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Hopeful Horizons! Chapter 1
Hopeful Horizons | Chapter 1 [Episode]:

Music A blue sky and ocean of grandeur and dreams twinkled and shined pretty upon the new morning sunrise. It was time to prepare for the adventure which lied ahead. People of Baterilla awoke to the new light of a new day, beginning jobs and the like on the tropical island. As this occurred, men and women out in the expansive and open sea known by its name, the South Blue, would explore what the world of today had to offer. Dreams and romance of adventure led many on paths of piracy or free sailors. The likes of danger and its cousins was no unknown stranger to anyone out on blue waters, for all knew of what risks came with a life of a pirate of freedom. Even for men enlisted in government forces knew a life at sea was no mere sightseeing, but a life of vastly more.

Our journey begins with a young man lying in the island of Baterilla, an island in the least populated blue to exist today. It has paled in comparison to what other blues today are known and famed for. However, this lack of notoriety comes with a great and vastly unexplored sea to today's people. Here is where our journey begins with the boy by the native name of Baratel. An honest and free spirited young man seeking to set out for the treasure found by the infamous last Pirate King, Hoar D.  Marsh. One Piece is its name, the treasure that Hoar D. Marsh found about 25 years ago in the Grand Line.

Awaking to the new morning sunrise that would shine bright upon Baterilla from the sky, the young Baratel would rise his right hand to his face and rub his black colored eyes. He would sit up from the hammock from which he lied and stretch his arms out, yawning loud. It was a well rest that Baratel was able to have the very day of his departure from his home island, where he was raised since he was a young child. With the sun's light in his face, Baratel smiled.

Seagulls: "Keeeow! Keeeow! Keeeoow!"

Baratel: "Let our journey begin, for today I set out no matter what, for One Piece, the great treasure! Bahaha!"

Said the young man, as he got off from his hammock and would begin to pack it up in his backpack with other items he will need for his first voyage. Baratel in a flash would fling his head and eyes toward the most popular coast of the tropical island of Baterilla, taking his first steps on his adventure for the illusive treasure that is the One Piece!

Baratel: "Goodbye, Baterilla! I will not return for a while! I have a sea to see!"

The youngling would throw his backpack around him while jutting his arms through the straps of the backpack as he would freely run through the tropics of the island, seeing sights from since he was a young boy playing with animals and other island wildlife. A great will lied within young Baratel, one that had him reap the benefits of his fortitude with all the training he has achieved in the last two months since his grandpa's passing at the family's exotic fruit farm. He had trained like his grandfather had told him to, but was it enough to set out? Was it enough to survive the harsh sea? Baratel has planned to set out this fateful morning, with his newly finished ship that he paid a local shipwright to make for his first great pirate voyage.

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Hopeful Horizons! Chapter 1
A smile upon his face, he would look over a cliff high above a small town here in Baterilla not far from the more famous town of the island, Hope Beach. The dreamer would stare into the sea calling out to his very soul, before continuing onto Hope Beach where his newly finished ship lied to set sail now! His blue floral shirt rustled in winds from nearby ocean weather as he jumped and ran through flora of the beautiful island, remembering back on the island of Baterilla with fond memories. That town he stood above a moment ago was a town he often visited and recruited other kids into his pretend pirate crew. Many kids from his small childhood pirate crew would look towards a marine life instead of a pirate.  Three kids however did set out a week ago at Hope Beach, reports from local civilians say. Baratel was jealous he could not join along, as he came to lose touch of his childhood crewmates as he took up more of his grandpa's farm. It was okay however, for he would soon join along as a pirate out on the seas.

Baratel: "Your farm will be in good hands with Uncle Garret, Grandpa."

Whispered young Baratel, as he slid down a hillside of palm trees and other flora to come closer to Beach Hope to set sail in time before the entire town had got up and the docks got too full with marines and the like. In the horizon the sun continued to rise, truly now shining upon the island. Baratel had his jolly roger flag ready to hoist to his new ship.  It was a newer version of a flag he drew as a kid for his childhood pirate crew. The soon to be pirate's plan was to rise his flag up high on his sailboat at South Blue's famous Beach Hope, where none dared to first set out for better or worse.

Baratel: "Aaah, I see Gicko at his workshop!"

Baratel: "Ooooi, Gicko!"

Said aloud the excited Baratel, happy to get his hands on his brand new ship and depart for the South Blue for adventure. Gicko, a shipwright of Baterilla would be cleaning the sailboat when the young and excited Baratel would come in sight. Hearing the loud voice of Baratel, Gicko smiled and would wipe his forehead as the young man started to approach the small but humble workshop. Gicko would nod to the blue haired youngin and tell him of the ship's completion.

