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[Arc] The Meeting of Ionia, Empty [Arc] The Meeting of Ionia,

This post has in-line assessment comments.Mon Jan 27, 2020 5:38 pm
Quest Name: The Meeting of Ionia,
Quest Category:Arc
Player Participants: Lucilia[+2] and Rena[+2]
Planned Location(s):East Blue / Ionina

The main focus is world-building in relation to the island of Ionina, the meeting between Rena And Lucilia. The development and introducing of a side character Ronan who will be the catalyst to the story. The main point of the story will be a Hunt of a beast that turns into a hunt for a Devil fruit user who is causing trouble behind the scenes.  Several beasts will be battled, along with the Devil fruit user, and potentially some corrupted huntsman along the way.


As a farewell gift her sensei would give her one of his best blades. The gold tracer.
The blacksmith also had a gift. He gave her the Silver tracer. The doctor gave her a med kit with all kinds of medicine and  tools to heal her wounds. Then Rena leaves on her own wearing the gear her parents gave her for hunting including the black hunting clothes and her hunting tools. She slowly starts walking away. Putting an arm in the air as a wave of goodbye. She does not look back affraid that she will run back unable to leave her childhood behind her.

Rena keeps walking on the road infront  of her. SHe is nto yet aware of her surrounding still a bit numb after the emotional moments that happened a few hours ago. She is finally starting to come back to her senses. Her plan was to first go travel around Ionia. Do some jobs get some money to live, save up for a boat and make her own name as a hunter more known. Afterall a good reputation would be really beneficial. Her current goal is to reach Egon Village. the people of her village had told her about a job there. As she is from Doga Village herself it would not be a dangerous trip. She just keeps following the road signs along the road to keep track of her location.

If her calulations were correct it would take her 3 days on foot. If she was lucky she would meet a trader or caravan to shorten her travels. Egon Village is the capital of the kingdom of Mucha. Sadly this did not happen the first day as no one was leaving from Doga Village for a while  towards Egon Village yet. She set out camp 50 meters from the road to avoid running into robbers that patrol the roads at night. Rena uses her Gold Tracer to cut a cicle with a diameter of 1.5 meter through the tall grass that was the well known kind of  landscape between Doga and Egon Village. Then she chops some branches fromthe trees in the area and then uses soem of the tall grass and wood chips to make a small fire to cook her food. Befor eshe left she made sure to have some previsions. Tonight she would eat a rabbit with a cucumber. After her dinner she enters her sleeping bag and goes to bed  looking at the stars.

The next morning she first shivers of sunlight shine into her eyes waking her up. Quickly she packs her stuff back inand makes sure the fire place is off to avoid a fire. Then she makes her way back to the road with some left over rabbit of last night on an improvised skewer for breakfast. She keeps walking full without slowing down.

Maybe today  some traders from from Cabin, Maw or Hanel Village would cross her path. During a lunchbreak  halfway through the day (around 13:00) she comes around a wild apple tree with juicy apples. With ease she climbs into the tree and  collects some. Then she sits down and eats a couple and putting 10 of them in her bagpack for later. While she is resiting it turns out that she is lucky today.

A trader named Lawrence Kraft comming from Maw passes by. Rena does ask if he was on his way to Egon Village. Lawrence answered that he was indeed goign to Egon Village. Rena then asked if she could come with him. Lawrence smiles and makes place on the bench of his cart next to him. Sure he said. Rena and Lawrence chat a bit while they are traveling. It turns out that Lwawrence was just a few years older then her. Lawrence is a merchant who goes from town to town and village to village selling, buying and trading various goods in order to make a profit. Lawrence’s dream is to become a town merchant with his own shoe business, but he does not yet have the necessary money to pull it off yet. Rena could not help herself from being a little flustered. He was quite cute afterall. She shares some of the apples with him that she had inher bag as payment and thanks for giving her a lift. They even decide to take the same inn The Smooth Ingot. They also diner together but the next day they would go both their own way. Lawrence had to sell his wares and Rena had to gather with the other hunters on the other side of Egon Village at a pub named The Porkbelly.

