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Range System suggestion Empty Range System suggestion

This post has in-line assessment comments.Sun Feb 02, 2020 5:22 pm
Range System

Players fight in 3 ranges: Close, Mid, and Long. These ranges are shared between individual people in a fight, so Alice could be at Close Range with Bob while she is at Long Range with Claire. So don’t think too hard about the RP positioning, just keep track of what range you are at with each person, as such:
Alice is at Close Range with Bob
Alice is at Long Range with Claire

At the start of the fight, it is assumed you’re at Mid-Range with everybody in the battle.

You may change your range to a single target in two ways: Charge Forward (Long to Mid, Mid to Close) or Back Up (Close to Mid, Mid to Long). Both of these are considered LT and will move your range by 1 in relation to your target. For instance:
Alice Backs Up from Bob
Alice moves from Close Range to Mid Range with Bob.

How will ranges affect combat? Well, a sniper would prefer long range and a swordsman would prefer short range, so how would this be represented? By roll bonuses, is how! First, you determine your range preferences. You can gain a +1 modifier in one range by putting a -1 modifier in another, able to gain up to +4 and lose down to -2 in any given range.

Alice the Swordsman will want to fight in Close Range, so she will choose prefer Close Range over Long Range. Thus:

Close: +1
Mid: +0
Long: -1

Meanwhile, Bob is surprisingly a flexible Logia user! He doesn’t have a preferred range and instead opts for a simple but reliable rounded strategy:

Close: +0
Mid: +0
Long: +0

Now, Claire is a super-sniper and absolutely hates Close Range! She has decided to completely specialize in Long Range at a detriment to all her other ranges:

Close: -2
Mid: -2
Long: +4

Well, what else can we do with range? Well, there’s three technique types we can add with this system: Traps, Obstacle, and Range Morph.

Traps would create a, well, trap that deals flat damage, DoT, Stat Morph, or a hybrid effect that auto-hits against those who enter a range against a given target. For instance:

Claire sets a trap in Mid-Range between Alice and Bob. Alice and Bob are at Long-Range to each other.
Alice Charges at Bob. Alice enters Mid-Range with Bob and triggers the trap, taking damage.

Obstacle is a similar action which prevents somebody from entering a given range with another person for an amount of time. As it’s not attempting to hit anybody, it is an automatically successful action. An LT Obstacle would last 2 posts, an MT 3 posts, and so on. For instance:

Claire sets up an Obstacle in Long-Range between Alice and Bob. Alice and Bob are at Mid-Range to each other.
Alice Backs Up from Bob. Alice is prevented from entering Long-Range by the Obstacle and maintains at Mid-Range.

Range Morph is exactly as it sounds, it will attempt to alter the distance between two people (knock backs, vacuums, and so on). An LT Range Morph would change the distance by 1, and an MT Range Morph will change the distance by 2 (Close to Long, vice versa). Why Range Morph when you can just Charge Forward or Back Up? Well, you can modify the distance between people who aren’t you, such as an ally and a foe, to support allies or use it to trigger traps, such as moving a foe into a trap placed by an ally.

Claire moves Bob closer Alice.
Bob and Alice were at Mid-Range and are now at Close-Range
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