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Name : Muse
Age : 18
Height : 0'8"
Weight : 2 lbs
Species : Dwarf
Devil Fruit : Poke Poke no Mi (Pocket Pocket Fruit)
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[Episode] Now, where am I? Empty [Episode] Now, where am I?

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Quest Request:

Muse sat on that beach for what seemed like hours, in a daze. His memory of the previous altercation was hazy, but he knew the leader of the smuggler crew he'd been a part of for two years had thrown him into the sea. It was something that should have been certain death for a devil fruit user, and yet he'd managed to wash up on this island in the end. Perhaps he just didn't sink well enough due to his light weight?

"I... Suppose I shouldn't complain. This is good." He murmured to himself, reaching into the pocket he'd formed on his stomach to check that all of the Belly he'd made off with was still there. Of course it was.

Forcing a smile at this, it was all he could do to not think about how his friend had tried to kill him. Though, he supposed that man wasn't the same person he'd been when they met, in the first place. They would be better off without their money. His smile was more genuine as he thought about how their faces must've looked when they noticed the empty coffers.

Finally hopping to his feet, he began to take in his surroundings, the adventurous spirit in him steadily coming to the forefront. The surroundings were unremarkable so far-- beyond the sand, the ground was just rocky. Nonetheless, he headed toward the greenery seen in the distance.

Muse's steps were light as he made his way toward the lush greenery, his mind a whirlwind of thoughts. The sun was high in the sky, casting a warm glow over the island, and a gentle breeze carried the scent of salt and foliage. Despite the beauty of the place, Muse couldn't shake off the lingering sense of unease. He had no idea where he was, and the uncertainty gnawed at him.

As he ventured further inland, the dwarf's curiosity was rising. He hadn't noticed it at first, but the island was alive with the sounds of nature, birds chirping and leaves rustling in the wind. He spotted various plants and herbs along the way, some familiar and some completely alien to him. His botanist's heart fluttered with excitement, and he soon had no choice but to stop and act on his instincts.

Muse pulled one of his partially filled notebooks from a pocket on his arm and flipped to a clean page, as he stared up at the unknown plant. It had a tall, slender stalk, topped with a vibrantly colored bloom that seemed to shimmer in the sunlight. The leaves at the bottom were strangely short for a stalk plant and colored a mix of green and red. Muse had scribbled out a basic image of the plant before noting down the details for later study. It was only when he was done that he managed to drag himself away to continue his venture, but he still had to stop and do the same thing for two more plants on the way. It'd been so long since he'd been able to just bask among the foliage and do his own thing.

Soon enough, as he was climbing over a root, Muse took note of the tell-tale sound of a small stream nearby. A bubbling brook, perhaps. His thirst caught up to him all too suddenly, and he made way for it with less caution than before. Grinning as the water was finally in view. He approached the edge of the stream, cupping a bit of water into his hands before bringing it to his mouth to drink.

Muse was only able to repeat the process a couple more times before a shrill sound triggered his instincts and he dove forward into the stream itself. Looking back over his shoulder, he tensed as he saw the colorful bird flying away from the spot where he had just been kneeling.

His gaze remained on the sky for a good moment after that, as he climbed out onto the opposite side of the stream and pulled a spear from the pocket on his thigh. The Ironstalk spear was his faithful companion, and he felt much better for having it in his grip.

Finally releasing the breath he'd been holding, Muse began following the stream, pulling a towel from an arm pocket to start drying himself off a bit. The stream wouldn't have been deep at all for a human, but for him, it might as well have been a river. He kept an ear out for any more predators, gradually moving into the tree line to keep under the cover of the roots.

It later turned out that just walking next to the stream was the safer bet, as he was chased away from a canvas of roots by a large, angry, opossum-like critter. Still, the sense of adventurer was there in full-force-- he was loving it. It was kind of a conflicting feeling. He was alone, with no immediate means of getting off the island. But he was also free, free from the pressure of the smuggler crew and their increasingly dubious activities. It was a fresh start, even if it wasn't the one he had imagined for himself.

He turned his gaze to the sky once more, realizing once more just how diverse the island's ecosystem seemed. There were all kinds of insects buzzing about near the trees and water, colorful birds hiding in the treetops, and so, so many different plants. If he allowed it of himself, he'd be plucking as many herbs as he could, but it just wasn't the time for that. He was careful to shoo a few too-curious insects away from himself with his spear, not wanting to hurt them.

