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Brand New Wave! Chapter 1
Quest [Arc]:

Music The sky was blue as can be, with a rising sun meeting a cobalt colored shimmering sea. It was a beautiful sight to truly behold. A journey awaited young Baratel who had been caught in a storm some hours ago at midnight, and washed ashore an island of tropical paradise. Clouds floated and passed by as noises of sailing ships filled an air. Unbeknownst to Baratel, a duel between notorious factions would take place before his own very eyes. However, for now at least, he slept a little longer and dreamed of adventure and battle, and..

Baratel: "Fooood! I need something to eat now!"

Baratel's Stomach: "Grrr! Grgle!"

His eyes would open wide upon awaking to a great hungry stomach. He felt weak and tired. Baratel could not remember very much of how he got to this tropical island, however, he would vaguely remember darkening clouds while he was last sailing the South Blue. Perhaps a storm caught him and his boat in some whirlwind and blew him off course to this place. Baratel could not recognize the island, so must be some place new to him he thought. He would focus more on exploring the island, but boy was a man starving and could get some grub right about now. Sadly, it would look like all his food aboard his boat must have got lost by the waves.

Baratel: "Damn, my food is all gone. This island have any gru-"

Ship Battle Sounds: "Kaboom! Cling! Clang! Kashaaaa, boom!"

Baratel: "Huh? Pirates and Marines? Wow, maybe they might be storing some food in their boats. I could check it out."

Said the young Pirate, wanting to look at the fight closer up and search for some food on board any of the ships. Rising from the sand to stand up on the tropical island beach where a battle would be present just some fifty meter from him, Baratel pat down his clothes. He felt excited but kinda bummed out about how badly beaten his sailboat got. It wasn't too bad though, he could probably sail it to the Pirate ship which was close enough to get to in a short bit. If anything, he can swim too. So, with a decision made on what to do, Baratel would crack his knuckles and hurry up!

Baratel: "Okay, let us go! I need me some grub now! This battle as well looks cool! Bahahahaha!

Roared the blue haired Pirate, grabbing his sail boat and trying to stand it up to push back in the water. His sails luckily were not too beat up and torn, he could sail the way there to the Pirate Ship over there for sure! As he picked his sailboat up for a short sail, seagulls passed over his head and went "huuoh-huoh-huoh!". A bright late morning sun shone bright upon the beach and heated sea battle.

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The Evil Witch's Chateau!

Interested in Quest Grader.

It was a dark night, clouds of black rolling across the ocean skies of the southern blue, allowing no twinkle of light from a star be seen by any soul. A young man, or to be at least, was sailing the dark waters near an island, having just left his hometown of Baterilla some days ago. Coup D. Baratel had been living on whatever would bite his fishing rod, and some food he stocked up on before his trip. He would be doing alright sailing with his small little boat but this island on his map was yet to show up. It was quite odd in fact, and inexplicable to him, as he should have been at the island by now according to this map. Perhaps he may have sailed off course by mistake? He was just lost.

Baratel: "Where is this isl- Aaah! Waaah!"

Screamed the boy as he would grip onto his boat, being taken off guard by a large wave. Baratel were to rock around on his small vessel, trying to not fall of it. Winds only picked up, and strengthened. This was not good! If it kept up, Baratel's sailboat may very well be destroyed. He would clutch onto his boat for dear life, and hope for the best!

Baratel: "Baaaaah!"


Dark clouds lied no more in the sky, only a black empty sky, void of any wind or any clouds. Waters of a dark blue crashed along the black shoreline of the eerie and quiet island. A young boy lied beside his sailboat, one who's name was none other than Baratel. He had succumb to the sea after an hour of struggling to endure it, and had lost strength for a moment as the sea spit him out on the beach of a dark island.

Baratel: "Man, that was something else."

Said the boy, picking himself up after being washed ashore for a few minutes. He went to immediately check on how his boat faired in the winds and waves. Upon looking at it, the boat did not seem too beat up. Sure, it got roughed up a bit but not as bad as Baratel would of thought. Well, on this new mysterious and eerie island, the blue haired boy looked around the area, smiling. He was in some unknown land of dark forests and beaches of black sand. He would be amazed by this island's unique look. It was the first time he had ever seen an island much like this. Baratel would explore the area, and walk into the twisted tree forest after moving his sailboat farther in shore for it is not washed away by the ocean's waves.

