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[Info] 07. Bounty System Empty [Info] 07. Bounty System

This post has in-line assessment comments.Mon Dec 09, 2019 3:36 pm

Bounty System

Revival Dawn offers a playground in which players can wreak havoc, enforce order, and capitalise on either one of those. The bounty system outlines the rewards players can acquire by participating in PvP quests involving players with two naturally opposing factions.


Every crime committed by a player has a range of bounty associated with it which will be placed on that player's head. This bounty is then further modified by the difficulty of the quest these crimes were committed in. Below is a list of crimes and achievements that can give you a bounty. Bounties for any crime are only awarded if they are witnessed by someone and reported in your RP (you do not have to RP the crime being reported, it simply needs to be clear that the crime was witnessed and would eventually be reported). Needless to say, if your crime is committed in complete secrecy or anonymity, it will not gain you a bounty increase.

Each crime is given a range of suggested values. Based on the severity and peripheral circumstances of the crime, the quest grader is free to pick a suitable value from this range to assign to a criminal for committing said crime.

[info]- If a minor crime is implied or committed under the umbrella of a more serious crime, its bounty values may not be applied to you as they would be covered by the values of the serious crime. (This is also for the sake of simplicity and to make the quest grader's job a little easier.) Additionally, if you commit multiple crimes of the same or similar types within a single quest, you may only find yourself awarded a bounty for some of them as seen fit by the quest grader. This is so that players may not end up with bounties on their heads that are unsuitable for their level.

- These bounty values are merely suggestions for the quest graders. Quest graders may choose to ignore the values listed below and assign bounties guided by their own judgment based on the quality of the writing, difficulty of the bosses, and the quest's plot.

- If the quest grader chooses to use values suggested below, they may or may not then choose to apply the quality, difficulty, and length bonuses to this bounty amount in the same manner as they are applied to berry and EXP rewards.[/info]








PLAYER vs. PLAYER (Including Bounty Hunts)


Bounty hunters, marines, Cipher Pol agents, and criminal players can choose to engage in a "player bounty hunt" quest together where the bounty hunter or marine attempts to capture the criminal player while the criminal player attempts to escape. Alternatively, the quest can simply be a player vs. player quest. Even characters from the same faction can engage in PvP.

Doing a PvP quest together can give you the following benefits based on whether you're the hunter or the hunted:

Bounty Hunters can capture or kill a criminal player using the rules defined in the Combat Guide. Based on whether they kill the player or capture them, they will earn a different percentage of the player's bounty.
Kill the player: 10% of the player's bounty (we really don't want to encourage killing other players, but you can).
Capture the player: 50% of the player's bounty (World Government taxes are a bitch).
Defeat the player: 100% EXP bonus.

Marines and Cipher Pol agents can arrest or kill a criminal player using the rules defined in the Combat Guide. Based on whether they kill the player or arrest them, they are given an EXP bonus multiplier and a monetary bonus multiplier that is applied to their final quest reward.
Kill the player: 10% EXP bonus; 10% Berry bonus.
Arrest the player: 50% EXP bonus; 50% Berry bonus.
Defeat the player: 75% EXP bonus; 25% Berry bonus.

Criminal player characters who are chased after can escape the bounty hunter (must engage in combat at least once), knock them out, or kill them. Based on the action they take, they are given an EXP multiplier that is applied to their final quest reward.
Kill the player: 15% EXP bonus.
Escape the player: 35% EXP bonus.
Defeat the player: 100% EXP bonus.

Any player vs player quests must be labelled with an extra [PvP] tag in front of the quest title. [PvP] quests do not require traditional bosses, as the player opponents themselves serve as quest bosses. The difficulty of these quests will be determined at the end of the quest by the Quest Grader based on how challenging the combat was for each player.


The world of Revival Dawn has a global organisation which moderates and licenses all hunters going after bounties issued by the World Government. This is the Bounty Hunters' Association (BHA). A bounty hunter must be registered with the BHA to be able to turn in World Government-issued bounties.


Every bounty hunter registered with the BHA is assigned a number of stars that represents their status and ranking within the organisation.

One-Star: All BHA hunters start out with a round copper badge with a single five-pronged star engraved on it.
Two-Stars: Once a bounty hunter turns in their tenth bounty worth over 7,500,000 berries, they are awarded a round copper badge with a star at its center and a smaller star between its legs. (Players are welcome to start their bounty hunter characters out with up to two stars. As such, the capture and turning in of these bounties does not need to be roleplayed out.)
Three-Stars: Once a bounty hunter has reached level 40, defeated at least one +1 Boss, and completed at least one arc (or three episodes) with a quality score of B, they are awarded a round silver badge with a star at its center and two smaller stars. Each smaller star is between the arm and leg of the bigger star on either side.
Four-Stars: All bounty hunters ranked between rank 11 and rank 50 (inclusive) are awarded a round silver badge with a star at its center and three smaller stars. One of the smaller stars is between the legs of the bigger star and each one of the other two smaller stars is between the arm and leg of the bigger star on either side.
Five-Stars: All bounty hunters ranked between rank 2 and rank 10 (inclusive) are awarded a round gold badge with a star at its center and four smaller stars. The smaller stars fill each gap between the prongs of the bigger star except the gap between the legs.
Six-Stars: The highest-ranked bounty hunter is awarded a seastone badge with a star at its center and five smaller stars. The smaller stars fill each gap between the prongs of the bigger star.

All Three-Star and above positions are considered to be Important Characters and thus will provide bonuses when you hold these positions.


Once a bounty hunter earns their three-star badge, they are qualified to compete for the bounty hunter ranks to hold more stars.

At the end of every April, August, and December, a roll call will be done for all player bounty hunters. Each Three-Star or above bounty hunter must report their total quest earnings since the last roll call. The applicants will be ranked based on these earnings and their world position as a bounty hunter will be adjusted based on how many berries they earned.

These earnings are roughly meant to represent how many bounties the bounty hunter character has caught. However, the reported quests do not have to revolve around hunting a bounty.

If there are currently empty positions (positions filled by NPCs) in the ranks you are trying to reach, you must meet the following quest earning quotas to fill said positions.

Six-Star (Rank 1): 700,000,000
Five-Star (Ranks 2-10): 480,000,000
Four-Star (Ranks 11-50): 250,000,000

Note that you do not need to keep meeting the above quota once you have reached your desired rank unless all NPCs in your range have been displaced and there are more eligible player characters vying for your position.

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