Muse continued his journey along the stream, the sparse canopy of the island's woods casting dappled shadows on the ground. The stream was gradually widening as he went, and he was careful to keep his footing throughout. He wasn't sure, yet, what his end goal was with this walk-- wasn't he out of luck if this was a uninhabited island? He supposed he could only hope that wasn't the case. He'd read before that civilizations started around rivers, so it had been his first instinct to start following the water. Plus, there were plenty of berry bushes he recognized to snack from along the way.

Thankfully, it turned out that his venture wasn't for naught. As he continued on, he started to see signs of people. Footsteps in the dirt, markings on the trees, and the most obvious sign: litter. Feeling more assured now that he knew he wasn't alone on the island, his pace quickened. In time, the path of the river opened up into a clearing, with small wooden shacks coming into view. There weren't many of them. Five, maybe? But it meant people, nonetheless!

Starting to hear the quiet murmur that implied conversation in the distance, Muse approached cautiously after putting his spear away, not wanting to startle the villagers. As he entered the clearing, he could see about three people standing near a shack, seeming in the midst of a casual conversation. Soon, one of the men took notice of him in the clearing and began patting his neighbor's arm to direct his attention while he pointed. Muse blinked as he was greeted by the curious stares of the three. He raised his hand in a friendly gesture, hoping to convey his peaceful intentions, though feeling a bit awkward. "Um, hello!"

"...What is that?"
"A rat?"
"No, look, it has a person's face."
"I've seen some pretty crafty rats."
"Didn't it just speak?"

"Oh, uh... I promise I'm not a rat!" Muse tried again as he approached closer, with one of the villagers crouching down to get a better look at him. He looked to be middle-aged, with the other two looking maybe a decade younger.

"So it seems..." The man muttered, stroking his beard as he observed the small, strange creature.

"I'm a Dwarf! I'm from the Tontatta Tribe, really far away from here." Muse tried to explain, smiling. "My name is Muse."

"It has a name..." He heard one of the other men murmur to their neighbor.
"Guess it's not bait, then."

"Quiet, the both of you." The older man spoke, giving the two of them a look. Looking back to Muse, he chuckled. "No need for that worried look, no one here will be using you as bait." He assured, holding a hand out for the Dwarf to step onto. Crouching down was pretty hard on his knees, these days.

Muse nodded and smiled widely as he stepped onto the man's hand, not doubting his word in the slightest. "That's good! What's your name?"

The man smiled back, carefully standing straight as the other two men approached to get a better look, themselves. "My name is Roswell, and these two are Jakobi and Wanil, my brothers. You say you're from so far away, so how have you ended up here, Little One?"

"It's nice to meet you! Well, that's a long story... You see, I--" Muse blinked, his words cut off as loud coughing erupted from within the nearby structure. "...Are they alright..?" He asked in concern, looking back to Roswell. That cough didn't sound good at all.

Roswell frowned, looking towards the cabin, himself. "Ah... Yes, that would be our father. We were just discussing what we could do to help him, but..." He spoke, brows settling in a deep furrow.

"...May I know the details? I know I may not look like much, but I know quite a bit about medicine."

"What, a rat that knows medicine?"
"Shut up Jako, it's not a rat."
"I'm serious, though, look at that thing-- it's tiny. Do you really think it knows anything about human illnesses?"

"...Not to offend, but Jakobi does have a point. You say you know medicine, but have you any experience with humans?"

Muse nodded, understanding their concern. "Yes! I was on a crew with humans before I ended up here. It may not be much, but I did take care of their health for those two years."

Roswell seemed to consider this for a moment, silently stroking his beard in what was clearly a habit. "... Alright. Our father has recently taken ill. We've done what we can, but we're currently the only ones here, and he might not make the trip back to our home village as is." He spoke, worry showing through his eyes as he glanced back to the shack.

"Oh... Would it be okay for me to have a look?"

The older man still seemed conflicted, but eventually he nodded. Turning, he moved to enter the poorly constructed building where his father was resting.

"Don't let it do anything weird..." He heard Jakobi mumble.

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Name : Muse
Age : 18
Height : 0'8"
Weight : 2 lbs
Species : Dwarf
Devil Fruit : Poke Poke no Mi (Pocket Pocket Fruit)
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[Episode] Now, where am I? Empty Re: [Episode] Now, where am I?

This post has in-line assessment comments.Sun Mar 31, 2024 11:31 pm
Upon entering the shack, Roswell approached the bed where the elder lay, gently setting Muse down on the woven sheets. The small single-room home was dimly lit, with only a single window allowing in a trickle of sunlight. The elder's breathing was labored, and his forehead glistened with sweat. The Dwarf looked over the man in concern as the three brother stood a small distance away to give him space. Though Muse was no longer paying attention to them, each one wore very different expressions.