Baratel: "Welp, let us see this island.."

Baratel said in a low voice, walking along the sand to the dark forest of twisted trees. He would step foot upon the forest grounds, and immediately then catch a sound of some rustling bushes. Hell is that, the boy thought. Within the forest's bounds, he would continue venturing father into the unknown. However, on guard he was.

Baratel: "Freaking weird.."

Said the wanderer boy, walking further into the forest. Dead trees and pumpkins covered the forest, with some foliage of green and purple colors, just not very lively hues. A crow would swoop over the head of Baratel, cawing and landing on a branch of a black wooden tree. It was some weird forest, Baratel thought.

After some while, he would eventually come to a shadowy cave of mysteries. Wanting to explore the cavern, the boy entered it, feeling cold upon stepping foot inside of it. He would rub on his arms and look around, seeing if there was anything cool in the cold cavern. However, it were to end at some point and what was found in the end of the cave was honestly just better left alone.
Blinking twice, Baratel shivered, and would turn his torso and legs around, then sprinting out of the cavern, after finding a hoard of evil looking bats.

Baratel: "Aaaaaa! Why did I go in there!?"

Cried the boy, running from a swarm of bats with scary eyes screeching at him as he hightailed on out of there so quick. By the grace of fate, Baratel managed to make it out of that cavern no problem. However, he would decide maybe going into a spooky dark cave maybe is not a good idea. Traversing along a dark and rocky path, Baratel were to grow hungry for dinner and want somewhere to sleep for the night. Then, as if fate itself was listening, a glorious chateau would appear from out of nowhere, standing tall before young Baratel. He would see the door open ajar, almost welcoming him. Baratel's eyes would widen at the sight of the door suddenly open ajar.

Baratel: "What i- huh?"

His heart were to beat faster, a bit nervous at what he saw, to tell you the truth. Nobody came out of the chateau. Its door just lied ajar, opened by some mysterious force. Baratel would near closer to the chateau doors, before then stopping. Does he want to spend the night in this place? He was uncertain. However, then a wolf's howls were to sound throughout ths dark night sky.

Baratel: "Eh, it is sure better than outside... Bahaha..?"

He said, placing his hand upon the right door of the double door chateau entrance. Baratel would gulp, pushing the door open wide and stepping back to see if there was anything that would jump out from behind the double doors. With a creaking sound, the door to the chateau opened, nothing to be seen in the first steps inside of the dark chateau.

Baratel: "Okay, nothing is there, I think it is fi-"

Unknown Voice: "Haaaaalp! Pleaaaasse! It will be anytime now!"

A feminine scream would echo throughout the mysterious chateau which was calling desperately for help. Baratel would freeze, his eyes widening in shock at what he just heard. What island is this he has somehow found himself upon? He just wanted to explore. However, it seemed that may not be a possibility on this island, at least not without his justice heart. He were to rush through the opened door and immediately begin scouring the area for the voice, dashing down a long hall at the entrance of the dark chateau.

Baratel: "Where are you!?"

Roared out the young hero, deciding to find this girl who had screamed out for help. Baratel would find three stairs adorned with a crimson carpet that led to three different paths and hallways. It was a dark and shadowy room, lit up by only one dim chandelier topped with a few candles. The walls were made of a dark purple wood and a black stone of some unknown origin. Its stairs made of wood, dark purple in color as well. An odd and strange feeling would creep up young Baratel's spine, unsettling him.

Baratel: "Who is here!? What the hell is going on!?"

Yelled the boy, looking at each staircase in uncertainty and haste, deciding to go down the middle one in hopes of finding the girl who screamed out for someone to help her. Palms sweating, Baratel ran along the middle staircase into a hall of doors. He did not know where to head. Halting in his tracks, Baratel froze and would try to think of where he heard the voice come from. He would clench his teeth and his fists, not knowing what island he just ended up on. However,  suddenly from the corner of his eye a suit of armor from a stand would walk towards him. A sword in hand, its dark shadow equipped with a sword would cast over the blue haired intruding boy.

Baratel: "Whaaaat!? A living suit of armor!?"

Suit of Armor: "Kachook! Kachook! Kachik! Kachaaaaaak!"

Baratel: "Aaah! You want a fight, I will give you a fight, metal junk!"

