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Candy Land Empty Candy Land

This post has in-line assessment comments.Sun Sep 01, 2019 11:19 pm

Candy Land
"Welcome! To the sweetest place on earth!!!"

Name: Candy Land
Faction: Underworld
Number of Members: 1
Strength: 10

Candy Land The_good_one
Insignia/Jolly Roger: While it might not be a sign that everyone dreads seeing on the seas, it does get the point across. A skull with multiple types of candy for teeth, while some are normal they are yellowing and possess cavities. Just below this, on the non-existent neck is a green bow tie. The nose is made from a jelly bean, while one eye is a lollipop and the other is a mint. It has eyebrows made from licorice and a small cotton candy fro with wrappers stuck in it. Behind the symbol are two candy canes shaped like an x.
Motive: Candy Land is an organization that works directly for the Underworld. Originally they had contracted Candy once she got ownership of her fathers chocolate factory, but that business has come a long way. It seems the worlds lead producer of all things sweet is the perfect front for a drug ring and the Underworld has made sure to take advantage of it. While the chocolate factory possesses an innocent exterior, it is actually a giant drug lab! Within certain bats of candy there is a special little ingredient made by the Underworlds finest scientists which will make anyone who tastes it addicted! Instantly getting them hooked. This is what makes the factory so valuable, and thus, why it has and needs so many workers.

Doing everything alone is such a daunting task, which is where Candy Land comes into play. Run by Candy Cane herself it is merely a subdivision of the Underworld in which she has full and absolute control over, it's in the contract. She does all the recruiting, hiring, and background checks for all employees and makes sure that they have the factories best interest in heart. Upon being hired they will be given a position and also a candy based nick name to ensure their true identity remain safe if the dark truth was ever brought to light.

In short, Candy Land is an evil group that will almost always be on the small island of Munchen, where their base of operations, the factory, lies. There is plenty to do around the factory, so they rarely have time to leave, but there are a few special shipments here and there that require an accompaniment. It's a lot of fun and the pay is nice! So, whether you're a criminal on the outs, an ex-marine, or just plain bored, Candy Land has a job for everyone.

Ship: The Sweet Revenge
Captain (Factory Operator): "The Candy Man"
First Mate (Floor Manager): Name of the second-in-command of the group.
Navigator (Tour Guide): hopefully you ; )
Shipwright (Equipment Technician): hopefully you ; )
Doctor (Health Inspector): hopefully you ; )
Cook (Product Supplier): hopefully you ; )
Member 1: You may change the title of this position to whatever you like.
Member 2: And you may add as many members after this as you like.

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