[Arc] The Meeting of Ionia, Empty Re: [Arc] The Meeting of Ionia,

This post has in-line assessment comments.Tue Jan 28, 2020 10:57 am
A young mans face scrapped across the muddy floor as he was propelled with force backwards. The mud engulfed his face as his weight engaged with its sludge properties, bits flinging upwards in all directions, bits entering his nose, mouth and even staining his hair. "You little toad, think you can become a Hunter" an oldish man would say after kicking Ronan hard in the chest with a forward kick. "You re motivation might have reasoned, but you haven't paid your dues" A woman with a ponytail and blonde hair," said with impedance towards the young Ronan. Three Younger hunters moved forward closing in on Ronan who was currently partially still in the mud in a sort of trance state, the world was grey to him and lacked colour, his sense was heightened and yet he didn't hear a single word they said. Anger was building within him as the three hunters circled him, their intention was to give him a real beating to teach him a lesson. 

Ronan kept thinking to himself "Fuck you" Fuck you" "Fuck you" with the thoughts directed at the world around him. The first kick-started to swing towards his right hear, but he knew where it was coming from, the very mud that was slowly choking him was giving him aid in this battle as with every step and motion the soft sound of sloshing mud echoed. Rapidly moving his arm forward as fast as he could, just managing to reach the heel of the incoming boot in time, he pushed it slightly with the little strength he had. The kick overshot its target and ended up going a little into the air "You think that's enough to knock me off my balance you little brat" Pushing himself up only a second later, his head also pushed into the currently lifted foot, moving it even higher. *Bang Bang* the other two hunters had impacted the left side of his stomach with their own kicks, managing to break one of his ribs in the process. Ronan had planned for this with his battle awareness.  The resulting forced pushed him right, into the remaining leg of the first attacking Hunter. This finally caused him to lose balance with Ronan being sent right into him, this had Ronan right on top of the first Hunter, he pulled a small blade buried underneath the very skin of his wrist and with a furious expression buried it into the neck of the man before him, simultaneously the other two grabbed his shoulders and pulled him back. This pulled Ronan too his knees with both his arms controlled. The woman who commented earlier who was simply watching events unfold shouted: "Don't remove that blade, you will die". He simply responded with a nod and a second of eye-contacted. 

"I guess, I should step in huh" Lucilia was watching from a balcony of the local tavern really closely and was quite impressed with Ronan "While the strong sharpen their claws, the weak sharpen their mind". Lucilia pushed herself off the balcony with both her feet prepared to land on the skull of the first attacker *Bang* A mans face scrapped across the muddy floor as he was propelled with force forwards, the mud engulfed his face as his weight engaged with its sludge properties, bits flinging upwards in all directions, bits entering his nose, mouth and even staining his hair. Lucilia smiled and said "ENOUGH" while standing on the first attackers head.

[Arc] The Meeting of Ionia, Empty Re: [Arc] The Meeting of Ionia,

This post has in-line assessment comments.Thu Jan 30, 2020 1:44 pm
Upon Lucillia's arrival the 3rd young hunter realise that with the reinforecements joining Ronan's side they were out of luck. THe female hunter, older hunterand the 3rd younger hunter are able to quickly snatch the 2 with them before running off to find a hospital.

It is just Ronan and Lucillia now. Ronan turns to face lucillia. He remains in a fighting stance. Just incase Lucillia turned out to be a new enemy. Who are you and what do you want? Hav eyou come to try and beat me up too? Well? Be quick about it because I need to get to The Porkbelly soon. WHere all the hunters are gathering to find the beast that took my sister from me. Ronan waits carefully watching Lucillia's movements and ready for anything.