After a quick visual once-over, Muse began his examination. He moved gently, being careful not to put too much pressure in any one place when he needed to climb onto the man's chest. He took his time with the examination, first focusing on feeling the father's pulse before checking his temperature. The fever was immediately obvious, but that alone gave him no information. He moved on to listening to the man's breathing, he ear held close to his mouth. Beyond the wheezing and uneven breaths, he could hear a slight crackle to the sound, as well as the occasional whistle. A respiratory issue was very likely.

"How long, exactly, has he been like this?"

"He's been unable to move for two days." Wanil offered.
"Yeah, but the cough start a couple of weeks ago."
"He first complained about a pain in his chest, I'd say, 20 days ago..."

"...Right." Muse nodded, letting the information move around in his head for a while as he considered it. While the respiratory illness may not be the overall cause, it was definitely important to address as soon as possible. "He has a respiratory infection." He spoke, moving towards a side table. Then, reaching into the pocket positioned on his stomach, he pulled out a human-sized medical textbook, letting it fall onto the table.

The fishermen each took a step back with startled expressions as the witnessed the book appear from nowhere, looking between the book and the Dwarf for some sort of understanding.

"What the hell--"
"How did you do that?" The younger brothers spoke over each other, while the eldest seemed to take it more in stride, only staring.

"Oh-- It was in my pocket. I'll explain that later." Muse spoke, looking a bit flustered as he realized. It'd been a while since he'd used his ability around people with no knowledge of it. "But, anyway, look here." He continued, opening the book and flipping to a specific page. "There's different types of respiratory infections, but they can generally be treated the same way. I know what herbs are needed to help clear it up, but that's assuming they can be found on this island." He explained, letting the three men read from the pages regarding the infection.

"And then he'll get better?"

"If all goes well." Muse spoke, paying no mind to the sharp look he received from Jakobi in response. "I know it's not pleasant to hear, but if he's been fighting this for twenty days already, I can't pretend the medicine will be a miracle cure-all. The medicine with clear up the infection, but it will be up to your father to take it from there." He continued, looking towards the sickly man.

"...I understand. We can only ask you to do what you can. Is there anything you need from us?" Roswell spoke, stepping forward.

"I'll need to go out and look for ingredients." Muse started, then reaching into the pocket on his arm once more to pull out the towel from before. "In the meantime, we need to keep the fever under control... Please soak this towel and wring it out well. Let it sit in the sun for a moment after that so that it won't be too cold, and lay it across his chest. He will also need to stay hydrated. Has he been drinking anything?"

"Not much, since he's been bedridden."

"That has to change immediately. He needs lots and lots of fluids. Do whatever you can to make that happen."

"...Understood. Are you heading out, now?"

"Yes, I need to get started as quickly as possible--"

"I'll go with you." Wanil spoke, stepping forward. "It would probably be difficult for you, alone. I'll help you get around." He suggested, smiling slightly as he held out a hand for Muse to step onto. He couldn't help but be curious about the tiny doctor, so this was a good chance to sate that curiosity.

"That does help, thank you!" Muse chimed, stepping onto Wanil's hand and then to his shoulder as the hand was brought up. "Let's go right away." He instructed, pulling a Dwarf-sized notebook from a pocket to flip through to the page listing the herbs he needed. He already had a couple of them in storage, ones that were best used after being dried, but he'd need to find the rest.

Wanil was already leaving the shack and heads towards the path through the woods as Muse oriented himself.

"I'll be looking for a tall plant with a red stalk and angular leaves for one. I need the leaves. I will also be needing a greening-yellow agave-like plant with blue speckles. It's usually about a foot tall." Muse put the book back into his pocket and glanced up to his helper.

"Red stalk, angular leaves... Green-yellow, blue speckles..." Wanil muttered, trying to remember if he'd seen any such plants anywhere on the island.

"The red stalk usually grows best in shaded areas with high humidity. It's often seen near waterfalls." Muse added, hoping the information would help. "The agave isn't nearly as picky..."

"...I do know of one place that might fit the bill." Wanil spoke, changing direction. It wasn't much, but there was a rather small waterfall deeper into the woods. Plus, now that he thought back on it, there might really be a plant like that there.

