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Home Again. Wonderful. Empty Home Again. Wonderful.

This post has in-line assessment comments.Sat Oct 14, 2017 11:00 pm
The azure sea glistened and gulls cried as the docks of Dawn Island bustled with activity as workmen barked orders at one another. Heavy builds and manly beards were a common sight..frilly dresses and excited giggling were not as a few men looked thunderstruck by the sight of the five young ladies clutching one another in a tight group. Their dress were fine bright colors of blues,greens and one vibrant purple worn by the apparent eldest sister as she attempted to calm her excited siblings. The relation between the women was evident as brunette hair and pale green eyes seemed to be clear family trait as each sibling styled themselves. The eldest, Sabrie Pell -Heishi- (Age 26) had just given birth to her second child and had a waiting husband at home. Her hair was cut short around her shoulders in a rigid style, almost perfectly straight.Only the vibrant hue of violet gave away a less serious personality. The second eldest (Age, 25) Irene Heishi wore a more subdued color of pale green and a pair of glasses framed her face, that did not detract from her charming smile as an engagement ring glinted on her finger. The twins clad in bright blues gossiped among themselves behind open fans, their names Eliza and Elizabeth, (age 23). Their subject of gossip was the vicious cycle of gossip that circled upper class families like vultures..although this horrid habit did not stop various men from courting them. Finally the youngest and excited, but restrained was Misha Heishi (age 21) as her youth still displayed itself in her choice of style with ribbons braided into her hair. The entire group was a sight to see, but their focus was on the one ship about to dock.

The brazen blue and white emblem of the Marines greeted the sisters as the ship docked and the gang plank clunked against the dock. A few marines clad in uniform walked down with various papers in their hands speaking of needed supplies, as one youth halted in his steps to admire the waiting women, only to be dragged back into the present by a superior. Still the act didn't cause a few giggles from the ladies as Sabrie cleared her throat to settle them down again. Only Misha fidgeted in place as a small squeal escaped her as she darted forward suddenly to collide the descending figure, her grip on him instant in a crushing hug. It was partially out of affection as well as the fact that her heels weren't exactly meant to grip the wood beneath her, only to find herself held closely against the soft silk of a kimono by gentle hands. Scarlet streaked her cheeks at her improper behavior as well as the loud comment from a Marine "Well, well, looks like you can't help but charm the ladies even before you step off the boat..Makes me wish I was that..pretty..". The insult was clear in his voice as her savior's reply snipped out "Ah, well it may be common in your town to have..'relations' with siblings..honestly it wouldn't surprise me given you can't even follow the simplest of orders..Dawn Island is too civilized for such a backwater thought..". The Marine blanched as his face reddened in anger but was held back by his fellows grumbling about upper class prats..but not daring to insult the man again.

Misha hastily backed away from her brother as his hand caught hers as his smile was gentle "At least let me escort you back to the dock..Honestly,Misha have you gotten more clumsy since I have been away?". It had been almost a year and half since Ren had last set eyes on Dawn Island, nothing had changed even Misha's clumsy mannerisms when she got excited, it was nostalgic..but dull at the time. He soon found himself swarmed by his sisters as the women poked and prodded him from top to bottom. Sabrie mused over the length of his hair, but stated at least he kept it neat. Irene had begun her assault of questions of the missing details from his letters wanting to know every single moment. The twins cooed over the soft fabric of the kimono and admired the hair sticks glinting in the sunlight. While Misha contented herself with sticking close to her favorite sibling, she had missed him so much..and his occupation did worry her.

Home Again. Wonderful. Empty Re: Home Again. Wonderful.