Meanwhile on the otherside of Egon Village Rena is strolling around. Slowly makign her way to The Pork Belly but a bit distracted by the village and the villagers themself. Enjoying the liveliness on the streets. She takes a few peeks at interesting shops and gathering some intel of this beast sh was going to hunt. Afterall every little bit of usefull information would work into her advantage.

The main thing is that it attacks at night and uses the roofs, allyways and some people claimthat is also uses the sewers to move. They tell her it looks like a big wolf. Some say its a bear or a big dog. One thing all the stories have in common is that its big, has fur, claws, sharp teeth and glowing red eyes like it is possesed by the devil. That it strikes fast and disapears before the guards could arrive every single time. Also it prefers to attack at night.

This was not the best information but it was something she would have to work with. Sometimes you need to paddle with what you got. She is now almost at THe Porkbelly. Just 5 more minutes. She would arrive just in time.

Meanwhile at The Porkbelly over 20 hunters all around the surrounding villages and cities gathered and were impatiently waiting for the start of the hunt.

[Arc] The Meeting of Ionia, Empty Re: [Arc] The Meeting of Ionia,

This post has in-line assessment comments.Sat Feb 01, 2020 7:37 pm
“Well, Ronan” Lucilia would say with a gleaming grin blooming upon her face “You’re Amazing, I was watching the entire thing” Lucilia would start using a cloth to start whacking away the dirt from Ronan shoulders “Even if it was only instinctive you managed to keep track of the momentum of your foes and used it to your advantage”, a small pause between her words while still smacking away some of the mud and dirt “Simply Amazing if i dare say” Ronan could tell that Lucilia was sincere and thus lowered his stance and began turning to walk towards the Inn. Lucilia began following him, walking by his side. Ronan would look to his side towards Lucilia once, twice and a 3rd with each glance making him feel more and more awkward “So, are you following me?” “Well, let’s just say, I have decided to work on a little project of mine and helping you seems effect” Ronan would turn to face Lucilia as a moment of anger bubbled up “I don’t need anyone's Help”  Lucilia would swiftly interrupt him as they continued to walk “Why aren't you presumptuous, I’m helping you for my own reasons not because you need it” Lucilia winks while placing her hand on his right shoulder and lightly nudging him, in the direction of the pub.

The Pub was surrounded by hunters not to mention quite a few on the inside to boot. Lucilia was surprised with wonder as the two of them approached, she glanced around and saw all the people gathering for a single hunt, this beast must be amazing she thought to herself and watching this Boy Ronan fight it would be ecstatic. The returning eyes were all somewhat looking down at Ronan this would include those within the establishment as Lucilia and Ronan wondered in. The eyes were not all the same, some were concerned for the Ronan expecting him to be dead soon, others thinking he's a weak pathetic boy playing with man toys, and some feeling disappointed that another life would fall into the life of a hunter and a life of one so young.

Lucilia and Ronan would sit at a large table and would begin to have a lovely chat as they waited for a speaker to start speaking. Lucilia would pry into Ronan's life quite a bit and while Ronan would be quite forthcoming he would leave a lot of questions unanswered, he didn't trust Lucilia and was simply letting her hang around him because it for some reason was keeping the other hunters away giving him a breath of fresh air.    

[Arc] The Meeting of Ionia, Empty Re: [Arc] The Meeting of Ionia,

This post has in-line assessment comments.Sun Feb 02, 2020 6:30 am
Rena is just in time. Because of her research she made a detour. Their arehunters waiting infront of the pub and some of them are inside. She is a bit thirsty so Rena decides to go inside. She opens the door and closes it behind her.

When she is inside their is the stench of alcohol. The hunters inside glare at her. Some look at her just like they did at Ronan. Some of the men stare at her with a perverted look. Then their are also those who are more invested in their conversation or their beer to even notice her. Rena looks around for a spot to sit down. She notices that the table Ronan and Lucilia are sitting at is basically empty. She walks up to the bar.