"Great! Let's hurry, time is going to be very important." Muse urged, though his own gaze still scanned the passing surroundings for any sign of the two herbs. He also kept a lookout for less effective alternatives, just in case.

Wanil quickened his pace, weaving through the trees with Muse perched on his shoulder, scanning the surroundings. The forest wasn't too dense, with sunlight filtering through the leaves, casting a mosaic of light and shadow on the forest floor. The air was mildly humid, filled with the sharp sounds from colorful birds, the rustling of leaves, and the never-ending humming of insects.

As they ventured deeper into the woods, Muse's keen eyes caught glimpses of various herbs and plants, but none were the ones he needed. Wanil, for his part, was focused on navigating the terrain, occasionally glancing over at Muse to see if he had spotted anything.

After a while, the sound of running water reached their ears, growing louder as they approached. They emerged into a clearing where a small waterfall cascaded into a crystal-clear pool that trickled along into a stream. The area was shaded, with mist from the waterfall creating a cool, damp environment.

Muse only had a short moment to admire the view before his gaze landed on a nearby plant. His eyes lit up as he noted the plant with a deep red stalk and angular leaves growing near the base of the waterfall. "There it is!" He exclaimed, pointing excitedly. Wanil carefully approached the plant, allowing Muse to hop down and inspect it.

"This is perfect," Muse chimed, practically bouncing in place before he began carefully harvesting the leaves. "Now we just need to find the other one. It may be trickier, but it's good that this one went so well." They had only been at the search for about forty-five minutes, so far. The time was going better than he'd expected. Full of energy and the will to succeed, he stored the leaves in an empty pocket on his palm before hopping back up to Wanil's shoulder, no boost needed.

Wanil watched with the same fascination as before, countless questions on his mind. He mulled over whether to start asking for a moment while he headed back into the woods, at a different direction from before to check a new area. "...So. I assume there's other little folk like you, where you're from?"

"Hm? Oh, yeah! I was pretty average height back in my home kingdom, you know." Muse spoke, only giving Wanil a quick glance before he went back to scanning the foliage.

"A whole kingdom... Can they all... Do that thing? Where you pulled stuff from your body?"

"No, no, that's just me. I ate a devil fruit about a year and a half ago. Leader liked to say that I'm a 'Pocket-sized Pocket Man!'" The Dwarf spoke fondly with a short laugh before suddenly cutting himself off as he remembered that Leader was no longer a friend and sighing.

"...Are you okay?" Wanil asked, noting the sudden shift in behavior.

"Yeah, I'm just still working through some things." Muse responded softly, not letting it get him down as he continued the lookout for that herb. "Your brother mentioned that it was just you guys in the village-- and that it's not your home village. Is it like a campsite?"

"More like a work site. We have a few of them set up on each of the islands near our home island, and we rotate through them for the best fishing yields. There was another person with us at this site, but when things started looking bad for Father, they left ahead of us to try and bring back some medicine. That was only a few days ago, though."

"I see... I'll do my best to save him."

"Thanks, Pocket Man."

TOTAL - 3425

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Name : Muse
Age : 18
Height : 0'8"
Weight : 2 lbs
Species : Dwarf
Devil Fruit : Poke Poke no Mi (Pocket Pocket Fruit)
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"Shumishishi~ Just doing what I can," he replied, his gaze still scanning the underbrush, searching for the elusive agave. The forest seemed to stretch on endlessly, each tree and bush blending into the next, making the search feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. Unfortunately, that was how it always felt when one needed a very specific herb. Muse's determination, however, was unwavering. He knew the importance of finding this particular plant, not just for the sake of the sick elder, but also to prove to himself that he could be of help in this new environment.

As they moved through the woods, the landscape began to change subtly. The trees started to thin out, and the ground became drier, with patches of rocky terrain appearing more frequently. Muse's sharp eyes darted from plant to plant, but the one needed was nowhere to be seen. The diversity of the flora was fascinating, yet each time he spotted a potential candidate, it turned out to be a different species altogether. The anticipation was building, with each step taking them closer to their goal, or so Muse hoped.

Wanil noticed Muse's growing frustration and tried to lighten the mood. "You know, we have a legend about a strange old hermit who lived on this island. They say he spoke with the animals and plants, alike. That nature would bend to his whims." His voice was tinged with a sense of wonder, as if he half-believed the tales himself.

Muse perked up at the story. "That sounds like someone I would have liked to meet. Do you think he'd know where to look?"

"Maybe," Wanil said with a grin. "But if he did, he took the secret to his grave. No one's seen him for generations."