This post has in-line assessment comments.Sat Oct 21, 2017 8:49 pm
Eventually the fawning grew tiresome as Ren batted away at his sibling's hands with a gentle swat. Finally after regaining his personal space, the reunited siblings began their short stroll to the waiting carriages as Misha clung to her brother's arm. Misha was the 'youngest' in the family, but the cold reality was that she was not blood-related, but the adopted daughter of Ren's father. Her actual father had been the humble butler to Ren's family for many years, but unexpected illness struck him..and leaving behind a three year old Misha alone in the world. Young enough to trained in the arts of young lady, but still it did not prevent the gossip from circulating in circles. That Misha was the bastard between his father and some woman..that he had given the baby to his butler to rid of it..only to have come back to him.  All lies in honest truth as Ren and his 'true' siblings had viciously defended their 'baby' sister when such rumors began to be said straight to her face. Her birth did not matter, she bore the household name and their love made her as true a sibling as ever. Still it didn't make Ren pleased to see her new features, as her nervous smile appeared as the pair sat in the carriage. Sabrie had taken it upon herself to herd the other four back into the other carriage, stating someone responsible needed to watch them.

'Responsible', a word that had been thrown in Ren's face by his angry mother after his decision to join the Navy all those years ago. That he was just being a rebellious youth excited at the thought of having a small adventure or two. In all honesty, it was true as the youth had found the rigid path of nobility unappealing when it came to actually having to act as one. All the false masks and mannerisms made him want to slam his head into the nearest post at times. Not to mention the antagonizing process of courting for a wife, flirtations were entertaining, but the thought of marriage to some vapid doll made him feel ill. "You aren't mad at me. Right?" Misha's soft voice broke his thoughts as her hands fiddled with a green ribbon on her right braid. As Ren sighed "Well, I did think you looked nicer as a blonde. Honestly, Misha I am not sure why you were even allowed to do that your hair". Misha huffed at his answer like a responsible adult "What does it matter, it's not you would understand..I wanted". Scarlet flushed over her face as Ren smiled wryly "You dyed it to fit that it..Well I suppose if that is the trend now. Shall I go brunette as fashion dictates..". Hastily waving her hands as Misha tried to take back her answer "No-but..". Her protests were silenced as Ren held up a hand "I am joking Misha. Forgive me for questioning your choices..I forget you aren't a child anymore."

The remaining ride was a silent one as both siblings were lost in their thoughts. Ren on the fact that his sisters had grown up without him noticing, not that he had been home for extended periods of time. While Misha was trying to think of a better way to apologize to her brother. This time it was his turn to interrupt as his hands gently grasped her hands, his eyes burning into hers as he said seriously "Do not change for anyone, Misha. Be proud of who you are and have become. It's your birthright..". Misha nodded slowly as the carriage rolled to a stop in front of the manor as the household staff waited to greet them. Three maids and a single butler were apart of the main manor staff, as the elderly man bowed to Ren with a gentle "Welcome back, Master Ren. I am glad to see you return home, safe once again. Your Father and Mother wish to speak with you in the main parlor as soon as possible. As for the Ladies, welcome home. If you wish tea has just been put on..". His sisters hastily collected themselves and Misha gave her brother a gentle smile knowing the battle that was to come. While Ren returned one much less confident as he could feel the pressure of his upcoming talk with each and every step towards the manor.

Home Again. Wonderful. Empty Re: Home Again. Wonderful.

This post has in-line assessment comments.Fri Nov 03, 2017 10:46 pm
The interior of the estate was elegantly decorated, but in a tasteful manner. Ren shuddered at the faint recollection of the attempted fad of golden furniture started by an eccentric widow when he was a child. Thankfully it never caught on given the expense and uncomfortable nature of literal gold couches..that didn't stop idiots from to make it work. Looking back at his own reflection against the spotless tile made Ren sigh as he remembered what exactly was waiting for him in the parlor. Never had those damn double-doors been as daunting since he was a child. Then again his lecture would be even worse if he kept his parents waiting as each step seemed to grow infinitely heavier. The atmosphere of the parlor was tranquil and calm as fresh tea steamed in waiting cups as sunlight streamed in through the windows. Still Ren's erratic pulse didn't slow as he inclined his head in his parents direction stating politely "Mother, Father..I am glad to see you are in good health..".

