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Topic: [World Event] A Devil and His Dog
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[World Event] A Devil and His Dog


The following threads and posts will be used as references for the NPC posts in this event. It is crucial for you to read the News Coo articles and Meanwhile... scenes.

[Meanwhile... scene] A Devil and His Dog - Scene I
[News Coo article] NRA bombs Briss Kingdom!
[World Event] Bearing a Bear's Ways

If you have any questions regarding the plot, setting, or characters, you can always ask in #plotting.


A Map of The Jolly Keys

The Jolly Keys—an unassuming set of tropical isles in the South Blue—are a nest of vipers, a den of thieves, and home to the wicked. Two larger islands form the eyes while a chain of smaller islets shapes the archipelago's eponymous smile.

The presence of officials and authority figures is as welcome on the Jolly Keys as cold sores on a hot date. But, even in this mosh pit of crooks, many innocent civilians live out their dull lives.

Many fishing villages and camps dot the Jollies—a popular nickname for the archipelago. But, the majority of the population can be found in its three cities.

Port Teardrop is the largest of the three cities and perhaps the most legitimate—though "least illegitimate" might be more accurate. It sits snugly between a lone mountain and the south-eastern coast of East Eyeland. This city is the most tolerant to outsiders and benefits from all manner of free trade. The Mourning River runs down the mountain and through the city, dividing it in two halves. Many wide stone bridges built over it support hundreds of buildings, practically making it an underground river.

La Crima, a city on the western edge of East Eyeland, is more infected by crime and illicit businesses. Assasins, organ traders, human traffickers, and smugglers of all sorts congregate in this city. Tourists in La Crima are bound to be taken advantage of one way or another.

Lastly, the city of Carbuncle sits by the Bay of Spectacles on West Eyeland. A jagged reef protects the bay like a guard dog's fangs. Ships entering the bay will surely find their watery graves unless they are familiar with the tide schedules and the surrounding currents. The entire length of West Eyeland's coast consists of high cliffs and various dangerous rock formations. This serves as a solid natural defense for those with vested interests in West Eyeland.

A patch of mountains—unsurprisingly referred to as the Patch Mountains—lay on West Eyeland. An active volcano lies in the centre of this patch. Many factories operate in these mountains, mining minerals and illegal substances not fit for model citizens. The owners of these factories fiercely protect their assets and rule the Jolly Keys from the shadows.

For an archipelago so averse to authority, it does not fail to fall victim to strong leadership. Carbuncle is a city closed off to all outsiders, for it is home to notorious criminals who hold the Jollies under their thumbs.

February 14, 1829

Somewhere in La Crima...

"Why are you even here, Mancie?! Didn't the boss-man order you to keep an eye on things at Briss?" Barked a five-feet-short baldy.

His much taller associate, an electric eel fish-man, pouted as best as his unsettling underbite would allow. His skin was yellow as if jaundiced. "Ahd do dat, bud, ya noe hoe uzezz ya are, Godli-zan." (I'd do that, but, you know how useless you are, Gotli-san.) He replied as if stating a fact. His answer did not detain him from spiking the ends of his ragged blond hair. The skinhead's shiny scalp served as a suitable mirror.

The vertically-and-follically-challenged grump folded his arms and howled. "Shut your ugly mouth, you stupid fish-out-of-water! You're the only one who thinks I'm useless. And it's not like I came here alone! I brought a bunch of soldiers with me. If only we hadn't been caught by that damn hurricane!"

Mancie scratched his round chin and pondered over the excuse. After a moment's thought, he shrugged. "Da hurrycan wooden be zo durrybull if ya hoomuns noo hoe duh zwim." (The hurricane wouldn't be so terrible if you humans knew how to swim.)

"We know how to swim, you idjit. Hurricanes are bad news for everyone." Gotli rolled his eyes and turned away.

"Anyway, since you're here, you might as well help me find the rest of our unit." The pair walked down a muddy thoroughfare, dodging beggars and stray dogs, in search of their fellow revolutionaries.

One of the many docks at Port Teardrop...

The morning sun barely peeked through the black clouds which lingered after the passing hurricane from the previous few days. Its rays broke free and lit up the features of a raven-haired man in a wedding-white suit. He adjusted his violet tie, cleared his throat, and spoke into a transponder snail clearly.

"To all my foul cousins of the Gull family - you are cordially re-invited to the wedding reception of Copernicus and Goldilocks. Sadly, the wedding hall was damaged during the hurricane, so, the ceremony will be held at Dock Warehouse No. 28. Be sure to bring your original invitations. The reception is country-themed. Please wear plain clothes. The reception is still on track for this afternoon at 4 PM sharp. That is all."

Somewhere in a dark corner of the city, a scarred marine attentively listened to this message. Once the transmission was complete, he undid his blue neckerchief and abandoned his white cap. His blue-haired comrade followed suit and spoke, "Isn't the whole cloak-and-dagger thing unnecessary? That Lord Foul is overly cautious. These halfwits couldn't get away even if they knew we were coming."

The scarred marine shushed him. "I've heard rumours of the crimelords here bringing outside help for some major deal that's about to go down. We don't do joint operations with Cipher Pol for small-time shit. They may not have briefed us on the details, but, I'd bet money we're going after some big fish. The hurricane blew our teams to who knows where. So, our first priority should be to rendezvous and get read in on the rest of the plan."

The blue-haired marine admitted to the ominous implications of an alliance between the two faces of the World Government and silenced himself.

The real hurricane had yet to come.

OOC Notes:

For any marine and Cipher Pol agents - just to be clear, there is no actual wedding or wedding reception. Seamus Fowl, the chief of CP4, is using code to communicate a rendezvous point for a joint task force of marines and CP agents which has come to the Jolly Keys for an investigation. Marines and CP agents are expected to come to this rendezvous in plain clothes. There may be party crashers who intercepted this message showing up to the "wedding" in hopes of getting free food. Marines can escort these lost souls away from the rendezvous point.

For any revolutionaries - your characters would not have been filled in on the details of your mission. All you should know is that you are here to support Commander Gotli while he organises some weapons deal.

For any pirates - you can be on the Jolly Keys doing your own thing, or, you can be one of the mercenaries hired by the pirate overlords for the "major business deal" that's about to go down. You would not have details regarding this deal. You would simply be asked to detain any troublemakers and keep an eye out for the authorities - i.e. Marines and such.

Currently, no player characters are allowed to be on West Eyeland. You can start off on East Eyeland, or any of the Smisles. There was a hurricane for the previous few days passing through this region, so, many recent arrivals were scattered. This is also how the Revolutionary group and the Marine/CP group got scattered. The Marine group was originally supposed to make port on the northeast corner of East Eyeland.

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