"Hello there I would like to order 3 drinks please. What drinks do you have? "The bartender and owner of The Porkbelly looks at Rena."We have cola, apple juice cider and water ofcourse for the non alcohol drinkers. Then their is wine, ale, liquor and the best mead. "Rena thinks for a moment. "Hmmm do me 2 cola and one mead please" The bartender turns around grabs 3 horns fromthe shelf. He fills one with mead and the other 2 with cola. "That is then 20 beli. 5 for each cola and 10 for the mead. It is the best mead of Mucha afterall"Yeah yeah if you say so. her is the money thank you very much.

Rena grabs the 3 horns by the handles that are attached. She then makes her way to the table she wants to sit at. She places the horns onthe table and then shoves the ones with cola to Lucilia and Ronan. Goodmorning, do you mind me sitting here? I thougth you might be thirsty so I got you some drinks if you want them. You can see it as a thanks for letting me join you two at the table. I am Rena Capku Ryuugu Seimei. Its nice to meet fellow young hunters like me. Rena then sits down and sips on her mead.

Just as Rena sits down the speaker rings the bell he is carrying. After that all the hunters inside enter the pub. The meeting was about to start. The speaker climbs on top of the bar. Infront of him are 4 guards.

Hello hunters. Thank you all for comming out here to Egon Village. Thank you all for risking your lives to help us. The reward will be wholesome.
Now as you all probably heard, their have been incidents of villagers disapearing.
Some have been found dead a few days after disapearing.
We gathered some information and it seems that the attacks usually happen at night.
Often in ally ways or other more hidden area's of the village. The wounds of the people that we found were what it looks like made by claws and teeth. Their are also bones that seem to have broken. That indicates that the beast is armed with sharp claws and teeth to attack with. Due to the broken bones it is safe to assue that it is quite big and heavy or strong enough to break bones.
Villagers that have seen glimps of the beast say that it looks like a giant bear, dog or wolf.
The eyes are white or yellow and that the growls are so terrorfying and scary that it might freezes you out of fear.

I suggest everyone here to be at their A game here. It would be bad if we lost any more lives.
I also suggest that you will not hunt alone but in groups of 3 or more. If you decide to go alone then death is most likely guaranteed. Especially the younger hunters of us that are less exprienced.
If anyone here thinks not to be up for the task then you can leave at any given time and give up on the hunt for the beast. Their is no shame in choosing to live to fight another day. Last but not least we have a paper where you will write your names down and sign that you agree that anythign that happens is at your own risk. We will not be accountable for anything that happens to any of you.
As for your stay the king will pay for your rooms in the tavern you are staying.
Goodluck to you all and may Odin watch over you or welcome you all at the dinning table of Valhalla.

With those words the guards go around the pub with papers so everyoen can sign their name. Rena writes down her own without any hesitation. After everyone signed the speaker and the guards leave. Some of the hunters stand up and leave the pub to start their hunt. Some stay around to make groups as the speaker suggested or just to take 1 last drink.

Rena looks at the people at her table. So what do you two say? Want to team up ?Can I join you two on this hunt? I am alone right now and I think it is smart to group up as the speaker suggested. On top of that you two seem to be really strong. Rena stands up and holds out her hand.

[Arc] The Meeting of Ionia, Empty Re: [Arc] The Meeting of Ionia,

This post has in-line assessment comments.Wed Feb 05, 2020 12:18 am
Lucilia doesn’t get a chance to reply to the woman who joins them as the speaker starts speaking and thus just accepts her presence and begins drinking the cola, and quite quickly at that. She spends the time analyzing those around her including that of the person who had joined herself and Ronan.  “Hmm, so she's a Hunter who wears a significant amount of armour aye,” she thought to herself before being pushed into a self flashback drinking the Cola “I guess she's okay”. Ronan, on the other hand, didn't drink a drop and didn't really trust Rena in the slightest and as such ended up going into a sort of raging deep thought over-analyzing everything she did, every gesture, every word and as a result didn't listen to a single word the speaker had said. Lucilia also didn't hear a single word the speaker had said leaving the two of them at somewhat a disadvantage, Lucilia didn't listen because she didn't care she wasn’t a hunter and was simply following Ronan on a whim of interest, after having decided he had potential. 

