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Miku E. Sato
(Social) A Lesson in Manners Rowdy_10

Name : Miku Etsuko Sato
Epithet : Rowdy Rascal
Age : 18
Height : 5'0"
Weight : 106 lb
Species : Human
Faction : Pirate
Crew : Meddling Kids
Ship : The Scorned Lady
Crew Role : Captain
Haki Level : 6
Hitpoints (HP) : 363
Attack (ATK) : 475
Defense (DEF) : 200
Reflex (RX) : 375
Willpower (WP) : 375
Level : 60
Experience Points : 6003
Bounty : 105,000,000
Berries Berries : 378,312,500
Posts : 223
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(Social) A Lesson in Manners Empty (Social) A Lesson in Manners

Tue Feb 04, 2020 9:48 pm

[ seize life with your own hands ]

It had been a while since Miku had first appeared on the radar of the Marines from her appearance at Las Camp. That fight against all those Marines and that bastard Anton had jumped her from just another troublemaker to an actual threat in the eyes of the Marines. Not that she minded as it was her original goal to earn some respect in the eyes of the world. But the following bouts of random Marines and bounty hunters dogging after her and her crew had been grating on her nerves.

Even her crew were getting tired of the endless pursuits that seemed to be dogging us everywhere we went. Miku had decided enough was enough and had ordered her crew to make anchor and whatever no name island they found next and to finally take a stand. All their wounds had recovered and they'd grown much stronger in the time since leaving Las Camp.

The island the Meddling Kids had landed at was a nice small island that wasn't more than a few miles in length and width. It had a source of fresh water and was heavily forested but with plenty of clearing for that seemed to be great for setting up camps. There were signs of past habitation in the form of chopped down trees, old pits that seemed as if they once held campfires, and even the occasional random bone.

So Miku now found herself in a open clearing leaning on a tree waiting to see if any of the bastards dare show up. She had been here a couple days already and had considered it a mini-vacation for the rest of her crew. If they wanted to wait with her that was their own choice. Let them come.


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