His ruby eyes widened in alarm as he found himself in a tight embrace by his tearful mother. Unable to physically escape her grasp as Ren silently wished for the unwanted affection to end as tears stained the silk of his kimono, finally the embrace ended. The invasion of his personal bubble did not as his mother grabbed his face gently "Ren, you look so thin. You are getting enough to if a mother needs to worry about that and her beloved baby boy fighting dangerous pirates". Iris Heishi was a woman in her golden years as her waist length hair once blonde was turning silver, but an air of youth of about her. Her energy had been inherited by her daughters as she never seemed to enjoy the quiet without planning some elaborate party or discussing another idea of fashion with her seamstress. Ren had learned quickly to avoid this tornado of energy in his youth unless he wanted to be dragged along with her plans. A gruff voice chimed in over his mother "Pirates is the least of this boy's worrys. Iris, if the rumors are true.". Ren sighed at that voice as he side-stepped his mother to look his father directly in the eyes. Roy Heishi was a intimidating figure in the sense of presence as if the man was reassured of his status and those that would challenge him would be ground into the dirt. That didn't stop the effect of time as his hair had gone gray and was thinning. It wasn't a surprise that Ren had inherited his striking gaze as Ren stated [color=violet] "You were never one for rumors, Father. Or has gossip become another pastime for you..".

Tension simmered in the air as the two men stared each other down until a loud thump hit the coffee table as a bundle of letters presented themselves. Ren's vacant expression turned into shock as he scanned the elegant hand-writing of the top letter, it was a report from his commander. The bastard had always had deep pockets and it seemed some of his father's money had slipped into them. His mother's hand clutched his arm as her voice rose in pitch threatening more tears "It isn't true, Ren. You didn't eat one of those cursed fruits...and that". Emotion overcame her voice as it faded away from Ren's single nod, that it was true. It hadn't been on a dare or accident as Ren had been curious of the strange fruit and the possible power that came with it. The reality of his Devil Fruit powers made him the laughingstock of the least until he managed to get better control of it. Jeers turned into begrudging respect as Ren thought his powers suited him quite well..even with a touch of irony. Peacocks had long since been a symbol of wealth and beauty, why shouldn't he be the ideal representative of it.

Still his martial abilities wouldn't be at all useful against the cold words of his father as he growled out "Now of late, nobles and commoners have begun sending letters from demands of marriages to follow through on promises and even one fool had the gall to claim his daughter has given birth to a child resembling you. Ren, I will not have our name dragged through the name on the account of your dalliances. It is time for you to do your duty as the heir to the household". Anger sparked in Ren's chest at his father's demands, the arrogance of a man who knew nothing of the world. Duty, tradition and expectations had chased him away from this life of a noble into that of the marines. A different sort of duty, tradition and exception..but ones that could be molded by Ren as time went on. His voice became soft concealing his rising temper "If I refuse? Deny myself as heir to the household. Returning to the a man without title or nor family name. Now imagine the gossip of that..". His father's fist slammed on the coffee table as the delicate cups rattled from the force, as he bellowed "You would do that as a dishonorable child, spoiled since birth..the sea has changed you, boy. How can we believe you haven't joined with the same scum that attacked your sisters all those years ago..". This would be the straw that broke the camel's back as the man, Ren had called Father dealt the worst blow. Comparing him to filthy, cruel pirates was one straw, but to assume he would allow harm to befall his own beloved sisters.

Ren had come to know his emotions had to be kept in check to maintain his human form, but animal insticts couldn't be wished away nor could his flaws. His temper was another feature he had inherited from his father as the tea cups shattered from Ren's talons shoving against the table. The vast train of his tail unfurled on full display as Ren himself shook with anger pointing a finger at his shocked father "I am not your pawn in your damn game. I don't give a damn about status or titles. Leave the girls out of this, you blustering fool. I am Marine of the World Goverment, I am not some pampered frail child needing your protection anymore. I am done with this..". His train slowly closed as Ren shook off an attempt by his stunned mother retiring to his room for the evening..and possibly the duration of his rest period. His troubles would only get worse upon receiving a call that his position on his present post had been retired..and now he was landlocked..with family problems without a exit strategy.
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