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[Episode] Defiled water in Beo. Empty [Episode] Defiled water in Beo.

This post has in-line assessment comments.Sun Feb 02, 2020 6:51 am
Quest Name:            Defiled water in Beo
Quest Category:       Episode
Player Participants:   Rena Capku Ryuugu Seimei
                                         Boss: +1
Planned Location(s):  East Blue - Ionia

Their is a problem in Beo with the water.
Recently the town was 3 days late with their gifts for their gods and the people think they are being punished.
Rena leaves Egon Village to come to Beo to help out. When she arrives she will gather information and find out what is actually going on.
Is it really the will of the gods or is it something else?


After fighting the Wargs and the devil fruit user controlling them was defeated Rena heard a rumor.
She did not want to leave Lucillia behind already. Unfortunantly Lucillia did not answer when Rane asked her to come with her to Beo.
This made Rena assume that  the silence was a no. So Rena packed her stuff and left Egon Village early in the morning on the roosters first screech.
Lawrence Kraft seemed to be gone already too. This meant that Rena would be traveling on foot again. Not that it was a problem.
She just wanted to arrive at Beo as soon as possible to start helping the people living there.
After leaving the gates of Egon Village behind her the city started to shrink a little bit after eacht step made.

Just to have a conversation goign Rena start to think/talk to herself out loud.
"Hmm on foot it will take me 10 days to reach Beo. That all depends on several factors.
If I get attacked or have trouble crossing the river or even the weather works against me then i might be later.
THe same thing counts the other way around when I meet someone that can give me a lift.
I do have enough food and can hunt if I have to for more. The only issue might be water.
At Egon Village refilling all my waterbottles was all i could do. Lets hope it is enough.
The river is 4 - 5  days walking away so I cant waste any drop."

Rena reaches the river on the 4th day without any trouble.
Her water bottles were almost all empty so it was still a relief  reaching it.
She refills her water and moves a bit further of the stream. Their is a bridge but right now their are soem other things on her mind.
She would cross it tomorrow. Right now she wanted to set up camp and clean herself.
First she sets up camp making a shelter and preparing a fire.
After that she would set some traps in the area  to maybe catch some wild but it is also protection to anythignthat might wanted to steal or attack her.
Then she undresses herself and enters the river and starts to clean herself and relaxes a little.
After almost 2 hours bathign she returns to the camp and uses the fire to get dry. THen she prepares some food for herself and goes to bed.

[Episode] Defiled water in Beo. Empty Re: [Episode] Defiled water in Beo.

This post has in-line assessment comments.Sun Feb 02, 2020 2:29 pm
After a bad night sleep Rena wakes up. She feels dizzy and not as well rested as she wanted to be.
Last night she had a nightmare. A nightmare that was quite common to her.
Usually she does not get nightmares but when she does it is usually this one.
It first occured after her parents left for their mission. At that time she didnt think much of it until she heard that her parents had disapeared.
It also had diffrent forms. Sometimes she is standing on ice and her watches her parents down.
Other times she is in a tunnel running after them but instead of gettign closer they only get further and further away.

This time Rena was standing on the beach.
Her parents were in a boat infront of her rowing towards her.
Then Rán appeared and together with Ægir the sea started to become wild.
Her parents were pulled away from her while Freyr unleashed a heavy rain storm.
She wathced as Rán pulled them into the sea.
Then she was standing alone as rain poured down from the clouds.
The nedign of all of hte nightmares was the same. Rena was all alone.
This dream caused her a bad night of sleep but somehow it made her more determined to find them.
It didnt make her sad. It filled her with strength.

Rena starts breaking up the camp. Then she checks the 5 traps she placed the day before. It turne out that Rena was lucky.
She caught 2 Lemming. Due to the speed of them beign lifted inthe air the spike she put a bit higher up killed the animals instantly.
That way they would not suffer all night long. She disarms the traps and uses one if the ropes of the traps to hang the Lemming on her hips.
Due to the wound of the spike most ot the blood was drained from their bodies already.
That saved Rena some time. She finds her way back tot he bridge and crosses it.

The rest of the day nothign happens. Its just a easy walk. Later that night she would eat both lemming.
She was a bit hungry after walking for hours without resting. The next day she would live on the apples and some other fruit she had left.
Just 3 days left. She had enough bread water and vegtables left.
On the 7th night she had some potatoes, beans, mushrooms and carrots and used the bones of the lemming to make a stock to create a stew.
The stew would be enough to feed her for the 8th day aswell.
Due to having some time to spare not havign to prepare her food she would use the pelts to make gloves.
Afterall the animal did not die for nothing so she would try to use everything. Just out of respect.

[Episode] Defiled water in Beo. Empty Re: [Episode] Defiled water in Beo.

This post has in-line assessment comments.Mon Feb 03, 2020 10:59 am
The morning of the 9th day was there.
Knowing that she would most likely make it to Beo today she just packed her stuff and left without eatign breakfast.
A part of her is just too excited. Around her is just grassland. Ofcourse their are some animals.
Birds are singing and on the ground diffrent insects and small animals like mouses  walk around searching for food.
Rena enjoys the early morning breeze that goes through her blonde hair. The soft wind feels like someones hand in her hair.
She lifts her hands in the air and shouts: "I feel amazing!!!!"
Some animals look up because of the sudden scream. Rena did not care that the animals saw her emotions because she loved nature.
On top of that she is the only person around so no one heard her anyway. Otherwise she would never have shouted.
She turns to the animals she scared and bows.
"I am sorry if I scared any of you." Rena then contineaus walking.

Nothing really happens during the day. Its just Rena the animals and plants.

Later in the afternoon Rena can see Beo. She starts running to be inside before it gets dark.
After the first few incidents the town started a curfew. Rena reaches the gate. The guards that are on duty stop her.

"Halt young lady. We need to handle by protocol and check you and your belongings.
So open your bag please and show us everythignthat is inside."

Rena takes her bag of her back and opens it. Then she gives it to one of the guards who inspects everything.
"Hmm accoriding to all this stuff is it true that you are a hunter miss?"
"Miss? Just call me Rena. You are correct im a hunter. I heard that their were problems here in Beo.
So I rushed over from Egon Village as fast as I could. Will that be all?"

The other guard shakes his head. "My name is Lara and this is Oscar.
Im sorry Rena but just to be safe we need to check your clothes and body. "

Lara walks over to Rena and searches her by patting on her clothes.
"Okay that is all. Welcome to Beo. If you need anything just ask the guards."
"Thank you Lara and Oscar. I will take you up on that offer.
So first of all where is the closest tavern where I can rent a room and eat?"

Oscar answers the question. "If you go straight ahead you will be at the town's square.
From there you take a turn to the left and walk for a few minutes until you see a sign that says The Twin Snake Inn."

"Thank you Oscar. I would like to gather some more info but I am tired after walking so much.
I will come back to ask you two questions if that is okay."

"Sure, we are happy to help. Goodnight Rena."

After that Rena finds the Inn. The owner is a kind hardworking man.
After explainign her visit he even lowered the  price of her room by 20 beli.
Rena then takes her dinner upstairs, eats it and goes to bed.
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