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Hikari D. Rabbit's Equipment Empty Hikari D. Rabbit's Equipment

This post has in-line assessment comments.Mon Jan 13, 2020 8:54 am

Hikari D. Rabbit's Equipment

Character Name: Hikari D. Rabbit
Number of Equipment Pieces: 2
Highest tiered equipment: 1
Total Equipment Stat Points: 10 Total [5 RX || 5 Def]

Equipment Name: Tam-Bunny-Ring [Large]
Equipment Type: Instrument [Shield]
Equipment Tier: Tier 1
Equipment Stats: 5 Def

Equipment Description: The “Tam-Bunny-Ring” is a play on words which is a giant Tambourine that Hikari plays. It is roughly the size of a standard mid-size shield that someone carries around for defense and bashing attacks. It is engraved with the symbol of a rounded rabbit’s head with the ears sticking upwards, made especially by him, and thus he made a pun calling it his “Tam-Bunny-ring” and the name stuck. Despite it being an instrument, due to its size and reinforced body, it is used effectively in order to deflect attacks like a shield and cause blunt damage by launching himself forward into a foe. Because of his incredible leg strength, it does not seem to weigh on him greatly to hinder movements, and the metal seems to be crafted from steel of warriors that are from the Colour Kingdom’s arts and Bushido.

Equipment Name: Rabbit Ribbons
Equipment Type: Armor Piece (Sashes)
Equipment Tier: Tier 1
Equipment Stats: 5 RX

Equipment Description: Otherwise known as just a pair of dancing ribbons. They are usually bound on Hikari’s wrists with a perfect butterfly knot. In doing so, they appear as lacings on his wrists. They hand to be approximately five-meters long, presenting themselves as decor and draping along with his kimono’s sleeves. When he removes his kimono, the lacings are removed to reveal themselves in full and are a part of his rabbit motif, bearing a vivid blue and white color, at night, they seem to make a silverish gleam in the moon due to the texture. They seem like they are made out of silk, but are woven to the point that they are quite durable! They are used in order to help with reflex and response through maneuvers by taking advantage of the increased balance from the ears that come from the Bani-Bani No Mi.


Equipment Techniques:

Devil Fruit Equipment Techniques:

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