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[Episode] 50% Off the Walls Empty [Episode] 50% Off the Walls

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Quest Details:

The island was bright. The island was calm. The island was tame. To Wren, who had gotten quite used to and comfortable with the wild excitement of Primetime piracy, this island was a wonderful, wonder-filled mystery. The Big Time was docked ostentatiously on the small island’s only port, its figurehead a bold and audacious disturbance to the quiet peace of...what was the island called again?

Something like Odd Wall Island? Or was it Oak Wit? Oh well, not that it mattered.

As the crew hustled and bustled, swinging off the masts and pelting nasty jokes at one another, Wren was squatting silently in the corner. She was out of the way and was perched on the edge of a rusty mop bucket, peering curiously into the inky water. Staring wordlessly and expressionlessly at her pale face, she suddenly pulled a face before falling into a fit of giggles.

“What’s got you so happy there, Fluffy-Fluffy?” asked a dwarf-like grunt from behind her and she spun on her heels to face him.

He had a comically large nose which had a comically large wart which in turn had a comically long strand of hair which was comically shaped like a pig’s tail. Wren didn’t say anything in reply. She was so fixated on his nose, his words had done nothing but to gain her attention and they had completely flown from one ear and out the other.

“Wren?” the grunt asked, suddenly filled with concern.

“Ah yes, yes, hold on, I’m thinking,” snapped Wren crossly, jutting out her bottom lip as she studied the wart with such intensity, the grunt started to blush.

He shuffled his feet with discomfort, but didn’t say anything. Finally, she broke into a beaming grin and the grunt paused, before returning an uncertain grin of his own.

“Okay!” she declared and bounced to her feet. “Watch me!”

She leapt into the air and her mechanical wings sprung to life, letting her hover midair on the dwarf grunt’s eye level. Closing her eyes, she took in a deep breath and steadied herself. Suddenly, her eyes flew open and the silver hue in her hazel eyes brightened. The grunt yelped and sprung backwards as Wren’s body enlarged.

The growth was sudden and its halt was just as sudden; Wren had turned into a dwarf of her crewmate’s same height. She had altered her appearance with her hormones and though her skin was still pale in comparison to her fellow’s dwarf’s light tan, she now proudly showed off her newly warty nose with a pleased wiggle.

Much to her delight, she was a hideous sight that had no equal, not even to the muse of her disguise. Her neat, shiny silver bob was a jarring contrast from her grisly, knobbly-limbed appearance and her hazel eyes were still wide, but she had lost her luscious, curled lashes in her transformation. Her lack of lashes only made her penchant for expressionless stares all the more frightening. She now also fashioned a generously round belly, which she grabbed at and rubbed with a cackle. This motion drew her attention to her stubby fingers and she lifted them into the sunlight to admire the long, cracked nails with obvious wonderment.

“Uh, Fluffy-Fluffy?” called the dwarf out meekly, trying his best to keep a straight face. He was clearly very charmed by her new appearance.

“Yes, what is it?” she replied, turning her gaze abruptly to stare brightly at her crewmate. “Oh, thank you very much for giving me some much needed inspiration!”

“ problem...there was something I was supposed to ask you…” said the dwarf, thinking hard before a light-bulb clicked. “Oh right! The quartermaster was saying we need more supplies, so I was thinking...maybe...if you don’t mind...if we could go together to--”

“Supply run!!” interrupted Wren with a squeal of excitement and dashed off before the poor, blushing dwarf could finish his sentence.

She raced across the deck, ducking and dodging the stampede of Primetime grunts, her dwarfy feet slapping heavily against the wooden floors, until she stopped before the captain’s cabin. Raising a fist, she brought it down strongly and her calloused knuckles rapped against the heavy door.

“Brood~~! Cap~~! Are you awake~~?” she howled as her powerful knocks reverberated and shook the nearby walls. Nearby grunts glanced nervously between themselves; it wouldn’t be the first nor the last time she broke something from sheer ignorance of her new form’s mass. “I wanna go out on the island! Let’s go together and buy something funny!”

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[Episode] 50% Off the Walls Empty Re: [Episode] 50% Off the Walls

This post has in-line assessment comments.Wed Nov 06, 2019 8:06 am

OOC: (-eh is a cough; -ee is a weeze)

The brooding Brood's brood found themselves tucked away on yet another stop during their grand voyage throughout paradise. It was starting to become a bit of a joke really, how often the crew made pit stops well off the beaten path. It was as if they had a log pose that was completely and utterly broken. To that end, it was no secret that a man such as Brood was completely negative when he observed his crew doing little other than slacking off. Drinking and being merry as though this was some vacation cruise, some sort of carousing cathedral across the seas catering to all manner of ill repute. It was despicable. Perhaps that was why he didn't spend much time with this newer crew composition.

He spent a great deal of time to himself lately. Not because he was depressed by the loss of those whom he deemed to be family, but due to the fact that none of his crew seemed to understand the reason that they all sailed in the first place. To purify the seas of those whom would oppress and impress upon the will of others. He wanted to use tyranny to fight tyranny. To use his overwhelming strength to crush the lights of hope that burned brightly in the hearts of evil men. If that meant that a few several hundreds of thousands of people had to die for him to feel as though he purified the seas, so be it. He enjoyed what he did, but it seemed that now-a-days he just attracted losers left and right.

