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This post has in-line assessment comments.Sat Jul 09, 2016 8:04 pm
Horo Horo no mi

Devil Fruit: Horo Horo no mi
Devil Fruit Type: Paramecia

Devil Fruit Appearance: The horo horo no mi takes the form of a black apple with spikes all around it.
Devil Fruit Description: Upon eating the said fruit the user gains the powers to Condor ghost phantoms like being of the sort. 

Devil Fruit Passive Abilities: The user is able to see and hear out of his ghost. 
The ghost could cause depression or even suicidal thoughts.
Despite the ghost being hollow they could still pick up or move things around if they could.

Fighting Style: Name of your fighting style.
Weapon Utilization: Do you use any weapons with your fighting style?
Specialization: Is it specialized in melee or ranged? Or is it an even mix?
Description: Briefly describe how your fighting style works.


(The following techniques can either be all devil fruit techniques, or a combination of devil fruit, and natural/weapon techniques)

Light Attacks:

Medium Attacks:

Heavy Attacks:

AOE Attacks:
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