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Say what another Fairy Tail RP! What's so different about it Empty Say what another Fairy Tail RP! What's so different about it

This post has in-line assessment comments.Sat Jan 27, 2018 9:37 pm
A Fairy Tail inspired RP that takes place in an alternate/original universe. As such, the events of the Fairy Tail manga and anime are not applicable in this universe. Themes and plot structures are carried over, but there is no lore connected to the original story. In this RP, the story initially takes place in the year X780, in the country of Fiore. Many Guilds are known to exist as well as Dark Guilds. These guilds are ruled over by the Magic Council, who oversee events and deal out punishments relating to magic. Guilds are given jobs that are posted on a job board. Guilds are overseen by a Guild Master as well, a powerful mage that’s incharge of the guild and it’s mages. This RP varies from Fairy Tail in different ways. Firstly, Dragon Slayers and other slayer type mages do not exist. If you know the lore behind slayer mages, you will know why they don’t exist. The RP also varies in that the universe of Edolas does not exist. The in-universe plot itself will change and develop with different arcs and stories."

Custom Magic’s Only

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