They continued their search, with Wanil sharing more tales of the island's history and folklore. The stories helped pass the time and kept Muse's spirits up as they explored new areas of the woods. They encountered various wildlife along the way, from colorful birds flitting between the branches to small critters scurrying through the underbrush.

After a while, they reached a more open area where the sun beat down on the dry ground. It was here, among the sparse vegetation, that Muse's keen eyes finally caught a glimpse of something promising. His heart raced with anticipation as he spotted the distinctive coloration of the plant they had been searching for.

"Wait, stop!" He exclaimed, tugging gently on Wanil's hair to get his attention. Wanil halted, and Muse pointed to a plant nestled among the rocks. "There it is, that's the one we've been looking for!" His voice was filled with excitement, a stark contrast to the calm demeanor he had maintained throughout their journey.

Wanil crouched down, allowing Muse to hop off and inspect the plant. It was indeed the right one, its unique coloring unmistakable. Except, here came the really tricky part. This plant, the Teardrop Agave, was notoriously difficult to harvest for medicinal purposes. If one were to so much as touch the roots the wrong way, the whole thing would be soured. He couldn't mess up here. He had to get it right in one go, for that old man's sake.

TOTAL - 3,964
Name : Muse
Age : 18
Height : 0'8"
Weight : 2 lbs
Species : Dwarf
Devil Fruit : Poke Poke no Mi (Pocket Pocket Fruit)
Balance : [bel] 50,050,000
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Muse took a deep breath, steadying his nerves as he prepared to harvest the Teardrop Agave. He knew that the success of the extraction depended on his own precision and care. The plant was known to be the most sensitive sort, and any mishandling could render it useless for his purposes. He couldn't bare the thought of failing that badly. He moved forward and circled around the plant once to get a good idea of its current positioning.

With a gentle touch, he began to clear away the surrounding soil, exposing the base of the plant. The roots were delicate, intertwined with the earth in a complex pattern. Muse used his small fingers to carefully loosen the soil around the roots, taking care not to pull or tug at the plant itself. He even used a small, empty pocket on his thigh to throw dirt into, just to get it out of the way. The process was slow and meticulous, with Muse constantly checking to ensure that he wasn't causing any harm to the plant.

Wanil watched in curiosity all the while, though keeping a distance to avoid disturbing the Dwarf's work. It was somewhat sobering to see a stranger immediately put so much effort into helping their family... A stranger that his brother had called a rat at least three times, no less.

Once the roots were sufficiently exposed, Muse took out a small, sharp knife from one of his pockets. He had kept it specifically for tasks like this, where precision was key. With a steady hand, he began to cut the roots, making sure to leave enough of the plant intact for it to continue growing. The cuts were clean and precise, avoiding any unnecessary damage.

After severing the roots, Muse carefully lifted the Teardrop Agave from the ground, cradling it in his hands. He inspected it closely, ensuring that the bulb was in perfect condition. Satisfied with his work, he wrapped the plant in a soft cloth pulled from his person to protect it during transport back to the village. He couldn't risk storing it like the leaves from before.

The entire process had taken longer than Muse had wanted, but the careful extraction was worth the effort. He felt a sense of pride in having accomplished the task without trouble. With the Teardrop Agave safely in his possession, Muse was one step closer to creating the remedy that would help the elder fisherman recover.

"Is that is? Do we have everything?" Wanil asked carefully as Muse admired the wrapped plant. At some point, he had sat down nearby to watch the little guy work. At last an hour had passed since they reached the plant. The sky was starting to gain more color in an indication of the time.

"Oh-- Yes! We can head back right away." Muse confirmed, first leaping up onto the man's shoulder, then onto his head to ensure the bulky agave wasn't getting in the way. Wanil, himself, didn't see to know how to respond to the new positioning, but eventually he just gave himself a light shrug and began heading for the village. He knew the island like the back of his hand, so there was never any concern for getting lost. He was always more adventurous than his brothers, and there wasn't any particularly dangerous fauna here.

TOTAL - 4,522
Name : Muse
Age : 18
Height : 0'8"
Weight : 2 lbs
Species : Dwarf
Devil Fruit : Poke Poke no Mi (Pocket Pocket Fruit)
Balance : [bel] 50,050,000
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[Episode] Now, where am I? Empty Re: [Episode] Now, where am I?

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As Wanil started their journey back to the village, Muse settled comfortably atop his head, holding the wrapped Teardrop Agave much like one would an infant. The trek through the forest seemed different on the way back, perhaps due to the weight of their success. The late afternoon sun filtered through the canopy, casting elongated shadows and bathing the forest in a warm, golden hue that mimicked his mood.

