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Something Fishy Here [Misfits] Empty Something Fishy Here [Misfits]

This post has in-line assessment comments.Wed Oct 23, 2019 12:13 am
Episode SUmmary:

The sound of great revelry could be heard, off on the distant horizon, even those ont eh shore of this island of puzzle piece looking landmasses could hear it. The island in question that was being sailed to was a collection of six small islands that almost looked like jigsaw pieces, and they drifted around, connecting with each other and forming larger islands at different times of the year. It just so happened, that this year, this year they were all together for a great festival. Of course, that would have to be interrupted, put ill at ease. Why? The ship sailing in to port within the next ten minutes was celebrating, just like they were, why would it put a damper ont he festivities?

Was it the song they were singing? "Oh i've got a sister, she's nine feet tall. RUNNING DOWN TO CUBA. She sleeps in the kitchen with her feet in the hall. RUNNING DOWN TO CUBA."? No, but, what the hell was Cuba? Some island? No, it wasn't the songs, it wasn't the weather, it was a pleasant day. Sunny, warm breeze, people were prepared for something great. Yet here they were, dropping what they were doing to stare at the ship that sailed in, a gargantuan ship.

Another song could be heard, from that inhuman crew of nothing but fishmen:
"Come all you young sailor men, listen to me,
I'll sing you a song of the fish in the sea;
And it's-
Windy weather, boys, stormy weather, boys.
When the wind blows, we're all together, boys;
Blow ye winds westerly, blow ye winds, blow,
Jolly sou'wester, boys, steady she goes..."

Pirates were no stranger to islands out here in the West Blue. The size of the ship, five stories, it was impressive, but, that wasn't the problem. It was narrowed down to one thing and one thing along. That skull print with the teeth forming in to winding and coiling tentacles that wrapped around the head and formed in to a loose X shape. The jolly roger of the Kraken, the Five Hundred Year old pirate. An immortal man that was feared among all of the blues and in parts of the grand line, hard to pin down, never able to be found out by anyone at all. It was all a farce, thought one girl who sat in the crow's nest.

Laguna Kara Marie was supposed to be The Kraken. She was no older than eighteen, how could she be the almighty immortal pirate? She was the next to inherit the secret of the man, that it was a collection of many people that lived through the years. She wanted to be free, but, with her devil fruit powers, she was land bound most of the time and ship bound the other time. And on a ship she didn't want to be on. SHe had a plan, she just, needed to wait for the perfect moment, even if it took another eighteen years of waiting. Se bit on to her thumb and drew on the ground with red bloody ink, her own personal jolly roger design. A skull similar to the Kraken's own, but, instead of tentacle teeth, the skull was pierced through one eye by a clay sculpting scalpel, and hoisted up by an easel. The back of the skull brandishing a paint brush. SHe wanted her own life.

With The Dutchman weighing anchor here on the Jigsaw Islets, they would be restocking and taking inventory, especially after that great battle that happened the other day. Laguna got involved because she wanted to stretch her legs, and now here she was, hoping, praying, she would meet someone that she could stowaway with, and see the world from her own perspective and not from the shadow of her adoptive ancestors.

Whether you know it or not old man, I'm taking your legacy, but I'm not taking your name. She callously thought that while the ship came to a halt and she readied herself to get out on to the sandy shores.
Miku E. Sato
Miku E. Sato
Something Fishy Here [Misfits] Rowdy_10
Name : Miku Etsuko Sato
Epithet : Rowdy Rascal
Age : 19
Height : 5'2"
Weight : 122 lb
Species : Human
Faction : Pirate
World Position : Supernova
Crew : Meddling Kids
Ship : The Scorned Lady
Crew Role : Captain
Bounty : [ber=r] 105,000,000
EXP Bonus : +0.20 (to all allies)
Shop Discount : 10%
Balance : [bel] 221,877,500

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Something Fishy Here [Misfits] Empty Re: Something Fishy Here [Misfits]

This post has in-line assessment comments.Wed Oct 30, 2019 9:40 pm

[ seize life with your own hands ]

“Shit, that stings.” Whined the Rowdy Rascal, as she sat on a stool in her private cabin aboard the Scorned Lady. The Rascal was currently shirtless with her simple bindings protecting her modesty, before her on another stool was one of her ‘Kids’, Jude. The sweetheart was helping check the wound on her chest that had barely begun healing properly. The wound in question was a large circular bruise with a veritable rainbow of purples, blacks, and blues from the array of bruising both on the surface and internally. It stretched from the front of her right shoulder to the upper half of her right breast, something that was constantly in pain due to her bindings.

“Captain, I really think you should stay in bed and continue resting…” Jude said in a soft tone while he finished wrapping some new bandages around her shoulders, the bandages were soaked with a balm he had made from a book he was studying from. The young man’s eyes were full of concern as he worried about his captain’s tendency to rush head first into danger. The woman in question actually felt slightly guilty, the kid had an amazing kicked puppy look to him at times. Miku quickly dashed that thought and scolded herself, there was a reason for that with him. Jude, the kind hearted man he was, easily had the darkest history of anyone on her crew. If anyone wanted to contest that all they had to do was look at the scars he hid underneath his long sleeved shirts, not that he ever allowed anyone but those he trusted wholeheartedly look at them.

“Thanks for the help, Jude. But I’ve been wastin’ away in bed for days now, I need to get some fresh air and stretch my legs.” The woman reached for her violet shirt which laid on her bed and began to pull it on, quickly buttoning it up while flinching whenever she had to move her right arm too much. “I swear to be on good behavior, okay?” She promised as she slid on a black jacket that wasn’t too worn down yet. Jude sighed as he nodded his head, there was no arguing with his captain once she had made up her mind. He quietly excused himself from the cabin and left with the dirty bandages he had just replaced.

Miku eventually made her way out of her cabin and up to the main deck of the Scorned Lady. As she ascended up the stairs the rays of the sun warmed her skin, the breeze carried that same warmth and she took a deep breath of it. The island they had harbored at wasn’t one any of her crew had known about upon arrival, this was quickly resolved by Emi who had done some scouting after they docked. Apparently this one island was actually six islands that were currently formed into one. How that worked, the Rascal had absolutely no idea. Hell, she wouldn’t believe it if it wasn’t for the rest of her crew confirming it themselves whenever they disembarked from the Scorned Lady. As it was, only Jude and Cedric were currently on the ship with the rest of the crew enjoying some shore leave. She heard the crew mention a celebration happening, which was the real reason she was forcing herself out. Celebrations meant fried food, specialty drinks, and entertaining shows.

A grin split Miku’s lips as she started thinking about getting some freshly fried food in her stomach. The woman made her way off the ship while waving at Jude and Cedric, who both were watching her with some concern. Too bad she made it mandatory to have at least two people guarding the ship at all times, they couldn’t stop her from escaping! Miku actually cackled quietly as she walked away garnering a few strange looks from those milling about the docks. It was time to hunt down some delicious food and the quickest way to her treasure would be following the slow moving crowds that were traveling further inland. It was time for some well deserved rest and relaxation for the Rascal.

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