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Trouble at the Restaurant(Episode) Empty Trouble at the Restaurant(Episode)

This post has in-line assessment comments.Mon Dec 18, 2017 11:52 pm
”Don't cross me.”

Tony was slightly distanced in his thought, remembering back to the time he had fondled into chemistry, a rather odd hobby at first but one that was useful for creating explosives, especially in combination with the power he has. He can already picture it... a messy desk full of tools in the middle of the room, with plans scrapped all over the floor, cabinets carrying all the other necessities are placed upon the walls... it was his working room back before his "bad chapter", he can even remember the time he had successfully made his first bomb, and how happy he was when he could light the string with his Flint power. "Rick!" a sudden voice could be heard, but the thought had continued... Tony had lit up the string on the bomb, with it burning slowly but surely into the bomb with each passing second. "RICK!" the voice came again, breaking Tony's chain of thought.

He got snapped back into reality, as he looked down upon the steak being cooked in a pan on the stove, looking around as he realized where he was... his old man's restaurant... and his fake identity name being called by the old man, "RICK! the hell are you doing?" Tony yelled back at the old man "Save your breath, the steak's nearly done." and with that message, quiet had returned back to the kitchen, despite the sizzling sound of the pan. Tony had distanced himself in thought before because of the waiting, but it seems that the steak had finally been done. He turned off the stove, giving it a few seconds to slightly cool down before Tony used tongs to get it off the pan and placed it on a plate, he then went around the kitchen, looking for the old man before he nearly bumped into him. "There you are! get the plate over here." they placed it near a counter where there were several vegetables on a separate plate, the old man using his own set of tongs to get the vegetables to other side of the plate that had the steak on it. "Who ordered this? seems to be a rather... simple dinner." the old man gave a light chuckle, "Your admirer." Tony had rolled his eyes, he's had this problem in previous days...

The first time Tony had served a meal to a particular woman who ordered her food, she's tried a few... advances on him. The old man just shrugs it off and just says it's good for business since she keeps coming back, but Tony is rather sick of it at this point. "Can you hand the meal to her? say I got off work early or something." he nodded, with the old man grabbing the plate and heading out of the kitchen to give it to the woman, Tony could hear a conversation afterwards where she sounded disappointed but soon enough, had ate her dinner and left. He let out a sigh of relief. It was starting to get late and the restaurant is pretty much empty. The old man headed back into the kitchen to have a talk with Tony. "Alright... I think it's only us now, I gotta say Tony, your admirer isn't that bad looking, nice, long blue hair, piercing blue eyes, a dress that matches with those two aspects of her and she's in pretty good shape. She's a keeper for sure."

Tony had waved it off, "I'm not interested in a relationship." Tony said to him, with the old man giving him a raised eyebrow, "Then what are you interested in? I've noticed you keep spacing out recently." Tony had started to pace around a bit, as he had noticed that too... he should be happy with this peaceful, new life he had but instead he keeps dwelling on the past, of the highlights of his own life but somehow... feels a form of regret, and he can't put his finger on it. "I... don't know." the old man gave a sigh, "I'll get off your ass about it for now, but just focus on the good things you have now... a stable job, your own place and no more violence, you can live in peace." Tony knew what he said is right, none of those things are bad and yet... Tony somehow feels unfulfilled with his life. "Take the night off, I'll finish up everything here and close the restaurant for the night." Tony gave a light nod. "Thanks, old man." he quickly got angry, saying "Old man?! the name's Maryal, you dipshit. I'm not old..." Tony laughed at the namecall. "Sorry, I forgot you hated being called that." and with that, any interactions between them had wrapped up and Tony got out from the back of the restaurant and went on his way home.

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