As the document went around, Lucilia signed it first for both herself and Ronan before sliding it to Rena, not that she knew what it was but she somewhat could deduce its meaning based on the information she had bothered to actually listen to. “Hmm, Hunters, A Hunt, and a Document one signs, 10 billion percent a registration thing”. Lucilia thought to herself, however, she had at this moment came to the notion that Rena didn't really have any potential and was almost certain that Rena had a secret objective here and yet Lucilia was fine with her joining their group. “So, she's sucking up to us aye? First, the Cola, fully introducing herself and even laid down the flattery while suggesting the two of them were strong?”. Lucilia would think a bit deeper to herself about the nature of Rena and her intentions and Conflicting questions within herself such as. Where there are any public signs to her own strength, Has she seen the Ronan before? Why is she sucking up? Why is she being flattery?. 

While Lucilia had stayed somewhat quiet thinking to herself like a kid thinking about how they were going to use their toys. Ronan stood up more than instantly placed one hand firmly on the table it was clear there was anger in his eyes, he was absolutely furious though he was fully aware his anger was misplaced and thus he gritted his teeth and took Rena Hand “Fine, but I owe you nothing, this is not a favour from you to me, we are not besties, and if you fall into a bit of hell I’m NOT going in after you, oh and I'm Ronan” Ronan takes Rena hand and shakes.  Lucilia raises an eyebrow as she hears Ronan speak “Foolish but a Foolish action of progress” Lucilia mutters to herself before standing up herself and using the palm of her right hand to lightly slap the top of their handshake “Alrighty, so where are we going now”? Lucilia pauses for a moment "Oh i haven't introduced myself, You can call me..Hmmm, Pink should work" She would say with a massive grin on her face while using her left foot to obviously attempt to steal Ronans Cola.  Lucilia gave a false name and intended to make it obvious that it was a false name and was simply a pleasantry. 

[Arc] The Meeting of Ionia, Empty Re: [Arc] The Meeting of Ionia,

This post has in-line assessment comments.Wed Feb 05, 2020 1:39 pm
Rena did not have any evil intentions being nice to the  2 people on her table.
As the speaker spoke she was able to catch every word and detail.
After joining the group the woman introduced herself as Pink and the guy as Ronan.  
Rena noticed that the Ronan did not take a single sip of his drink.
Pink on the other hand was empty the moment she was given the drink.
Rena notices the way Pink looks at the cola of Ronan like its her prey.

As Rena shakes Ronan's hand it seems he is angry for some reason.
Still he does stay calm but is not really nice with the words he decided to speak. Rena nods.
That is okay hunting is my life and one day i will be the best hunter this world has ever known.
If I have to die for that dream then I die.
Besides we just signed for it aswell on the papers they went around with just a moment ago.
Even though you wont help me I will help you two if you are in need of my services or help.
Its nice to meet you Ronan and Pink. That is a really cute name by the way Pink.
Would you maybe like another cola?

Rena stands up and lifts her hand in the air and shouts: One cola please?
A minute later the bartender arrives with one cola. Rena pays the 5 beli and shoves it infront of Pink.

In her head she imagining to be grinning evilish at Pink as the cola is standing  infront of to then say im joking andburst out inn laughter. Instead she just looks at them with an emotionless face.
She does not know the people infront of her yet so showing emotions to strangers is not the way to go.
I noticed you were staring at Ronan's cola so I thougth you might wanted another one.

Rena sits back down. So what we are going to now is talk and make a plan.
Rushing to the prey is allways a bad idea. It is also proof that some of these people are amatures.
They probably did not even listen. The beast usually comes out at night.
Right now its 10 in the morning. Searching will get us nowhere.
Earlier this morning I already asked the locals that live her about the incidents.
The extra information that the speaker has given got me some more information.
It also has given me an idea of what we migt be hunting.

