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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) Rsz_co12
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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) Empty Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Sat Jul 29, 2017 11:01 pm

Frequently Asked Questions

This is where you will find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. CTRL+F is your best friend if you have a key word in your question.

This list is not comprehensive, and so if you cannot find the question you need answered on this page, please either ask a fellow player or a staff member via PM/Chatbox/Discord or create a topic in the Help Desk forum.


Where do I start? How do I create my character?:

It is highly recommended that you follow the Comprehensive Character Creation Guide step by step to create your character. Skipping a step may lead to confusion and complications in the future.

Will there ever be extra rolls for Start Me Up?:

Yes! You can earn specific Start Me Up rolls in the form of perks by completing challenges as listed in the Shop of Dreams. Some Start Me Up rolls will also be available as rewards for world events. But, these rewards will often depend upon the performance of the character and the player. So, you'll need to work on your storytelling and roleplaying skills to have a shot at the rare rewards!

How many characters can I have?:

Five. But each of these characters must be created on a separate account. And if you are discovered to have abused this multiple character system simply to roll a better Start Me Up roll, your rolls will be voided and you will risk account suspension.

Can I be Luffy? Or any canonical character?:

No. Revival Dawn is an Alternate Universe RP. This means that the plot of the forum exists in a sort of "parallel universe" of the canon story. You will notice many Important NPCs with similarities to canonical characters. They exist to replicate the atmosphere and story framework presented by Eiichiro Oda in his canon. So, while you cannot be Luffy, you can create a character similar to Luffy. (But, we will hope that you will add your own original twist to it.)

Can I be a Yonkou, Admiral, etc.?:

Absolutely. As your characters grow more powerful and earn influence over the world, they will need to assert this by occupying important world positions. Check out the World Positions and Promotion Mechanics guide to find out how exactly you can obtain these positions.

Can I become the Pirate King?:

Short answer is no. Requirements for the Pirate King position will become available only once the site is nearing the end of its lifetime (which may be many years from now). Once a player finds One Piece through the final world event (aka becomes Pirate King), the site's plot will reach its conclusion. So, since there are no current plans to end the site's life cycle, the Pirate King position will remain unavailable.

Can I create a custom Devil Fruit?:

Yes! If anything, we encourage creating custom Devil Fruits. Please scan the banned devil fruit list in the Devil Fruit Claims to see which fruits and what sort of abilities are disallowed before designing your custom fruit.

Someone already claimed a devil fruit that I like. Can I create a similar devil fruit?:

Yes. But, this "similar" devil fruit must not be a carbon copy of that fruit with simply a different name (unless excepted by canon rules, like Kilo-Kilo and Ton-Ton). Your "similar" devil fruit must have its own unique features to make it stand separately from the fruit it was inspired from.

I've been waiting for an approval forever! What do I do?:

If you haven't posted in the Approval Requests thread already, please do so first. If you have, and it has taken an unreasonable amount of time for a staff member to respond to it, please trying PM one of them courteously. Needless to say, you should PM a staff member who has been recently active over a staff member who hasn't. You can see the staff list in the right pane below the Quick Links widget. And you can see recent member activity at the very bottom of the main page.

I hate my character now. Can I remake it and still keep all my stuff?:

Yes. You are welcome to scrap your character and restart using the legacy revival system mentioned in the Character Creation Guide. This system allows you to inherit half of your dead character's possessions and start off a new character with three starting bonus rolls.

I want to be like Nico Robin! Can I start my first character off as an Oharan who knows how to read Poneglyphs?:

No. You must acquire the "Bookworm" perk available in The Shop of Dreams to be able to read poneglyphs. This perk can either be given to your current character, one of your NPCs, or even one of your alts.

How do I avoid getting a bounty as an underworld criminal?:

Some tips to avoid bounties altogether:
1. If you're RPing with righteous player marines, set up your plot so that they don't end up wanting to report you.
2. Use aliases and disguises. If your chief identity is never revealed in the plot, you will not get a bounty.
3. Pull strings from the shadows. Use goons and grunts to do your bidding. And tie up loose ends. Small fry tend to talk a lot when caught - though some can be fiercely loyal.
4. Frame others for your wrongdoings through your plot. Set up fall guys that you can pin your crimes on. It works in real life, and it should work here all the same.
5. Perform victimless crimes. If your crimes only target known criminals, the World Government will most likely not care to give you a bounty bump unless you already had one.


Eww, Stats. Do I have to use them?:

Yes. Stats define your character's capabilities in various situations against varying levels of characters. They give you a good idea of what your character might or might not be able to do against another player. Since we cannot trust in every player's goodwill to cooperate with each other for the sake of a good story and consistent characters, we must resort to such means. The stat system limits players from going over their characters' capacities, but it also assists players in utilizing their characters' full potential.

Is combat absolutely mandatory? Can my character be a pacifist or incapable of fighting?:

Our questing system allows a fairly effective method of levelling even if you dislike combat (or your character does). While you will not earn full experience for doing so, you may retreat every time you enter a combat engagement with a Quest Boss. This will allow you to turn in the quest for the base amount of experience offered by that category of quests. Alternatively, you may fight your boss mechanics-wise, but still RP the fight out as something entirely different (such as a courtroom debate, or a struggle against starvation). Lastly, you have the option to avoid combat altogether by choosing the lowest difficulty for your quest. This will give reduce your rewards though.

How do I count cooldowns and post durations for techniques and haki?:

Let's say you use a technique with a 3 post duration and a 9 post cooldown in your first post. When you activate a technique, its duration and cooldown will begin immediately. Then the counters go down every time you post. So, the duration of that technique will last until the beginning of your fourth post. The cooldown of that technique will last until the beginning of your tenth post.

What do the total stats have to be for a Quest Boss?:

The total stats of a quest boss of a particular level should be the same as they would be for a player of that level. However, quest bosses do not have the luxury of equipment bonuses or Start Me Up bonuses. So, a quest boss of level 20 would have 580 stat points. (200 base level 1 stats + 20 stats per level up).

Is a technique that creates a "temporary" NPC construct possible; similar to Ito-Ito's Black Knight, or Bisu-Bisu's Biscuit Soldier?:

Yes. You are welcome to create NPC constructs through the use of DoTs. The damage dealt by the DoT can then be represented as the constructs doing damage. Healing techniques will still be able to stop your DoTs though. In these cases, the character using the Heal can RP out stopping your technique however they choose, despite the technique being a Heal mechanically.

Can Quest Bosses and Crew Companions use haki?:

Quest bosses and Crew Companions can indeed use haki RP-wise (and benefit from haki passive effects) based on their WP. However, they do not get stat bonuses from using haki.

How do WP debuffs work?:

Let's say your WP is 100 at level 10, then your max HP would be 150.
And then you get a -50% WP debuff, bringing WP down to 50.
Your temporary max HP will be 125 (base 100 + 25 from new WP).
Now, let's say you take 25 damage. Your HP will be 100/125.
Your HP is currently 80% of the total (the total being 125).
Once the debuff goes away, your HP will be 80% of the 150 (the original HP) instead of 80% of 125. So, your new HP will be 120/150.
So, as you will note, you were dealt 25 damage, but because of the WP debuff, that damage managed to effectively resolve to 30 HP.

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