He couldn't help but feel a sense of satisfaction as he gazed out at the passing scenery. The forest, with all its mysteries and challenges, had yielded to their persistence. He thought back to the old hermit Wanil had mentioned earlier-- In a way, he felt like he was channeling some of that legendary figure's connection with nature.

Wanil, for his part, moved with a renewed sense of purpose. He was eager to get back and see his father's condition improve. He had no doubt at this point that the little fellow could do it. The thought of bringing hope to his family filled him with a sense of pride that he wasn't used to. He glanced up towards Muse, who was perched on his head like a tiny, vigilant sentinel and smiled faintly.

Beyond that, the journey back was filled with light conversation, with Muse occasionally pointing out various plants and explaining their properties. Wanil listened intently, continuously amazed at the depth of knowledge this small creature possessed. Maybe he kept all that stored in his pockets, too.

Soon, they neared the village and the sounds of the forest began to fade, replaced by a distinct calm. The sun was lower in the sky now, casting a beautiful orange glow over the landscape.

Roswell and Jakobi were waiting outside their father's shack, their expressions a mix of anxiety and hope.

"You're back! What took you so damn long?" Jakobi asked, his eyes fixed on the bundle in Muse's arms.

"It wasn't as easy a task as it sounded, Jako." Wanil retorted with a chuckle, making way for the shack. "How's Father?"

"He seems more comfortable, but that's about as much as we can tell..." Roswell responded, following his brother and the guest into the structure.

Muse hopped onto the bed from Wanil's head, carefully setting the agave aside before to worked to do another examination for the elder. As the eldest brother mentioned, the man seemed less pained-- at the very least, the distinct trembling had calmed since they left.

"The fever is still there, but there's less urgency. I'll start on the medicine, now." He spoke, falling right back into doctor mode.

Once he was sure there wasn't going to be a sudden crash in his patient, he moved back to the nearby table, putting the medical textbook away before he began bringing out more human-sized tools from his pockets. Among these were a mortar and pestle and the sharp knife from before. He then placed the angular leaves from the first herb into the bowl and stepped away to retrieve the agave, carefully placing it near his workstation.

He settled in and began the task of grinding the leaves, working them persistently until they were ground into a fine powder. The process required a gentle touch to preserve the delicate compounds within the leaves that made them so great for breaking a fever and relieving pain when combined with certain herbs. Once the leaves were fully ground, Muse carefully tipped the green powder into a bowl. This process was repeated with two other types of dry leaves that he pulled from his pockets.

Next, Muse turned his attention to the Teardrop Agave. Using his sharp knife, he carefully sliced the bulb open to reveal the gel-like substance inside. This gel was the key ingredient for the medicine, known for its potent anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Muse scooped out the gel and added it to the bowl with the powdered leaves.

With both ingredients in the bowl, Muse used a small wooden spoon to mix them together, forming a paste. He then added a bit of clean water, just enough to thin the paste into a more liquid form that would be easier for the elder to ingest. As he stirred, Muse focused on ensuring that the mixture was smooth and free of any lumps.

Once the medicine was thoroughly mixed, Muse proceeded to fill three glass vials with practiced ease despite the size disparity of his equipment, then sealing them tightly with corks. He held each vial up to the light, inspecting the medicine one last time. The liquid was a deep green color, and it had a slightly earthy scent to it.

"These are the follow up doses. He'll need half a vial after each meal. The mixture that's remaining in the bowl is what he'll be taking now. Please go ahead and make sure he drinks every last drop." He spoke, turning to look at the three brothers who had been watching the entire process intently.

Wanil was the first to move, reaching for the bowl with the first dose.

"Wait, wait-- We don't know anything about this stuff, what if it makes things worse?" Jakobi intervened with a complicated expression. He inwardly knew he was behaving stubbornly, but the love he held towards his father prompted him to speak anyway.

"Jakobi..." Roswell spoke, giving his younger brother a stern look. "You just spent hours looking through that book. You were so excited when you noticed Father improving from just a wet towel and hydration. You already know this little one is only doing his best to help us."

"Well, yes, but I--" He winced, unable to find a reason to keep complaining. He just had to believe in the rat-- Dwarf's efforts. Shaking his head, he moved himself to the opposite end up the shack and took a seat, resolving himself to see how it goes.

Wanil gave his brother an understanding smile before proceeding to his father's bedside with Roswell helping the elder sit up.

