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Ep. 1: A Simple Delivery (W.I.P) Empty Ep. 1: A Simple Delivery (W.I.P)

This post has in-line assessment comments.Tue Aug 13, 2019 7:12 pm
Episode Information:

Another day afloat the beautiful West Blue, the sky clear as crystal as the seagulls sound in the distance. A young blue haired marine captain standing at the helm, his left hand placed respectfully in the small of his back. The right hand laying on the helm's wheel as his focused gaze analysed the ocean blue before him, the calming ocean allowing him to think to himself as he sailed onward patrolling the waters in the name of law and justice. His mind at ease he began to ponder, "I have yet to begin assembling my crew, but how to find members determined enough to die for my dream of order and law..." His thoughts disturbed by the snail phone that had inched its way across the railing and in front of Zeref, to which the following conversation followed...

"Captain Zeref A. Yuki speaking."
"Captain, this is your Commander from Snow-Hawk Island. In a few moments a document will be delivered via fax on the snail phone, I need this delivered to Tiger Lily Cove. That's an order Marine."

The document began to print almost immediately as Zeref returned the microphone to the snail, taking the paper and adjusting his glasses he began to read the proposal he was to deliver to the new Commander. A smirk graced his lips as he finished reading and placed the document within a vanilla folder, proceeding to seal it and store it below deck in his personal lock box.
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