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[WIP] Way of the Beast King Empty [WIP] Way of the Beast King

This post has in-line assessment comments.Sat Oct 05, 2019 11:58 am

Name your Fighting Style

Fighting Style: Way of the Beast King
Weapon Utilization: Sometimes
Description: Way of the Beast King is a fighting style that incorporates the user's natural ability to generate electro along with knowledge of anatomy and targeting weak points on the person's body such as soft spots, joints, etc. The user focuses on dealing quick, decisive blows while also increasing his own natural limits through concentration and bodily control.

Toggled and Passive Abilities:

  • Electro - Due to the natural creation of electro as a Mink, all of Ozzy's physical techniques have the capability to paralyze, so long as his attack stat is higher than that of his opponent's defense stat and he makes physical contact with the target. Paralysis is only applied to the limb/bodily region struck by Ozzy.
    UT = 1 Post
    LT = 2 Posts
    MT = 3 Posts
    HT = 4 Posts

  • Monk’s Resolve - This passive is activated once per topic. Should the user receive damage that would otherwise incapacitate him, he is able to continue for up to 1 additional post after the damage has been dealt before succumbing to injury. This does not mean the damage is negated or he is healed, simply he is able to use on additional attack due to sheer force of will.


(The following techniques can either be all devil fruit techniques, or a combination of devil fruit, and natural/weapon techniques)

Light Techniques:

Medium Techniques:

Heavy Techniques:

AoE Techniques:

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