"Father, we have some medicine for you." He spoke and paused. The only reaction was a flutter of the elder's eyelids. "...It will help you feel better, but you'll have to keep fighting, too. We know you can do it." He continued, though hesitating to proceed.

Roswell took over from there, tilting his father's head back and letting his jaw fall slack before very slowly pouring the medicine as he'd done for the water, making sure he saw the elder swallowing each little bit before he continued. Once the bowl was empty, he looked to Muse for further instruction.

"...Now he'll just need rest and overnight care. The tepid towel will need to be changed out often. I recommend keeping a fire going through the night as well."

Wanil nodded as Roswell carefully laid his father back down. "We'll take shifts, then. For now, I'll fix us all a meal, since I'm sure neither of you remembered to feed yourselves." He spoke with a pointed glance towards Roswell and Jakobi.

Muse nodded and smiled, feeling the weight fade from his shoulders. He'd truly done all he could, and he had high hopes for the result. He began putting away his tools to be cleaned when it was more convenient, then settled in as idle conversation began to fill the air.

As Wanil left to prepare the meal, Roswell and Jakobi remained with their father, keeping a close eye on his condition. Muse, feeling somewhat exhausted from the day's efforts, found a comfortable spot near the fireplace to rest. The warmth of the fire was soothing, and he took a moment to reflect on the events of the day.

The conversation between the brothers was a mix of concern for their father and gratitude towards Muse. Roswell, the more composed of the two, gladly expressed his appreciation for Muse's help. "I can't thank you enough for what you've done for us today. We were lucky to have you here."

Jakobi, still somewhat uneasy but trying to hide it, added, "Yeah, thanks." Then, clearing his throat before he continued, "I guess you're not just a talking rat after all." Muse hoped that his attempt at humor was a sign that he was coming to terms with the situation.

Muse grinned. "I'm glad I was here to help!" He spoke honestly.

After Wanil returned with ingredients, he spent some time preparing a hearty soup over the fire. Once it was ready, the brothers and Muse gathered around to eat. The food was a welcome respite, and for a brief moment, it allowed them to forget their worries. They shared stories about their home village, their fishing adventures, and even some humorous anecdotes about their childhood.

After the meal, Muse excused himself to check on the elder once more. He was pleased to see that the man's breathing seemed a bit more steady, and the trembling had subsided further. "He's responding well to the medicine. Keep up the care through the night, and we'll reassess in the morning," he advised.

The brothers nodded, their expressions a mix of relief and determination. They were prepared to do whatever it took to ensure their father's recovery.

As the night wore on, the shack was filled with the soft sounds of the forest outside and the crackling of the fire. Muse, feeling the weight of the day's events, finally allowed himself to drift off to sleep on the table with his own pillow and blanket, comforted by the thought that he had made a difference in the lives of this family.

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[Episode] Now, where am I? Empty Re: [Episode] Now, where am I?

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As dawn broke, the first rays of sunlight filtered through the cracks of the shack, gently rousing Muse from his slumber. He stretched his small limbs and let out a yawn, feeling well-rested despite the makeshift bed. The fire had died down to embers, casting a soft glow over the room.

Roswell was already awake, sitting by his father's bedside with a look of quiet contemplation. Muse hopped down from the table and approached him. "How was the night?" He inquired, his voice soft so as not to disturb the others still asleep.

"It was calm," Roswell replied, a hint of relief in his tone. "He slept more peacefully than he has in days. No worsening of symptoms, at least as far as I could tell."

Muse nodded, pleased with the news. "That's a good sign. Let's hope he continues to improve with each dose."

As the morning progressed, Jakobi and Wanil woke up, and the shack was filled with the sounds of the brothers preparing for the day. Muse took the opportunity to check on the elder once more, noting a slight reduction in fever and a more regular breathing pattern. "He's definitely on the mend," he announced, a smile spreading across his face.

His words were met with honest, emotional grins from the three brothers. Only a day ago, they had each been fearing for the worst, yet unable to talk about it. Now, that looming shadow was being so thoroughly swept away. It was like a little fairy had come out of the woods to grant the wish held so strongly in their hearts.

Idle conversation tinged with cheer and laughs continued through the morning, until Roswell paused to focus his attention on Muse with a curious gaze. "Now, Muse. You told us you would be telling your story at some point."

Muse blinked, looking up from his small bowl of leftover soup. "Oh! I suppose I did." He pondered, leaning back on his hands. He hadn't even had time to think about what had happened since meeting these fellows. "Well, you see..." He started, his gaze directed off into nowhere as he recounted how he'd ended up on this island.