A few select individuals stood out of course. Certain new hires that showcased promise and were likely to fill the spots of the ones he lost. But they had yet to make any impact on the team...and he wasn't so blind that he'd trust in the skills of unproven nobodies. The only one worth trusting was Wren, his daughter. She was someone that meant everything to Brood and his need to protect her grew far beyond that of mere friendship. She was the only piece of family he had left. The last of the old guard and to that end, he wanted nothing more than to keep her out of making her so strong and viscous that people wouldn't want to approach her at all. Perhaps that was why he was the way he had become now.

Almost instantly the muscular male found his eyes ripping open from their shut position. He had not been asleep, but he had been sitting in his chambers with his legs folded over each other. A heavy dose of steam filling the room as per usual so that the male could breath without being hindered by the sugar that ruminated so strongly within his body. He'd glare towards the door, his crossed over legs unfolding as he placed the bottoms of his feet against the strained wood from within his sauna-like cabin. He'd raise himself upwards, moving over towards the vents and closing their tops with the wooden barrel lids that he kept propped up against the walls. As the steam subsided in the room, he grimaced.

Irritated beyond belief, the male would make his way to an enclosed space, a hole in the wall, that acted like a closet for the male...preparing himself for today's festivities as he reached the door. With great strength he pulled the door back, noting it's loosened hinges now that Wren had beaten the construct within an inch of it's non-life. His eyes narrowed even further now, before a smirk ran across his face. Due to being in the steamed room, his voice had yet to become strained by the sugar that constantly filled his throat. "Yes, yes. Go get your shit together. We are going to slowly recruit more people into the crew, hopefully whomever we get here isn't a complete waste of space."

He spoke with a haughty expression on his face, eyes lifting up from the female and down the hallway. To onlookers, they may have been surprised at his lack of reaction to her newfound form...but it was not because he hadn't noticed it. Rather, he was already so annoyed by her actions that anything else that she could have done would just come off as childish to the man. He'd rub the side of his jaw briefly, peering over towards his wee lass and placing his hand atop of her head, squeezing it and lifting her up off her feet by the head. Looking at her in the eye for a moment. "Stop fucking around...Eh."  He grinned as he dropped her, heading towards the front of the ship at a brisk pace. Today was the day. The day of reconstruction.



[Episode] 50% Off the Walls Empty Re: [Episode] 50% Off the Walls

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Wren let out a delighted trill as her captain wrapped his fingers around her cranium. As she was lifted off the ground, she swung her feet in the air and her hilarity echoed across the halls. Once Brood released her, dropping her sloppily to the floor, she landed with her wide feet planted squarely and tilted her head back to gaze adoringly up at him.

“Let’s go on an adventure!” she sang merrily, flapping her arms against her side. “And recruit some guinea pigs for my experiments!”

Grinning widely, Wren then spun on her heels as Brood brushed past her and raced after her captain. Bursting back onto the upper deck, several heads turned their way and froze upon catching sight of the Primetime captain. The jovial play all of a sudden ceased and asides from Wren’s effervescent hum, the Big Time had fallen into nervous silence.

If Wren noticed the sudden absence of the crew’s former exuberance, she clearly cared too little for it to pay it any mind. Instead, she skipped through the divided path the crew had parted for the progression of the captain followed closely by his tiny navigator. Once Wren leapt off the ship and onto the pier, she immediately spun in a complete circle to take in her surroundings.

The island they had docked upon appeared to be a summer island, with white foaming waves and a peaceful beach lining the coast. In the distance, she could see a looming mountain surrounded by thick, dense tropical forests and with the stagnant azure skies as a backdrop, the scenery painted an idyllic and serene image.

Such stillness was sure to shatter with the unexpected arrival of the Primetime pirates and Wren was eager to make herself the vanguard to such an invasion. Lifting a hand to shield her eyes from the summer island’s sultry sun, Wren turned her warty, leathery face up and peered towards the mountain.

“It’s a volcano!” she declared knowingly, her hazel eyes unblinking in a show of absolute clarity. “Let’s head over there first!”

Before she could catch a reply or affirmation from Brood, the young goblin had already raced off, leaving her captain to follow at his own pace. Having been raised entirely immersed in the outdoors, there were moments when Wren appeared to display an affinity with her environment that was almost entirely unprecedented by her fickle personality.

She was immensely uncomfortable confined within rooms and many found her to be an absolutely menace the more she fidgeted when a roof was over her head. The silver-haired adolescent relished in exploring islands far more than any crew member currently residing on their ship and her irresponsibility tended to come with an attached guardian, though her usual and preferred companion was never a hindrance to her plans and often warmly welcomed.

Having developed an instinct many navigators envied, Wren had been a vital component in the Primetime’s advances on the Grand Line thus far, but her lack of rational reason tended to lead the psychotic pirates to locations holding far more mystery than they were often prepared for.

Furthermore, the mischievous dwarf's many peculiar interests included untameable, stormy seas and their direction tended to veer off their intended path should her attention veer off the log pose, which was an unfortunate and frequent occurrence. Now, as the Big Time recovered from their most recent stormy adversity, they were now docked beside a jetty that was strangely well-maintained despite the unnerving quiet of the island.

There was the occasional sound of caws and crows from deep within the depths of the forest before them (and had she just heard a tentative, "moo~"?), but Wren was clearly far more concerned with chasing a thrilling adventure than feeling perturbed of the unknown. She leapt off the wooden jetty and raced away with a squeal, kicking up a wave of glistening white sand. Without skipping a step, she tilted her body and scooped up a large conch shell, before spinning back around and racing back to Brood, holding her prize up proudly.

“For you!” she said cheekily, beaming widely up at him.

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