Gicko: "Hey there, Bara! Your ship is set to sail! Meet.. the Blue Dolphin! After a month and a half, it is ready for the sea!"

Baratel: "Ooooh!"

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Hopeful Horizons! Chapter 1
Its beauty dazzled Baratel's eyes. It was a nice sailing boat, with great material. As the impressed Baratel would dart around the ship, admiring it from every beautifully finished side, Gicko would grin and pat the figurehead of the ship. Its figurehead was a dolphin jumping out of water which the ship was the color of. Blue Dolphin's sails were of a nice quality, and would prove to be great for quick sailing through the sea. It was a tough ship too, made of good wood. Baratel was excited to sail with such a nice ship, seeing the South Blue.

Baratel: "Ooooh! It looks good! Nice work, Gicko!"

Gicko: "That is what I like to hear! Gihihihi! Well, let us get this sailboat in the water now, my friend!"

Conversed both young men, Gicko being a man in his older 20s and acquaintance of Baratel from young. Baratel and his shipwright friend would pick the ship up and start moving it over to the early morning docks where there were few marines out at this time. As both men transported the sailboat to the docks to push into the water, more people would begin to populate the town very slightly. It was still very early. Reaching the empty morning docks, Baratel and his friend Gicko would countdown to push the ship into the water. At three, the two would push the ship into the water alas, readying Baratel for a great departure.

Baratel: "Ahoooooy! Baahaha!"

Gicko: "Gihihihi!"

A small docked marine ship in town with some marines walking by on the docks of Hope Beach, Baratel would thank his friend named Gicko many times over, smiling for the nice ship. Gicko would tell Baratel to not mention it and to just take care of it, or not too as it is a ship and ships can get damaged. Baratel however would vow to make sure it stays in tip top shape and fix it up if it sustains any damage from voyaging. With his thanks and vow to keep it in a good condition, Gicko would wave bye and head back to the workshop. Baratel saying farewell to Gicko, he started to now adjust and set his sails and put down his backpack on the sailboat.

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Hopeful Horizons! Chapter 1
Music A face with a smile held up high would garner the eyes of some marines that were walking along the docks, a squad. A horizon of blue and orange painted the majestic scene, one filled with air of adventure. Baratel would adjust his sails while marines started to approach him on the almost empty docks of the town. It seemed they recognized Baratel from what they would first say when they would see Baratel aboard his small ship. As the marines would approach, they would witness firsthand Baratel rising his very crew's jolly roger into the air.

Officer Durus: "Oi! Boy! What are you doing!? Take that down or my men shoot down your sails and jolly roger for you!"

Marine A: "Hey, isn't he that Coup son of that one marine, Officer Durus?"

Officer Durus: "Psh! I think so! So you aim to head to sea like you said, huh kid!? Well, you have to go through me!"

His great grandfather would be brought up by the marines, and the fame behind the Coup name around this blue ocean. Baratel would turn his head around to meet eyes to eyes with the marines who shouted out at him, threatening to shoot holes in his sails to halt his setoff from the island. He would climb out of the sailboat the Blue Dolphin, not taking down the jolly roger attached to it. Baratel would look at Durus, a marine he had often seen in Baterilla since a young kid. Durus was a man who truly admired Baratel's grandfather, and was a recruit of his long ago many years ago.

Baratel: "Oi! None of you will stop me! I will set sail for that treasure, One Piece!"

Durus: "Then face me, Baratel, grandson of Coup! If your will is strong, you will defeat me and set sail! However, I know you are yet strong enough to defeat me!"

Marine B: "Hey kid, you are picking a fight with one of our strongest marines now! Nobody can stand to Durus! We are doing this for your own good now!"

Baratel: "I have made up my mind already! I will become the Pirate King! Nobody will stop me, I will SET SAAIL!"

Durus: "Fine then, show me your will and show me what you got, Baratel!"

Roared the invigorated Durus, taking off his marine coat and tossing it to to the dock surface beneath him. Durus would flex his muscles, and glare at the young man trying to set out for the One Piece. He would stand five meters before the blue haired ruffian, in an imposing offensive stance with great muscles. Durus was known to be one of the strongest marine officers, able to carry boulders with his impressive strength.

Baratel: "I will see this world with my own very eyes, as a true blue pirate!"

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Baratel uses LT Feather Feet
Baratel uses LT Flexing Gorilla
Baratel uses LT Pecking Jab on Officer Durus
Baratel uses UT on Officer Durus


Officer Durus uses MT Durus One Two on Baratel
Officer Durus uses LT Durus Jab on Baratel
Officer Durus uses LT Durus Hook on Baratel
Officer Durus uses UT Durus on Baratel

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