to the government.."

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Chapter 08 - An Untold Story

Flashback - Many Years Ago

Gin rushing to the father of Yurei's office as he heard the news. By passing knights that calmly walk the hallways of HQ, he finally reaches the office. Without knocking, he opens the door in a quick panic and stares at the side profile of Yurei's father that is currently staring at a fireplace in front of him. Gin walking closer to him as he closes the door behind him.

"Please tell me it isn't true... don't tell me you are going into early retirement.."

Yurei's father sat down without speaking as tears began dropping from his eyes.

"I told him... being a knight would get him killed and now Yurei is dead.. My only son... gone.. I have no choice but to retire early, with my current mind frame, I can't handle the job anymore.. I will be giving leadership to someone else... someone who I trust the most and is qualified for the position."

Gin taking a seat next to him as he looks at the fireplace and admires it for a split second.

"The PHS needs you here.. new leadership could promote changes.."

Yurei's father rises to his feet and walks to the fireplace as he turns to face Gin.

"Promise me, you won't allow this company to fall... and I will always love you Gin.. just remember that.."

With those words being said, he drops the empty container of pills and falls to the ground. Being killed by the overdose, Yurei's father lays there lifeless. Gin weeping in tears as he cries over the body of his brother.

Flashback Ended

"Your Father committed suicide and soon after your mother did as well. They couldn't bring themselves to live any further without having you by their side. Once I heard you were by some miracle alive, I rushed over.."

Yurei sitting their in sadness as he sighs to himself, retracting the chains into his body. Yurei rising to his feet as Gin now stands and turns to look at Yurei.

"We have to get off this island before Kenzo and Smiles finds us.. I have a ship that can get us out of here.. it's our only chance of leaving here.."
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Excellently done quest, Yurei. I really liked the combination of flashbacks and present time narrative that you weaved throughout the quest. It helped me connect to the supporting cast quite a lot.

Just a couple of comments that I have based on some tiny things that you may want to consider in the future:
- In the case of Yurei, I would've liked to see some more character introspection. While this isn't completely necessary since this first quest is only a small part of what will become Yurei's full story, I still felt far more connected to Kenzo and Smiles. If this was intentional though, then very well done!
- The weight you've selected for all the supporting characters doesn't fit their height. Any human with a height of around 9 feet would weigh anywhere between 800-1200 lbs most likely. (This is, again, just a small thing, but it may help you imagine the impact they would have on normal-sized people. Like for example how dangerous their grasp would've been on that small child.)
- The abilities that Commander Gin used seemed totally out of some other universe. xD Those sorts of abilities are generally associated with devil fruits in the OP universe, so you should've assigned one to Gin. Of course, you'd then have to pick really obscure devil fruits that would have low odds of being claimed in the devil fruit claims. Also, if you plan on making him a future companion, you shouldn't give him a devil fruit.
- When using Yurei's techniques, copy-paste that particular technique's information from your fighting style page into a spoiler in whichever post you use that technique in.
- Lastly, make a personal tracker and include a link to it in your signature: It's an important part of the character creation that you seem to have missed.

Time for the rewards:

EXP: 68 (50 + 0.25*50)
Berries: 500,000 berries (400k + 0.25*400k)
Bounty: 4,000,000 berries (I'd assume that Kenzo and Smiles would've called a marine outpost to report their findings, which would then have led to a starting bounty being placed on Yurei's head.)
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