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by Admin
on Tue Feb 09, 2021 10:47 am
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Topic: [World Event] A Devil and His Dog
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[World Event] A Devil and His Dog

A Devil and His Dog

The sign-ups for this world event are now closed as the world event has finally begun!
World Event Rules

Please see the sign-up thread to review the rules and requirements already laid out in the admin post.

First Round
The first round of posts will be free - as in, anyone can submit their first post without worrying about whose turn it is. However, I highly recommended you discuss how you plan to enter the event with other participants you are interested in forming a group with (see the RP group section below). The NPC post will provide details regarding each faction's settings.

RP Groups
Once the first round of posts is complete, each player can form their own RP group in the thread. Each group only has to wait for their group mates to finish posting before repeating the post order. The NPC will throttle any groups which go too fast in comparison to others.

You are welcome to freely switch between groups or merge with other groups, so long as both parties are informed appropriately.

When you form or change a group, please also include an OOC spoiler note in your post to keep the staff informed.

If you are not part of any groups, I recommended you to align your RP posts with a group of your choosing and post in that order.

Time Limit
Each player will have 72 hours (3 days) to submit their RP post when it's their turn. If they miss this deadline, their turn will be considered missed. It will then be the following character’s turn to post.

Once you miss 3 turns, you will start losing 20% of the total rewards for each post you miss subsequently.

If you are posting independent of an RP group, you must post at least once a week.

Read Every Post!
It is imperative that participants read every post in this event. I realise this may be more than what some of you may have bargained for, but, please remember that there will be a vote at the end of the event that will decide who should get the top three prizes. Additionally, it will help you keep track of the overarching story and keep you aware of any characters outside your RP group trying to interact with yours'.

The event will continue to evolve at varying paces, so, please try to be patient and yet vigilant. But, above all, enjoy yourselves! You will rarely get the opportunity to interact with such a diverse cast of player characters and Impies in a single thread.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the #help-desk channel on Discord.

by Gray
on Wed Dec 30, 2020 1:29 pm
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@Castor O. Nox wrote:Make a wish: I'll take whatever the heavens give me.

@NPC wrote:The member 'Castor O. Nox' has done the following action : Dice Roll

'100-sided Die' : 60

The heavens have granted you a useless perk. You could pass a perk on to Sabian or someone else, or you could sell it to.

@Theon Clyde wrote:Make a wish: More world events, to keep Revival Dawn alive, also, levels and EXP personally, being selfish.

@NPC wrote:The member 'Theon Clyde' has done the following action : Dice Roll

'100-sided Die' : 4

Your wish is my wish too. Stay tuned for a new World Event soon.
I would unlock your equipment for you, but, you haven't made a tracker, so, just link your equipment page in the #help-desk and I shall unlock it.

@Stone Okirama wrote:Make a wish: That I make lots of friends here in the coming year!

@NPC wrote:The member 'Stone Okirama' has done the following action : Dice Roll

'100-sided Die' : 17

You can't make friends if you don't mingle.
Old balance: 50,000
New balance: 50,050,000

@Canary wrote:Make a wish: Let's there be peace in the world!

@NPC wrote:The member 'Canary' has done the following action : Dice Roll

'100-sided Die' : 66

World peace is unrealistic. RNGenie says there are now four rules.
Windcaller perk added as per your choice!

@Swole wrote:Make a wish: More members making waifus.

@NPC wrote:The member 'Swole' has done the following action : Dice Roll

'100-sided Die' : 91

Old balance: 3,050,000
New balance: 23,050,000

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