Rena grabs her bag. She reaches inside. As a joke she says: This is a bomb by the way.

Some people near us hear it and run out of the pub.
Hmpf scardy cats it was just a book.
Rena lays the book on the table. She then scrolls hrough it quickly.
This is my parents hunters journal and I am pretty sure it is in here. Ah there it is.
Rena turns the book around. Their are some drawings of the beast Rena thinks they are hunting with a name and text about the beast.


I think it is a Warg.

Wargs are wolves. According to our religion here in Mucha wargs are also a reference to the wolf Fenrir
and the wolves that chase the sun and moon Sköll and Hati.
In Mucha's own language these beasts are named vargrs. In our volklore they are also knownas cursed creature of the depths.
They are as high as a horse and sometimes they can even be bigger then them.
For our sake we should pray to Skadi goddes of the hunt that it is not that big.
As the speaker said they are armed with claws and teeth but the legs are also strong enough to crush your ribcage if they wanted to.
They can be slain by normal weapons  but due to their size weapons that pierce through armor are more effective.
A spear for example or a two handed broadsword.
I do not use those weapons myself but silver is something that works really good too.
As one of my blades has a mixture of steel and silver it will work okay.
So  what weapons do you two use?

They also have a strong nose and hearing.
We will need to make sure that if we decide to set a trap and ambush it to keep the wind in mind.
The only thing that concerns me is one other thing.
Wargs usually hunt in a pack of 2 or more. They are not solitair.
Also when I asked around it turns out that  their it is not just 1 attack a night.
Their are atleast 2 attacks in the same night and sometimes more.
That means that:
A The Warg prefers to attack more then once but that doesnt make much sense. Why would it kill more then it needs to feed.
B Their are atleast 2 wargs or more doing the attacks what would make sense but as they usually hunt together it is still somewhat odd.
Or C someone is controllign them somehow but I never heard of someone that can control these beasts.

I think we should get some rest for tonight and gather somewhere around 6 - 7 pm and go on partol tonight and see what happens then.
I am staying at The Porkbelly at the moment incase you two wanted to know.
So what is your take on this Ronan from your hunters expertise standpoint?
What do you think Pink? Incase you wanted to ask no im not getting you another cola but maybe you can have Ronans cola.


[Arc] The Meeting of Ionia, Empty Re: [Arc] The Meeting of Ionia,

This post has in-line assessment comments.Thu Feb 06, 2020 5:39 am
Lucilia, for the most part, ignored what Rena had said only catching small pieces here and there, however, enough to get the Gist of things. She drinks her 3rd Cola as she awaits for Ronan to respond, she had already drank Ronan's Cola. Ronan would sit back down as he listened to Rena "Well, Rena, was it? I'm used to using a 2handed longsword and small dagger as back-up, however, they recently got stolen so I'm barehanded" Ronan clinches his fist as his anger grows a bit more. "You want to wait? You're want to wait for it to attack again? I'm going right now!" Ronan couldn't wait, he wouldn't wait for the thought of his sister haunted him and thus he would stand up quickly and begin to walk out of the establishment muttering under his breath "If it bleeds, I can kill it".

Lucila hops up with the intention to follow Ronan, she makes a small bow "Thank you for the Cola, you're welcome to join us, however, we will most likely be hunting this Warg thing right now and walking right into its Den, have a lovely day if you don't choose to join us" Lucilia starts jogging to catch up to Ronan "Hey wait for me". Ronan would slow down slightly as he marched forward "So I'm going find a vantage point and see what directions the other hunters go and use their experience to my advantage" "Hmm, not a bad plan, but wouldn't that put them ahead of us???" "Well, I'm no warg expert". "Any Ideas Rena?" Lucilia would say without looking behind herself assuming the 3rd person had decided to follow.
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