He told them of how he'd grown up and gained his medical know-how, he told them of how he'd joined that small, cheerful band of smugglers... He spoke cheerfully of the many adventures he'd had with those guys, and of how he'd ended up with his Pocket Pocket Fruit. His words took on a tone of discomfort as he recounted how his friends began to change the more successful they were with their ventures. Finally, he told them of the last straw that led to him confronting his Leader, and how he'd been betrayed by that dear friend and thrown from the ship.

Overcome by the sudden stress of laying it all bare, the story of how he'd been thrown away, the Dwarf was barely holding back tears as he finished his tale with how he'd woken up on this island. The brothers didn't seem to know how to respond, either.

"...What a bunch of bastards." It was Jakobi that spoke up first, his expression sour and fists clenched. It was clear that he wished he could give that guy a good knock to the chin.

Though Wanil didn't speak, it was clear by the look on his face that he must've been thinking the same.

Roswell released a slow, steady sigh, as if he'd been holding his breath. "That must have been scary, Muse." He started, holding a hand down to allow the little one to climb on. "Still, it sounds like you did some very brave things. Standing up to that rotten man and helping those people escape must have been the bravest of all. You stuck to your convictions, didn't you? And as a result, you've ended up exactly where you needed to be. That's amazing."

Muse sniffled, peaking up through bleary eyes from Roswell's palm. "You think so...?" He muttered, knocking the words around in his head a bit. "I suppose I... Have done a lot more worthwhile here than I would be with them, right now..." He continued, his gaze drifting down. No matter how he thought about it, it was true. Sure, the whole situation stung, but wasn't this better? He was free from that crew's aggression, he'd helped save the life of a stranger, and he'd even made some great new friends that he'd never forget. Was there really any reason to be so sad? He didn't regret what he did, not at all. He supposed that what he was really missing was the memory of those men, the way he'd known them at the start of things. Perhaps the sooner he let that memory go, the better...

"Mm... You're right. I'm okay." He seemed to be trying to convince himself of these words as he spoke, raising his head. He then froze, blinking several times as he saw the sickly elder sitting up in his bed, staring right back at him.

"--Grandpa, you're awake!" Muse yelled in immediate jubilee, jumping up straight on Roswell's hand as the three brothers turned to look.

"What... Is that...?" The older man croaked, his voice still weak.

The boys paused for a good moment before each one was suddenly overtaken by a case of the giggles brought on by an emotional whirlwind.

"Why, that's your doctor, of course!" Wanil managed to speak between snickers.

Muse ignored them altogether, hopping out of Roswell's hand and over to the man to check his condition. "I'm so glad you're awake! Do you mind if I check your condition real quick?"

"I... Ross, what...?"

Roswell managed to contain himself and approached the bedside. "Don't worry, Father. Wanil wasn't joking, Muse here has been taking good care of you."

"This little fellow...?" The older gent asked, his brows furrowed as he examined the critter smiling up at him.

"Hello, I'm Muse!" He grinned, making sure to introduce himself properly. "I made you some medicine last night. How are you feeling? Is there pain anywhere?"

"Did you, now... Is that so..." The elder spoke, visibly calming as he adjusted to the situation. It wasn't an easy one to adjust to, but a steady head ran in the family.  

"Here, Father, some water." Wanil spoke, holding out the handmade flask. Jakobi stood near him with a lukewarm bowl of soup.

Muse smiled and stepped aside, allowing the brothers to speak with their dad and catch him up to par on the story and on nutrition. Once the man had eaten a decent portion, he was given the next dose of medicine, though he clearly wasn't a fan of the taste.

"My... So little, yet so competent." Vascil, the elder, spoke.

Muse looked a bit flustered at the comment. "Shumishishi~ I've still got a lot to learn, though!"

Roswell was smiling as he watched the two chat. The other two brothers had set out to get some fishing done-- more to clear their heads than anything else. "So, Muse. Have you decided what you'll be doing next?"

Muse blinked, looking over. "Oh, well... I haven't really thought about it..." He admitted, head tilting and brows dropping into a furrow.

The eldest brother chuckled. "In that case... We'll be heading back to the main island once our other friend returns with the boat. There's a pretty big port there. I figure that'd make a good spot for you to really start off your next venture, don't you think? Do you want to join us?"

Muse blinked a few more times, struggling to really find the words he wanted to say. "---Yeah! Yeah, I want to go!"

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