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Alanna D. Silva(WIP) Empty Alanna D. Silva(WIP)

This post has in-line assessment comments.Fri Jul 08, 2016 4:54 pm
Alanna D. Silva

Alanna D. Silva(WIP) 45df83476d7f607b55cb5d63cd9e767b

Basic Character Information

Starting Bonus: Tough Guy | [Starting Bonus Roll]

First Name: Alanna
Middle Name/Initial: D.
Last Name: Silva
Epithet: 'Living Weapon' Alanna
Age: 15 years and 11 months as Human/1 month as Cyborg(Is 16 years old)
Gender: Female
Race: Human/Cyborg
Faction: World Government
Affiliation: Marines
Position: Prototype Weapon/Seaman Apprentice
Profession: Prototype Weapon|Peace Keeper|Pirate Terminator|Scientist|Navigator

Physical Appearance

Height: 15"0' (457.2cm)
Weight: 1,000lbs (453.6kg)

Hair Style: Alanna prefers to keep her hair long and leaves it in no particular style. She often sports what looks like antennae on her head which is part of her cyborg upgrade. The antennae fulfills the secondary purpose of keeping her hair out of her eyes.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Amber(when calm or outside of battle), Red(when angry or inside battle)
Scars: None, removed upon becoming a Living weapon Prototype
Clothing and Accessories: Alanna wears the uniform assigned to her by the man that upgraded her from an ordinary human to a cyborg. She wears a sleeveless kimono shirt that reveals her stomach. On her arms, she wears what appear to be long arm warmers, that do not cover the insides of her arms. These arm warmers double as fingerless gloves. She wears a black and yellow belt around her waist to keep the kimono shirt closed. She wears a metallic collar around her neck, it does not open and can be easily slipped on over her head. Alanna wears a extremely short white and black mini skirt. She wears a metal garter belt over it, that keeps her black and red stockings up. The stockings are non-absorptive, and does not allow liquid to sink into them. She wears specialized metallic high heeled boots on her feet, these are non-absorptive as well. Her boots' heels appear to be rudders. While in combat, she is equipped with a weapon that appears to be four cannons coming from her back.

Detailed Description: Alanna is a very muscular woman. She was highly muscular even before her upgrade, now her muscles are very lean as though the man that upgraded her condensed her muscles to keep them from affecting her movement and operational excellence. Despite her being a cyborg and highly muscular, Alanna has a extremely soft body. She is highly tanned and has no tan-lines. Her hair is extremely smooth, and highly resistant to tearing, burning, and cutting. Her skeletal system is near completely metal, like her skin. Her skin however, can easily be cut. It feels exactly like actual human skin and is warm to the touch. Her internal visceral organs are all completely organic. Her weapon systems, are detachable and are attached to her back when she enters combat, or a potential combat situation. Her legs from her lower thighs downwards are completely machine, but look exactly like a pair of human legs.

The Past

Main Traits: Honorable, Modest, Prideful, Admiral's Pet(Like Teacher's Pet), Serious, Little Animal Lover
Likes: Justice, Marines, Fighting, Ramen, Dealing Justice on the Wicked, Annihilating Evil, The Prime Directives, Little Animals, The Rules, Her Handler
Dislikes: Pirates, Corrupt Marines, The Shichibukai system, The Revolutionary Army, The Yonkou, The Soaring Pirates, Rule Breakers, People that hurt Little Animals, Dishonorable People, Breaking the Prime Directives, Ramen Haters
Hometown: Cinna Town, Baterilla


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