Walking toward Baratel, the armor would halt, before then slashing at him! In a single leaping step, the blue haired boy would jump out of the sword's path and roll across the floor toward the stairs. He would quickly then stand up on his feet, and get in a flicker jab stance. Baratel would flex his muscles and quickly leap at the metal junk that just missed his attack, and apply haki to his fist. His fist turning dark, it would be let loose upon the walking armor and dent its metal, throwing it back the hall.

Suit of Armor: "Krsh!"

Baratel: "Where is the girl that screamed!?  Point me to her or I will crush you!"

Suit of Armor: "Kreek.."

Roared the boy, his fist turning back to its original color and reverting to normal. His fallen armored foe would lift an arm slowly, pointing to a staircase at the end of the second floor hallway. Baratel would nod, dashing forward and leaping over the armored foe over to a staircase some meters away. He would begin to climb the staircase when suddenly, a different voice would scream for someone. It rung very loud.

Unknown Voice: "Someone!"

Baratel: "I am coming! What is going on!?"

Loudly asked the hasty heroic, rushing up the staircase to a short hallway on the third floor. He would run to the source the voice, coming to a room where a bubbling cauldron lied. Books lied about, with more armor stands in the corners of the room. The door was wide open, seeping some streams of green fumes and smoke. It was like out of some painting or story. A witch would be in the middle of the room, rotating and smiling, with her ugly face, meeting eye to eye with Baratel, just some random passerby of unknown strength.

Witch: "Bababababaaa! I have been expecting you, young one. I could sense your aura step foot within my chateau!"

Baratel: "Hey! What are those people doing locked up, you old hag!"

Witch: "Oh.. Uhh, well they came into my home.. So I am going to boil them alive.."

Baratel: "You left the damn door open, old hag! Of course people would come in! At least it opened when I arrived!"

Witch: "What!? Why did the door open for you all!? I told it not to open for anyone but for me!"

Baratel: "What the hell is going on here anyway!? Release those people or I will beat your ass! They probably got washed up here by a storm like me!"

Witch: "Never! I do not care if the door was open! They are intruders! Therefore, I shall boil them until nothing but bones are left! You will go with them!"

Baratel: "That is it, I am beating your ass!"

Suits of Armor: "Kachook! Kachook! Kacheek!"

Argued the wanderer and the witch over what to do with the people who accidentally had entered the chateau. However, talking would prove futile as the witch would not be willing to work things out. So, it would turn to fighting. Suits of armor began walking towards the angry Baratel, one of them attacking. An armor from the corner of his eye would lunge at him with a sword. Then followed by four others with swords. Baratel were to apply armament haki to his right fist and left fist, and set himself in a flicker jab stance. He would use his feather feet technique and up his reflexes, and start dodging attacks from all angles while unwinding on his living metal foes. With each strike of his blackened fist, he would see his attackers dent and be thrown back.

Some would get back up and slash at Baratel again, and manage to get lucky and cut him but others would miss. Baratel, throwing his darkened fists out in front of him before then moving them violently to his sides while rotating his body around, he would send all within his close proximity flying against the walls. For a case of one living armor, they would fly back and tip over the cauldron of green boiling liquid, burning the witch's feet before she was able to jump back in time. Baratel would roar out "Oi! I said I would beat your ass, did I not?". Baratel young wildling, dashing quickly up to witch's slightly burnt feet, he would cock back his fist, rotating his torso, before then letting his fist fly!

Witch: "W-whaaaa!? Get away from m- Bwaaaah!"

Punching the crooked witch in the nose, he would find the witch knock back against a bookcase in the far back of the room, and be left unconscious for the rest of the early night. Metal junk, tossed books, and green evaporating liquids over the place, Baratel were to have truly caused a mess, even garnering himself a few cuts along the way. "Phew, alright, let us release you guys and get out of this wack place, how about it?" Said the young hero, walking up the cage and unlocking it with a key hanging on a hook on the wall. Prisoners of the witch would cry out in joy, some tearing up and crying out of relief and happiness. After releasing the prisoners, it were to seem most of them were rookie pirates and sailors who had their ships wrecked on this island by a similar storm to Baratel, and happened to come upon this creepy chateau. After talking some more, Baratel and the others would leave the chateau and come together to help repair one of the damaged ships tonight. Hours later into the night, tired but happy to help, Baratel would see his new friends depart from the dark island of the witch. Soon after his new friends, Baratel too would depart from the spooky island, returning to his adventures.

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