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A One Piece RP server on Byond, A Pirate's Tale Empty A One Piece RP server on Byond, A Pirate's Tale

on Fri Jun 22, 2018 11:28 am
So, I am a admin over on a Byond RP server called A Pirate's tale, we want to see if anyone would like to give us a try. We operate similar to forum RP, except with some minor mechanics and being live RP over post by post RP.

Byond, is a free 2d, SNES style graphics game creator with many RP servers upon it. It comes with a hub of the games making things easier to find and it is where we host our server as well. The download link for it is just below, it is rather simple to download and if you wish, feel free to search online first of course to see if the style of it is your thing!

Our server is a one piece based one, devil fruits, snipers, minks, and so on all grace the server and play a role in it, we are looking to expand our playerbase and just like the game it is of course free and we make no money from it at all,  just a bunch of people wanting to RP, host events in game and have fun.

if this is something you would enjoy trying out once you have downloaded hit the "Open' button near the right left and input this into the first box.


Although that tends to change from time to time during updates so visting the link below should get you to the site itself, as well as a link further below for the forums and discord, feel free to ask any questions you have there!



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